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Elitist vs. Objective

01 January 2013 - 01:02 AM

I'm a fairly experienced dungeon runner.  I probably have enough experience to lord it over others and be an "Elitist," but I generally prefer to not be a total dick to others.  I also find that good players will recognize other good players so you don't have to brag or qq about others.  That whole actions speaks louder than words thing.  That's why this event sort of surprised me:

The Story

Me and my brother were forming a group to do AC story mode.  We were both lvl 80 and in full exotics.  We got two other people in the group who were in the 30s.  I had no problem with this, hell I was glad to get a group together for it.  Then we got another member, who was in the 20s.  We asked if he was going to get on another char, he didn't reply.  So my bro kicked and i seconded it.  Figured he was new and didn't know.

Then one of the other party members started giving us crap for it.  It's a level 30 dungeon, so I didn't see the problem and told him so.  He insinuated that I was an Elitist for discriminating based on level.  He also said a lvl 25 can do it because you get the invite then (which is wrong, you get the invite at 30).  He starts about how he's so experienced with dungeons and some other crap i don't remember.  We eventually go him to shut up and ran the dungeon well enough.

He wasn't that great in the dungeon for all his big talk either.  I mean, of course I expected me and my bro to carry the team, no surprise that we did.  But i had no issues with the parties performance overall, they just won't compare to lvl 80s in exotics, it's no big deal.

I just expect all members to contribute and not be dead weight.  That's all i ask.  Does that make me an elitist?  Because I see myself as being objective.  Bringing in an under-leveled and therefore under-geared character would drag the team down and it shouldn't be a big deal to wait a few more levels to be 30.  Every other time a beginner joins without realizing he's under-leveled for whatever dungeon I'm doing, he apologizes and leaves.

Main Point

Where is the balance between being an elitist and being objective?
Do we as a community over use the term "elitist?"
What would you tolerate in a group regarding gear, level, or experience and would you consider yourself an elitist or not?