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#1944315 Why change dungeon farming?

Posted Zhahz on 18 September 2012 - 04:07 PM

Running dungeons repeatedly as a way to get gold seems like a really lame way to play a game.  Surely that isn't "fun" ?  Surely that isn't the intent of the dungeons either.

You don't have to buy gold from the cash shop.  You don't need piles of gold NOW.  You don't have to play the game like it's a job - you could've done that in WoW or other formula MMORPGs.

Why do you need so much gold now?  So you can gear up to the point of not needing to play anymore, so you can push optional legenaries faster, or what?

Basically rapid acquisition of gold is for shortcutting the game, so it's not much of a surprise that ANet wants to do something about it.

If the game has just become a formula to you where you repeat the same boring script or if you don't actually like the game outside of that...as someone else said, why are you playing?

#1613981 Anyone else hoping gw2 will make people stop taking MMO's extremely serio...

Posted Craywulf on 19 July 2012 - 07:34 PM

Can we stop using blanket terms like Elitist and Casual. Lets gets something straight;

Casual ≠ Newbie, Noob, Nice person, inexperienced, unskilled, non-gamer, or unintelligent

Elitist ≠ Veteran, highly skilled, wise, superior, plays long hours, highly dedicated, highly intelligent or elite.

The proper definition of these terms have nothing to do with each other, despite the fact that many seem to use these terms. They are not ying yangs In gamer terms the proper definitions are;

Casual = a player regardless of skill or knowledge of the game is one who does not spend a lot of time playing. They can be highly skilled and very knowledgeable, but they don't spend near as much time as a "hardcore" gamer. A casual player can even be considered elite in terms of their proficiency of a game. Often times Casuals are indeed inexperienced, unskilled and not as dedicated. But the latter description is a blanket assumption. Casuals are defined by the amount of time they put in playing a game.

Elitist = a player who regardless of skill or knowledge of the game is one who personally feels superior to the majority of players. They feel that players who don't meet their so-called standards are unworthy to be associated with. In general they are snobs. Their skill level and knowledge of the game is often times ridged and based on their own discriminatory agenda. They assume they are extremely dedicated and naturally better players than those who spend less time playing. Elitist are defined by their attitude towards gamers.

Elite = highly skilled and dedicated player regardless of how much time invested. Elite players are not elitist (snobs), although can be. Elite players are the best of the best and welcome any and all types of challenges. Elite players are generally wise and willing to offer their insight to all players. Elite is defined by player's skill.

Hardcore = a player who spends a vast amount of their time dedicated to a game. They are gamers and proud of it. They are generally skilled and very knowledgeable but it's not mutually exclusive. Hardcore players are defined by the amount of time put in playing a game.

So you can see that time plays a big role in these terms. But ultimately the term elitist does not belong in a conversation about time dedicated to playing. Hardcore players are opposite of casual players. Lastly I think GW2 PvE will neuter a lot of anti-social behavior, but never fully rid of it because there are people out there who are going to find ways to be extreme and pass it off as acceptable behavior.