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The moment most engineers were waiting for

02 October 2012 - 02:08 AM

  • Profession bundle weapons (engineer kits, elementalist conjure skills, warrior banners) can now save their autoattack status.

and the boring fixes:
  • Elixir X: This skill now gains a duration increase from both the Inventions trait Elite Supplies and the Alchemy trait Potent Elixirs.
  • Freeze Grenade: This skill no longer benefits from the Explosives trait Grenadier for 5-second cooldown reduction.
  • Knee Shot: This Firearms trait now effects all immobilize skills for engineers. The effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds to prevent players from exploiting it to stack massive amounts of cripple.
  • Mortar: This skill is now properly affected by the Inventions trait Rifled Turret Barrels.
  • Rifled Barrels: This Firearms trait now works with the Elixir Gun kit when underwater.

How to get our HoM items (

23 August 2012 - 08:14 AM


We get to go to the EotN :D


11 August 2012 - 10:29 PM

I tried the banners a bit in the stress test, and noticed the tooltips were somewhat wrong.
The tooltip say the banners last 45 secondes with a cooldown of 120. But often the cooldown would be 3/4 done when the banner vanished, meaning it last 90s~ secs. (no traits) Does it last longer if we carry it? With the 20% less cooldown from talents and assuming the banner have a 75% uptime, could we hold a banner down nearly permanently?

The wiki also seem outdated, as each banner has a different skill 2 in-game (but can't recall exactly which)

New voice clips

03 August 2012 - 05:15 AM

As i played necro. when a minion died, the necro said something. Checked reddit and found some more for more classes. Also heard some when discovering new area or nearing utility points.

-You killed my minions, i'll just raise another one.
-Rest my friend, you earned it.
-I'll miss that one.

More necro from reddit, vonBoomslang (Asura Female)
-when summoning minions ("Hey, that one's actually cute!", "Not a corpse wasted!")
-when they die ("Good thing I didn't name that one!")
-when they are detonated ("I didn't think it'd pop!")
-male asura ("I'VE CREATED LIFE... sort of...")

Elementalist from Reddit, Zeraa
"I am the flames."
"Consuming fire!"
"Element of fire.. obey me!"
"I am rain and ice."
"Persistent water."
"Element of water.. attend me!"
"I am the wind."
"Element of wind... heed me!"
"Joyous air!"
"I am rock and soil."
"Element of earth.. hear me!"
"Solid earth!" (not sure about this one... can't tell exactly what he's saying.)

Ranger from reddit, deathmonkeyz
  • "I chose you" / "Come here!" when you swap pet (also two whistles)
  • "My pet needs healing" when they're near death (or dead)


10 July 2012 - 08:36 AM

[ Good start i forgot to add a title, if a mod pass by could you pleae add:" looking for mature guild " ]
Looking for:
French canadian here, looking for a english guild. Why not looking for a french one? I can't stand playing games or ANY computer related thing in french. My internet is and will always be english, french is for real life. I live in Quebec (east time zone) but i work most evenings so i mostly play past midnight. I am looking for a average size guild that is to last, not a guild that was created last night and that will die next week. If possible i'd like one that can talk about stuff deeper than drunk party or drugs. I work with douchebags, drunks... all nights, i need people with more than 2 brain cells.

I am a 23 y'old male and a serious guy. I can tell and take jokes, but morons and trolls that won't shut up, to the Ignore List and won't bother restoring them. I am a dedicated player, giving my best to everything i am charged with. My respect/loyalty is hard to earn, but is strong and unbreakable. My interest rolls around video games (obviously), actuality, history, animes (mostly seinen, psychological or romance) and 3D modeling.

I have played several mmos, the one i played the longest was WoW, raiding over 3 expac with the same guild that broke up a year ago. I won't start giving references but i have always been seen as an invaluable player to the guild, respected by the leaders and sought for advices. Even if i speak french i can still understand oral english, but if i speak english i have a huge accent that caused numberous wipes, either by misunderstanding or laughing. At the current time, i play TF2, Witcher 1 and civ 5.

And i'm a useless goodies whore, stacking all the useless toys/item set/cool looking weapon i can and show off ingame.