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In Topic: Giant Slayer question

04 December 2013 - 09:55 PM

There's one more event in southwest Brisban Wildlands that spawns giants, again based on the number of participants. It involves escorting a deactivated golem into an Inquest base. If you do it alone, expect to see one giant (fortunately, it's not a champion). This remains an extremely slow way to get giant kills; since launch, I think I've gotten 19 total, some of which were from very patiently soloing the giant in Nageling.

In Topic: Full Dec. 10th Balance Preview

08 November 2013 - 07:37 PM

Yes, provided power creep doesn't get out of hand.

In Topic: Can Someone Sum Up The Story For Me?

28 October 2013 - 10:41 PM

Yes, a few changes have been permanent. Most, however, are gone or exist only in a limited form. Braham's village, Cragstead, for example, is still accessible in northeast Wayfarer Foothills. But where there was a mini-mission in that instance during Flame and Frost, now there are just a couple of NPCs to talk to. If there have been incremental changes to that area, I haven't ever felt a need to go back and see what they are.

Lately, though, there have been more permanent changes. Some have been quality of life updates, like this most recent skill patch (I love the new fast-cast ground targeting option). Others are permanent new content, like Twilight Arbor Aetherpath. I think this is a step in the right direction, but I'd prefer it if they followed the Guild Wars Beyond model. It was released years ago, but I can still play the War in Kryta quests on characters who haven't done them.

In Topic: Can Someone Sum Up The Story For Me?

28 October 2013 - 09:18 PM

The Living Story and the Personal Story are separate. A couple of Destiny's Edge members make the occasional appearance, but other than that they're unrelated.

If you're looking for a shorter summary than the wiki article gives, here's how I remember things/what I gleaned from them:

Shadow of the Mad King: Mad King Thorn returned to Kryta for mischief, since the Mad Realm bleeds into ours around Halloween. He destroyed the statue in Lion's Arch, and we fought him and sent him back. Standalone.

Lost Shores: The Consortium, a vaguely profit-driven company, discovered a new island called Southsun Cove. They tried to drive up tourism by billing it as an island paradise, but it was overrun by giant crab monsters called karka that attacked Lion's Arch and destroyed the lighthouse. Canach, a sylvari member of the Consortium, appears to have instigated the attacks somehow. Lionguard Ellen Kiel, a human, tries to keep order. The Consortium also discovered Fractals of the Mists, mini-dungeons that are splinters of alternate realities, time periods, or planes of existence. Connects to Flame and Frost.

Wintersday: Toymaker Tixx flew his golem-shaped dirigible around Tyria, and we helped fend off his malfunctioning toys. Standalone.

Flame and Frost: A long, slowly-paced four-month segment in which Rox the charr and Braham the norn (Eir's son) discover that the dredge and the Flame Legion have formed the Molten Alliance. They help refugees and eventually destroy one of the Molten Alliance's key facilities. Connects to Secret of Southsun.

Super Adventure Box: Moto the asura has made an "educational tool" that is essentially a 3D version of an 8-bit platforming game, replete with Mario and Zelda references. It first appeared in April and reappeared with September, the latter appearance suggesting that Moto is competing with a rival inventor. Standalone.

Secret of/Last Stand at Southsun: Some of the refugees from Flame and Frost settled in Southsun Cove, and they aren't happy with the contracts the Consortium made them sign. Or the giant crabs. The settlers are rioting, the Consortium is responding with extreme prejudice, and Canach is provoking more attacks from the wildlife so he can destroy the contracts and free the settlers. Ellen Kiel stops him, but destroys the contracts anyway. Connects to Dragon Bash.

Dragon Bash: A big party celebrating the death of Zhaitan. During the ceremony, one of the burnt offerings malfunctions, killing an ambassador. After a film noir-style investigation led by Marjorie Delaqua (that surname is traditionally spelled "Delacroix", but whatever), the person behind the assassination is Mai Trin. She's the leader of the Aetherblades, who are steampunk sky pirates who shoot lightning. Connects directly to Sky Pirates.

Sky Pirates of Tyria: You found the Aetherblade Lair. Go in, beat up Mai Trin, and shoot down an escaping airship. Also there's a jumping puzzle that's still around in southern Gendarran Fields. Connects to Bazaar.

Bazaar of the Four Winds: The Zephyr Sanctum, a flying temple of air magic users with ties to the dragon Glint, lands to trade and resupply. The Lion's Arch Captain's Council wants to establish a trade agreement with them. Aetherblades attack them a little bit. Connects directly to Cutthroat Politics.

Cutthroat Politics: There's a seat open on the Captain's Council, and they'll give it to whoever opens trade with the Zephyrites. The Zephyrites hold an election to see which candidate we like better, Ellen Kiel or Evon Gnashblade (owner of the Black Lion Trading Company). Ellen wins 52%-48%. Will likely connect to future content, particularly the new fractal Ellen promised she'd fund (origins of the Thaumanova Reactor).

Queen's Jubilee: Queen Jennah holds a celebration attempting to showcase the resilience and ingenuity of humanity. She opens the Crown Pavilion, a boss-killing zerg-fest, and the Queen's Gauntlet, a solo arena against difficult bosses. There are also Watchknights, clockwork robots that were build to act as guards. A mysterious figure crashes the opening ceremony, causes a bit of mayhem, and vows to return. Connects directly to Clockwork Chaos.

Clockwork Chaos: The mysterious figure was Scarlet Briar, a fiendishly manic sylvari who claims to have seen the Eternal Alchemy. She attempts to assassinate the Queen during her commemorative speech, then claims the Crown Pavilion as her "Funhouse". She takes control of the Watchknights and twists them into nightmarish hunks of metal, then unleashes them along with steam creatures, Aetherblades, and Molten Alliance in periodic invasions across Tyria. Of all the enemies introduced thus far, Scarlet appears to be the most important. Connects directly to Twilight Assault.

Tequatl Rising: Tequatl is harder now. Standalone.

Twilight Assault: Scarlet has taken up residence in Twilight Arbor, replacing the Forward/Up path with a new dungeon mode. Go into the Aetherblade facility and wreck things. It's still there. Possibly connects to Tower of Nightmares.

Blood and Madness: Mad King Thorn has a son, Bloody Prince Edrick. Thorn locked him in a coffin and starved him to death. Edrick has escaped and is not happy. He and his father are sending their minions to wage war on each other. Standalone.

Tower of Nightmares (Upcoming): The krait are building a big scary tower in the lake in Kessex Hills. Possibly connects to prior content.

In Topic: Executioner Costume should have been a Heavy Armor Skin

25 October 2013 - 04:18 AM

Uh... when you buy a costume, it doesn't go away at the end of Halloween. You can use it year-round for Costume Brawl and aesthetics.