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The Mother of all Bad Patches

26 November 2012 - 04:21 AM

With the November 15 patch I've never seen such a turn around in design philosophy by a developer. Top gear is no longer cosmetic, the new dungeon is gated and it practically depopulated the rest of the PVE content; there's now an incredible amount of grind with FOTM and, to top it all, it comes with RNG (random number generator). There's no amount of rationalization that can spin around these facts.

I went from expecting to play GW2 for years to not wanting to play at all after this patch. I'm shocked and saddened that this happened. I've played with Anet since 2005. I spent exactly 509.98USD in GW2 from buying two DDEs for me and my wife and gems in support of a company I loved. To see their grand non-grindy no gear treadmill vision to perish in one patch is disheartening. I feel rather stupid and cheated from spending that amount of money on a broken premise. :(

This can be seen as a small addition to a variety of other things that can be done in the game but it's surely a huge leap in design philosophy that goes against their original vision.

They seem to be ignoring the issue completely. From the manifesto to the latest patch it's like we're dealing with a dysfunctional company. I don't trust them anymore and they lost me as a costumer. I also don't understand how a company expects to survive by changing so radically and in such a short amount of time.

Enable a read-only feature so that normal users can't post in specific cases

23 August 2012 - 06:33 AM


In the Guild recruitment area, I didn't notice that I wasn't allowed to post. I left a message in a guild that caught my attention and then I got a warning from a mod, which will be on file for 6 months.

You may consider that I should've been more aware of the rules, but then again, this forum has some pretty advanced features and it is surprising to me that there doesn't seem to be a read-only option to be used when appropriate. I believe that such option should be in place in order to avoid trouble to users and to make this important rule a lot more explicit.

It doesn't make sense in a technical standpoint for a write option to still be enabled for everyone, in a forum where that is not allowed in the first place.