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#1957602 Quaggan as a Playable Race

Posted BowmasterSol on 22 September 2012 - 04:53 AM

I love the quaggan! Though one of the scarier moments in game was when an icebrood quaggan
came up to me and said, " Quaggan KILL YOU!!".  Why quaggan? Why so scary?! T_T

#1520104 Black Orchid Society [Heavy RP]

Posted Norn_Llama on 14 June 2012 - 08:18 PM

We are the Black Orchid Society of Seekers

The world of Tyria is a Tapestry woven not with needle and thread but with the lives of everything found in it. The stories they tell, the knowledge they create, the things they do, and the things they hide. Their magnificent triumphs and utter failures.

The beauty of this Tapestry is only partially revealed by all who look at it. We see only the threads that we know of. For some the Tapestry is full of holes, missing pieces that mar the unique design. For others it is woven completely, but is never finished. The Design never ends. Still for others the completeness or lack thereof has little meaning. They seek to understand the Design that can already be seen.

We are a Society of Seekers. What we seek is unique to each of us. What we share is based on where the story, the threads of the lives of those who make up the Tapestry of Tyria, takes us.

We are storytellers, we are historians, we are gatherers, merchants, soldiers, brawlers, sailors, adventurers, minstrels, wanderers, players, quiet scholars, lone travelers, wardens, and we are threads. Like those we seek, our story is part of the Tapestry we wish to understand. Our search is as much to find our place or make our place in the Design as it is to understand how everything else is weaved in..

What we search for in every corner and every hole may help or destroy. We only know that we will seek, it is in us to discover, to share your stories and tales. To make our own. To find great legend, and perhaps witness the birth of greater legend still...or become that legend.

When the final thread is drawn and the knot is tied we don't know what the Tapestry will look like, we only know that the Black Orchid Society of Seekers, will be there to capture the final moment. When the new Tapestry begins we will continue to Seek and ensure the beauty of the old Tapestry never fades.


The Seekers Creed

Seek the Truth
Follow its thread.
Know that there is not a single, unchanging Truth.
Knowledge is Power; to understand it is Divine.
Spread both, and combat Ignorance.
Understand that knowledge is not Wisdom,
that Wisdom changes through the ages.

Recover what was lost, preserve what is gained,
Lest the Tapestry become unraveled.

Though we walk without destination, we are never aimless,
for a single thread can be our guide.
The next horizon is forever unmoving, lest we move to welcome it.
The Design is ever moving, and forever must we seek it.

Adversity is our greatest teacher,
We do not fear its lessons.
When we learn, we can never fail.

We seek, we strive, and we do not yield.

We will go where even the brave dare not follow.

Seek the Truth.


General Info:
Main Contact: RabidPenguin, Azher, Venn
Recruitment: Open
Timezone: All timezones welcome, including international players
Server: NA server will be chosen

Black Orchid Society Description

The Black Orchid Society or Society of Seekers is an RP focused guild founded on the idea of character freedom, spontaneous and member driven RP stories and events. We seek to add fun and enjoyable characters to the wider RP community through our guild and personal character stories and by joining with other RP groups to help them tell their stories. With a focus on character freedom we are a perfect place for the independent Rper who is not looking for ranks and rigid guild structures or inner guild focus, but wants to engage not only within the guild but in the wider RP community freely. We are very open and friendly with a zero OOC drama policy. If you want a place to get a chance to tell your story (and perhaps that of many others IC) while helping others to tell theirs then this might just be the place for you.

Basic Info

We are a neutral group in the world of Tyria whose general purpose is the collection and dissemination of information. Information is a very broad term and it encompasses anything and everything in the world. It might be a warrior on the search for the worlds best battle tactics or an engineer looking for schematics that would improve trigger pull on a rifle. It might be a cook looking for the greatest pie recipe. The limit is really the imagination of our members. The goal is freedom of character concept. Be who you want and fit into a group created to allow you this freedom. While the purpose of information gathering and dissemination is the tie that binds so to speak, the true tie of our group is that of the stories we the members tell with one another and with the wider RP world. There is a guild story that can be discovered by those willing to do so and though participating in the events the community creates is important for us and our guild identity, we will also have our own events going on. We will also have a structure based on branches of study that members can join to further help their role-play and connection to the guild.

OOC Goals

   The above sections give you an idea, but the main goal is to build a fun filled, spontaneous, player driven RP experience where we engage not only with our guild members, but with every Rper on our chosen server. We want to be a unifying and fun addition to the community as a whole, adding to the story of any Rper we come into contact with. We want to help people build memories and stories (and then of course tell them to others as that is what Seekers do after finding a story, they pass it on). We want to be a place where the new Rper feels welcome and safe to learn and a group that people simply want to take part in. We strive to be very open in how the group is structured and how we approach the game. We want to help build the community through  member stories and events and by participating in those of other groups. If done right not only will this be a crazy fun group to be in, but others will want us to be around as well and then the fun really begins. In this pursuit we want to take part and enjoy all aspects of GW2, including PvP, WvW and Dungeons (PvE is a gimme). Again, more in depth information can be found on our website.

Who Do We Want?

  Obviously anyone who likes the sound of this concept and wants to RP in a fun community focused environment. Despite the guild focus of IC story telling (dissemination of information) in various forms we are not looking for prolific writers, published authors or semi professional actors. If you are any of the above..awesome..we certainly would benefit from your ability, but in game a Seeker can disseminate the information they gain in many ways and it is up to the character. It could be as simple as waiting for a Seeker meeting or finding another member on your travels and telling them and they can pass it on. What we want is people who are excited about the idea of being a group for the community, want to help each other tell their character's story through RP and aren't necessarily looking for a bunch of hand holding. We need self starters and those who will take the initiative to help build the overall group through their RP, involve themselves in making this concept work in game.

What I mean is that each member has to be ready to take responsibility for their own place in the guild and the RP community. There will be plenty of people willing to help, but don't join expecting everyone to make your fun for you. You have to actively participate. Having an independent and decentralized mindset means that many people will often be doing a solo thing or working with other community groups in pursuit of the Tapestry's Design. If you want to RP, have fun, be in a far ranging, dynamic and often changing (in character) group then we are looking for you. All classes, all races, pretty much any concept is welcome. We aren't just looking for scholars, performers and bards. All character types can have a reason to be seeking a Design (story or information) within the Tapestry even if that reason is personal or selfish at the core. A Seeker's reason for seeking is known only to them and whoever they tell.

Who Do We Want IC?

   We are a neutral group and we want to allow for maximum freedom for characters to develop into what the player wants them to be. That said there are a few caveats. Firstly we are open to all races and all professions. Each would find a place and a home and a reason for being a Seeker. Even the Charr have among them those who understand the importance of finding and passing on knowledge. Of guarding it for future generations. Finally if we were to use an alignment systems we would take any character of a lawful good to a chaotic neutral mentality and anything in between. What would not fit would be any of the evil alignments to include lawful evil. This type of character would simply be a liability and as the group as a whole seeks to obey the authorities in Tyria they would be in a place to turn in their own members if they caught them. In between lawful good and chaotic neutral there are many shades of gray. Many Seekers operate in this gray and generally how one gains the knowledge or unlocks the story is not questioned. So there is a ton of room for many types of characters, but murders, rapists, those performing evil experiments on the living need not apply.

Some Fun Info: What is the Design and the Tapestry?

Simply, the Seekers often refer to trying to find the Design of the Tapestry. Some Seekers may almost revere this concept, while to others it's simply a descriptive term. The basic concept for the Seeker is that the Tapestry is the overall picture of what Tyria is. It's the creation or world itself and everything that goes into making Tyria what it is. When a Seeker refers to the Design they are referring to the individual threads that make Tyria what it is. Every story,every item, every bit of knowledge is a thread used in the Design of the Tapestry. To them Tyria is a place to be discovered, to see the patterns and Design and show it to others. Each Seeker is looking for a different Design that is personal to them (though of course they may be on the same search and work together). They may also be looking for multiple parts of the Design, quests that take their lifetime and others that are quickly found and passed on. Not all Seekers use this terminology but they all understand the concept.

Further Info

Come by our website to find out more about us or to ask any questions you might have. We are updating quite a bit and you will find a FAQ, info on ranks and branches that you can achieve or be a part of as well as more in depth information about the group. We look forward to talking with those interested. This is a great group and getting better all the time. Come check us out!

#1582847 Black Orchid Society [Heavy RP]

Posted Norn_Llama on 08 July 2012 - 06:03 PM

Black Orchid Society is still going strong and we are adding some awesome folks to our group. We have new and veteran RPers and we are a welcoming sort. We have a fun and unique idea that we are working to bring to life in Tyria and there is still room for more folks. So come check up out and say "hi" even if you aren't interested in joining. We are always looking to meet the other RPers of the community.

#1624040 Synergy of our weapons

Posted Kharpalo on 23 July 2012 - 08:16 PM

Personally i'm currently in love with condition damage thief.

Dagger/dagger is very natural choice, but for secondary set it's very tough choice between the pistol/dagger and short bow.

I think that the "tricks" you can pull off will make big difference when it comes to the final decision. In a case of short bow one could be that you join a fight. You fire a choking gas in the middle of the battle, port middle of that poison field with a infiltrator's arrow, drop shadow refuge and cast dagger storm in poison and dark combo fields with whirl finisher,

Rational solution then boils down to raw numbers or unique utility. The weapon choices i currently see to have some potential with viable builds are, sword/pistol, dagger/dagger, pistol/dagger, pistol/pistol and a short bow. Neither sword/dagger nor dagger/pistol brings anything to the table in my simple mind. Of course it's possible that i'm proven wrong at some stage.

Sword/pistol and pistol/pistol are one trick ponies, or rather one button ponies, but they pack quite a bit heat under that one button and that makes them somewhat viable choices.

#1556976 Ten Things To Do To Prepare Yourself For Release

Posted Xuphor on 28 June 2012 - 07:39 PM

Just some feedback/"constructive criticism" to the creator of the article:

Terrible Article. Most of the people here already did 6 of those (Buy the game, Update Drivers (wtf?), make sure system is compatible, name picking, Skill Tool messing, and deciding classes.), 2 of them only apply if you have $50 for Guild Wars 1 (Name reservation and HoM. If you already owned the game, chances are you already did those 2 anyway), and the last 2 (trying out the classes and planning appearance) are somewhat better, but considering we can't plan our appearance for Sylvari or Asura yet (and don't even know yet if we will in BWE 3), it's kind of pointless. Trying out the classes..... we'll be able to July 20th-22nd, but otherwise we won't be able to again until August 25th/28th. Like appearance, pointless. That's not enough time to truly try out all the classes.

So yea, terrible article, filled with either completely useless or redundant "advice". :(