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[EU] Cats in Top Hats - seeking three multi-profession players for a competitve team

13 February 2013 - 09:07 PM


Cats in Top Hats is currently seeking three dedicated members for a stable and competitive team. We are aiming to achieve 'Rank #1 ' when the ELO-system releases which is hopefully soon. We are seeking three players that can play multiple professions on a high level. You also need to be experienced in paids, which means that you need a decent amount of Qualifications Points. Must also be old enough to be able travel if Guild Wars 2 would accelerate into an eSport and be ready to sacrifice in real life to achieve our common goal.

Who we are:

Teams: Team Synergy, No Scrub, Devils Inside, Team Solo Far.
Professions: Guardian, Warrior, Ranger.

Teams: Royal Legion (Team 1), Team Solo Far.
Professions: Necromancer, Ranger, Engineer.

If you want to become an applicant you can contact: Vonethil.7160 or Forsaker.9213.

[EU] Seeking players for highly competitive sPvP team

24 November 2012 - 03:24 PM

Hi. We are currently seeking players to a newly started team.

We are aiming for the top when the ladder-system releases and hopefully expand from there to compete at offline tournaments.

  • Be able to play sane hours. GMT+1/CET from 6p.m. to 11p.m.
  • Share our goals.
  • Playing multiple professions.
  • Be dedicated.
If you meet the requirements and are interested in writing an application or have any questions, please contact Vonethil in-game: vonethil.7160. You can also contact us on skype by adding Vonethil: WeAreTheBattery.

Take care!

Have anyone reached 80 without dying?

19 September 2012 - 02:42 PM

Ok, as the topic said, has anyone reached 80 without dying, because I am thinking about starting a new project around just that. Just wanted to double check that no one had actually done that already. :)

Edit: HAS, not HAVE.

Durmand Hall - A library in Divinity's Reach.

08 September 2012 - 02:46 PM

Greetings everyone, when I was exploring Point of Interests in Divinity's Reach, I stumble upon a small library located between Eastern Commons, Rurikton and in front of Kormir Low Road. I strongly suggest you to go and check this library out.

Posted Image

The library which is called Durmand Hall contains four readable books and three Non-player characters,  you can have a conversation with two of them. This is how it looks inside the library:

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The Centaur War is the first book you see when you enter the library. The book contains four pages of information between the Centaur War between Centaurs and Humans.

Written more than 100 years ago, this well-preserved book bears the mark of Vonda Lassien, one the the foremost scholars of the clash between humans and centaurs.

The first documented human-centaur battles occurred in 300 A.E. when human settlements began spreading from the fertile Krytan valley into the Shiverpeaks.

Over time, the human settlements grew and spread. Simultaneously, centaur tribes began to organize their efforts to hold and retake thieir lands.

Early in his reign, Krytan King Thorn proposed a treaty to the centauran tribes, but the centaurs rejected its terms as unfavorable.

Posted Image

The Elder Dragons is a book with information regarding The Elder Dragons which we all know, have risen.

This book has been well-thumbed in the introduction, it says, "They are ancient and unfathomable. They embody concepts of nature - fire, ice, crystal and even death - but their very presence threatens to destroy the world."

We know not when these Elder Dragons came to be, only when we became aware of their awakening.

Fire: Primordus (1120 AE)

Primordus was the first to awaken in our time. Its previous awakening is the only one still known to history. Dwarven texts tell of "Great Destroyers," now believed to be a reference to Promordus and his army.

Primordus rules over fire. As of this writing, his minions, known as destroyers, plague the wetlands in the southwest of Tyria.

Ice: Jormag (1165 AE)

Jormag and his army arose in the Far Shiverpeaks. Even in sleep, their influence could be felt, as seen in the norn legend of Jora and Svanir.

Jormag has the power of ice that creeps and consumes the world around it. Those corrupted by him become icebrood, casting aside their own will to serve their master.

Death: Zhaitan (1219 AD)

Zhaitan's awakening caused the once-lost island nation of Orr to rise from the sea, flooding many coastal lands in the process.

More accurately a master of undeath, Zhaitan has the ability to convert corpeses into minions with his very breath.

Crystal: Kralkatorrik (1320 AD)

Kralkatorrik awakened in the charr land and flew south to the Crystal Desert. In his wake, a scar of crystal appeared, creating the Dragonbrand.

Those altered by Kralkatorrik are named "Branded" after this landmark. Survivors of the Branding say the conversion occured instantly, those affected turning to powerful and violent.

Posted Image

Winds of Change does not contain any content from the actual book, but a note.

This book is already opened to the last page. There it says, "Contact with Cantha was finally lost when the floods from Orr's rising disrupted trade". Somone has added a hadnwritten note in the margin.

Someone scribbled, "They've closed their shores to us and left us to fight the dragons alone. To the Mists with them."

Posted Image

Bloodline of Kryta is about the royal of Kryta.

This book bears the royal seal of Kryta. The first page begins: "The royal lineage of Kryta, as with all royality, descends from King Doric. This legendary figure was the first to unite the human kingdoms in Tyria."

Once, the lineage of Kryta was thought lost until the commoner Salma was found to be the daughter of King Jadon. Salma drove the White Mantle from Kryta and became a hero to her people.

Queen Jennah, a direct descendant of Salma, is the current queen of Kryta. She rules her people from Divinity's Reach.

Posted Image

Some unsolved questions about the lore and Guild Wars 2

12 August 2012 - 04:06 PM

Greetings. There is a few things that are still a mystery to me, and I am curious if someone of you can solve these questions.

To begin with, where is the Cormonant? Shouldn't it be in Lion's Arch together with  Magnus the Bloody Handed?

Moving on to the next question... where is the "Lion's Arch Arena" that Edge of Steel fighted in? I could not find it.

When Kranxx died in Ascalon City, did Ember, Keane and Gullik bury/burn his body or is he a ghost now?

Who wields Magdaer, because Dougal Keane does not wield it. Did he pick it up in the treasure vault beneath Ascalon City, if not... who has it?

Sincerely, Vonethil.