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#2158280 [Build] Knight of the Nine Boons.

Posted Red_Falcon on 05 February 2013 - 04:34 AM

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This build is based off a cohesion of the trait Empowered with the Runes of Lyssa and other innate abilities of the Warrior to increase his damage by percentage.

This build offers:
  • Extreme Damage
  • Very high Survivability
  • Extreme Mobility
  • Very high Condition Removal
The concept is this; whenever you use Signet of Rage you get all boons in the game for 15 seconds.
This includes OP stuff such as Retailiation and Protection which greatly increase both damage and survivability, and Stability which makes you immune to CC.
Also, this build removes all conditions and turns them into boons (again, including retailation and protection).

As long as your Endurance is not full and you're popping SoR/warhorn skills when out of CD you can't have less than +38% damage bonus. (+36% if you don't bother with Warhorn).
A normal glass cannon gets only +22-25% bonus damage without any sort of protection, this build gets you more damage than glass cannons while a ton more survivability.

Plus it gets as high as 58% when you are in the godmode status that SoR gives you for 15 seconds and your enemy is marked.

And on top of this, you get +40% Magic Find. This is the most magic find you can get by food, and since this food also gives 20% boon duration your godmode status will last 2 seconds more than normal.

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- Berserker gear.
- Rune of Lyssa

- Pow/Prec/CritDmg from jewels (36% crit damage).

- Either Superior Force or Strength, personal preference; it's also useful to stack 250 power by using Sigil of Bloodlust on your weapon swap.

- Chocolate Omnomberry Cream + Superior sharpening stone

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This build is also extremely good for WVW with some adaptations.
Swap shouts for Bull/Bolas and Frenzy, swap shout trait for Leg Specialist.
Good luck killing a Warrior with 15s of godmode and extreme damage.

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This build offers:
  • Highest Damage
  • Extreme Mobility
  • Very high Condition Removal

The concept is 100% uptime on Signet of Rage boons plus high uptime on vigor.
Also, this build removes all conditions and turns them into boons (including retailation and protection).

In this build you can't have less than +38% damage bonus. (+36% if you don't bother with Warhorn) which is more than any glass cannon out there.
A normal glass cannon gets only +22-25% bonus damage without any sort of protection.
Plus it gets as high as 48% when your target is marked with OMM.

And on top of this, you get +45% duration on all boons in general and maximized critical chance.

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- Berserker gear.
- Rune of Lyssa

- Pow/Prec/CritDmg from jewels (36% crit damage).

- Either Superior Force or Strength, personal preference; it's also useful to stack 250 power by using Sigil of Bloodlust on your weapon swap.

- Orrian Truffle Steak + Superior sharpening stone

This build is also extremely good for WVW with some adaptations.
Swap shouts for Bull/Bolas and Frenzy, swap shout trait for Leg Specialist.

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#2148092 Group DPS calculations

Posted Minion on 22 January 2013 - 11:30 AM

I notice a distinct lack of thievery here. I am disappoint.

#2042588 [video] WvW bombing

Posted haaz on 25 October 2012 - 05:30 PM

Hello. Here some WvW action as a warrior. Hope you like it.

Second movie, mostly with gs.

#2067377 Minion's Invincible Thief Build

Posted Minion on 07 November 2012 - 08:48 PM

View Postmalevolence, on 07 November 2012 - 01:50 PM, said:

1-What weapons and weapons mods are recommended? I am using D/D and P/P

2-basic usage: cloak as often as possible, keeping Revealed up means you're maximising your damage, and stay behind the target while autoattacking. Also, use Hide in Shadows to lead into another backstab while near-downed]. What do you mean by keeping Revealed up means you're maximising your damage? I don't see any traits/skills, that says while in Revealed stance you do more damage. I am confused here.

3-What about Elite skills? what is recommended?

I'm lazy, so I can't be bothered changing the links each time I tamper with the build. The more up to date build is the one on the page, which I quite like since it can show how it's progressed in the recent months (nice excuse, eh?)

1.D/D nearly all the time. If you're struggling against a boss then switch to P/P, same in dungeons. The worse you are at dodging and staying off the AI radar, the more often you should swap to pistols.

2.Shadak has it, but to clarify: If Revealed is always up, it means you're Cloak and Daggering and Backstabbing at the maximum speed for maximum DPS. You can use CaD during Revealed also, it's a meaty attack, but no Backstab follow up.

3. I would never use Basilisk Venom in PvE... Depending on the occasion, if you need focused single-target damage, take EVAS (Thieves Guild); if you need to kill a large mob of critters, use Dagger Storm.

#2057672 Fenice's Ele Mighty Build

Posted Fenice_86 on 02 November 2012 - 11:46 AM

So... after more or less 150hrs playing my ele i decided to post here my build, looking to help others and gather useful hints to make it even better if possible!

Hope you guys will like my work, i'll try to make it as clear as possible, forgive me if something is "bad written"; english is not my native language ^_^

Weapons & Equip:

Dagger / Dagger (Berserker) ---> General PvE Roaming + Easy Dungeons
Staff (Berserker) ---> Hard Dungeons + Situations where staying Ranged is a must
Full Knight Armor ---> Power, Precision, Toughtness
Berserker Trinkets ---> Power, Precision, Critical Damage


10 Fire
10 Air
00 Earth
20 Water
30 Arcana

I will not mention Minor Traits assuming everyone knows them, Major Traits to pick are:

Spell Slinger ---> Cantrips grant you 3 stacks of Might (15s)
Zephyr's Boon ---> Auras grant you Fury and Swiftness (5s or 10s with Shocking Aura) (when playing with Daggers)
Quick Glyphs ---> -20% CD of Glyphs (when playing with a Staff)
Shooting Disruption ---> Cantrips grant Vigor and Rigen (9s)
Cantrip Mastery ---> Cantrip's CD -20%
Elemental Attunement ---> Gain a Boon on Attunement (Might / Regen / Swiftness / Protection)
Blasting Staff ---> Staff AoE are larger (when playing with a Staff)
Renewing Stamina ---> 33% to gain Vigor on Crits (when playing with Daggers)
Evasive Arcana ---> Create an attunement based spell on dodge which is also a Blast Finisher (10s CD each attunement)


Glyph of Elemental Armony
Cleansing Fire
Lightning Flash (can be changed with Arcane Wave or Glyph of Storms; Mist Form while Underwater)
Armor of Earth
Glyph of Elementals (and Whirlpool while Underwater)

Runes & Sigils:

Runes: (all Superior quality)
2*Monk + 2*Water + 2*Fire
Achieving +50 Healing Power, +25 Power, +30% Boons Duration, +50% Might Duration

Sigils: (all Superior quality)
Sigil of Battle + Sigil of Precision ( Dagger / Dagger)
Sigil of Energy (Staff)

Usage & Skill Rotations:

I'll try now to explaine how i use this build as best as i can...
As you can see from Traits and Skillbar this build relies a lot on Cantrip's sinergies, you can get a bounch of boons before and while in combat from them in almost everything from DPS to Tankiness.
I usually run around in Air Attunement for passive speed boost and because it's my opener skill rotation startup which i'm going to describe you:

Air ---> Ride the Lightning + Shocking Aura (istant cast) + Updraft than switch to...
Fire ---> Burning Speed + Armor of Earth (istant cast) + Ring of Fire + Dodge Roll back than...
Earth ---> Lighting Flash (istant cast) + Earthquake + Cleansing Fire (istant cast) + Churning Earth than...
Earth ---> Ring of Earth + Autoattack a few times, than switch back to...
Air ---> Lighting Touch + Autoattack if anything still alive + Shocking Aura when ready.

In the space of 6-7 secs with this heavy rotation you gain:
Swiftness: 16s
Vigor: 45s
Rigen: 45s
Fury: 22s
Might: 22 stack for 36s (if you add a 2nd dodge roll 25 stack // 12 are AoE)
Protection: 20s
Stability: 13s
Clean any condition you had on
Burning: 4-5s
Bleeding: 12-14 stack for 12s
Cripple: 6s
Weakness: 5s
2 Knockdown Lock
Massive AoE Dmg

With this rotation my Lightning Whip autoattack hit for almost 4k Dmg on crits (up to 3 targets) while doing 1.6k-1.8k on average normal hit. (Crit chance is around 50%++)
Ofc you also can make use of less skills to save your best rotation (the one above) for more dangerous encounters... basically the startup (Air + Fire) stays while you can skip the rest at your will :)

When wielding a Staff (which mean you are in a not_friendly meele situation in hard dungeon's fights) you can make use of Fields + Blasting Staff and simply dodge roll inside to help your team boosting their dmg, healing them, making AoE CC.
My standard staff rotation doesnt involve in such heavy boost as D/D has...
Instead it focuses to stop enemies and deal a good initial dmg, Utilities and Combo Fields are used only when necessary as i try to keep always avaiable as much as possible.
Air ---> Windborne Speed + Static Field (between team and enemies) + Gust on nearest enemy, than...
Earth ---> Unsteady Ground + Eruption + Shockwave on nearest enemy, than...
Fire ---> Flame Burst + Lava Font + Meteor Shower

That's it more or less... stay in fire autoattack, switch water to spam heals and AoE Chill if needed... switch back to Air or Earth for more CC than go back to Fire to make good use of Elemental Attunement trait.

Hope you'll like my work,
If you need further infos dont esitate to ask me!

Have a nice day!

#1984491 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Red_Falcon on 01 October 2012 - 08:31 PM

Posted Image

You might remember this build's name from the BWE killer build. It's back and updated.
A Warrior’s role is to be a mobile fighter capable to adapt to every situation, not die and deal gigantic amounts of DPS: this build achieves exactly this.

This build offers:
  • Great Damage
  • Great Survivability
  • Great Control
  • Great Mobility
  • Very good Condition Removal
  • Ability to use 6 weapons at their full efficiency
If you dislike those “tank” builds that deal no damage and yet won’t survive longer than this build and deal sub-par damage, then you’ve opened the right thread.
As a rule of thumb there is no weapon setup that alone is capable of dealing with every single situation in the best way.
In order for your Warrior to be at 100% efficiency, you’ll sometimes have to swap from your Main set to another 2 sets when specific situations occurs: the Control set and the Mobility set.

Posted Image
- Pow/Prec/Tou on armor and weapon (usually named Knight’s) or Berserker.
- Divinity runes or Ruby Jewels/Orbs (12% crit dmg)

- Pow/Prec/CritDmg from jewels (36% crit damage).

- Either Superior Accuracy or Strength, personal preference; it's also useful to stack 250 power by using Sigil of Bloodlust

- Orrian Truffle steak + Superior sharpening stone

Posted Image

Posted Image
This set is your main set to use for most situations, where you’re not required to apply strong control and meleeing is viable: it deals fearsome DPS and very good mobility/defense.
Stack vulnerability and build 25 might with your GS, using HB+WA, then switch to Axe for DPS and further vuln spam with Cyclone.
Time your Endure Pain well right, keep FGJ up, and use SoS only when really needed (the passive endurance regen boost is great), use dodges properly and make correct use of Whirlwind Attack’s evade and Shield Block.

Don’t forget to thow your cripples on dangerous melee mobs.

Posted Image

This set is needed when you face situations with a lot of trash mobs and you need to control them to prevent a wipe.
It’s not necessary to use if you have a Guardian who knows how to use Wards, but if you don’t then it’s your job to control mobs.

Swap defence traits for Hammer & Mace traits.
Swap FGJ and SoS for Signet of Fury and Berserker Stance in order to build adrenaline fast and spam your profession skills for stun; alternatively, a mix of this and Stomp/Kick/Bull's Charge/Bolas for further control.
You’ll be swapping between Hammer and Maces as soon as all your skills are on CD; spread weakness, stuns and knockdowns.

Posted Image
This set is used for those fights where you face frequent spikes and AoEs which prevent you and your team from effectively standing in melee for long.

Swap the Tactics trait for Longbow range, and possibly the Arms traits for Deep Cuts and Blademaster.
Swap utilities for Signet of Fury, Berserker Stance, Frenzy; this is in order to spam Combustive shot, combo finish with Explosive shot into AoE might, apply Frenzy for autoattack’s combo finisher projectile burning when fire field is up.

If you are chased by a boss or heavy-hitters simply drop a lvl 3 combustive on the ground and circle it so you're dealing AoE DPS and condition while kiting.
It’s a good idea to periodically swap to your secondary set to spread Vigor, Swiftness on allies and Weakness on enemies; don’t be afraid to swap just to use Leap either, it can save your life or simply allow you to get back into the fight faster.

#1648268 OBEY ME! (The Ranger Pet Command Guide)

Posted misterdevious on 28 July 2012 - 09:25 PM

Part 1:  The Basics
Part 2:  Using the Basics
Part 3:  How Pets Decide Which Skill to Use
Part 4:  Getting Your Pet to Use the Skill You Want
Part 5:  Shouting Helps
Part 6:  Stupid Pet Tricks
This guide was written after following the development of the ranger for a year, playing ranger in every event, reviewing extensive footage, and trying new tactics each event.  Some of the Stupid Pet Tricks I have successfully used, and others are ones that appear viable based on observations made reviewing BWE3 + stress test footage.  Of course, some things could change before release.

#1606012 Farewell, World of Warcraft

Posted Shamadamun on 17 July 2012 - 01:05 AM

I wanna start off by saying this thread has nothing to do with bashing WoW, but simply to thank it for the fun experiences it's given me.

I always knew I wanted to make a little montage of WoW the day I quit, and I think this accurately depicts my character and the fun things I did on him.

This is simply me taking a final bow to WoW as I allow it to progress without me, and allow my characters' journeys to finally come to an end. You won't regret watching, I promise!

The editing program I used is called CyberLink PowerDirector10, and as you can see by the first frame of the video, it's the 30 day trial. It's worth checking out.

NOTE: I don't have much experience with video editing programs, nor do I ever make videos, so please take that into account. Also keep in mind, I would've put alot more into this video, but all the pictures and videos I used to have were wiped away when my old computer blew up.