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Isiah Cartwright hinted that there will be cosmetic quivers this patch...

16 November 2012 - 08:23 AM

Has anyone found how you can obtain them? Is it through the new chests?

Guild Wars 2 sPvP

31 October 2012 - 07:56 PM

It's a mess, especially in those 8v8 where people are introduced to the hardcore pvp side of this game. Now you may say that that's why there are 5v5 tournaments, but when you introduce people to that kind of pvp in this fashion of 8v8 where you can do nothing but get zerged by 3 or 4 others it's going to turn people off faster than anything. The maps are too small for 16 players, especially Raid on the Capricorn, god i hate this map, and the capture point's circumference is so small that when you have 7 or 8 people stacking in there trying to take over it, you can't even see what's going on.

Either tone it down to 5 or 6 per team or make maps bigger.

Scepter | Dagger - Auratripalist

26 October 2012 - 09:25 AM


Just wanted to share my build. In my opinion as a glass cannon Elementalist to a more tank-dps type, this is by far one of the better builds that I run.


This works well in sPvP too, however that can be debatable. This post is more for PvE and WvW side of things.

So what is a Auratripalist? I know it's an ugly name but really, it's just that. An Auramancer and a Cantrimancer into one build for damage, survivability and boons.

For armor and accessories as well as weapon, get pure Power, Toughness, and Vitality. Power being the dominating stat. Ascalonian Catacombs is an easy dungeon and an easy way to get this set.  For Jewelry however it takes some investment in karma. I bought the Invaders rare 80 Jewelry set from Borderlands. Crafted Jewelry does not have these stats. Socket them with Soldier Crests which also gives Power, Toughness, and Vitality respectively. Why isn't there any Precision then? We need our crits right? I'll get to that.

My character's stat right now with Divinity Runes x6 (60 to all stats; 12% Crit damage.)
  • Power: 2,117
  • Precision: 1,076
  • Toughness: 1,734 (+70 with food so 1,804)
  • Vitality: 1,994 (+100 with food so 2,094)
Secondary stats (I eat Omnomberry Bread by the way.)
  • Attack: 3,112
  • Critical Chance: 12%
  • Armor 2,654 (2,724 with food)
  • Health: 21,085 (22,085 with food)
Comparing this set to Berserker where everyone seems to be running, you only lose out on Precision and 18% Crit damage. The Precision and 18% Crit damage doesn't outweigh the amount of Toughness and Vitality you get from running this set. Keep in mind Crit damage is added to the .5 crit chance multiplier so .18 added to .5 is only .68 that means if you crit for 500, it'll be 500 x .68 not 500 x .5 x .18. The small amount of damage is not worth the extra stat in my opinion.

Now onto how this build works. How do we get make up for the lost of our Precision stat? You must switch attunement as much as possible, rotate through them like there's not tomorrow. This sets apart the good Ele's from the bad Ele's. Why you ask?  Well you gain 2 seconds of Fury every time you swap attunement, which gives 20% crit chance to your 12% totaling at 32%, which make it so that about 1/3 of your attack crits. This by far is worth the sacrifice of going pure glass cannon and lacking HP AND Toughness. Sure you may crit more often at a higher damage rating but you also die as quick, trust me you will never go back to being glass again.

But two seconds of Fury is too short! It is, that is why you're an Auratripalist. We only have one Aura, Frost Aura how the hell is this an Aura build?
  • By activating your Healing Signet or Signet of the Earth you proc your Fire's Embrace (When you activate a signet, you gain a fire shield for 3 seconds.) this then proceed to proc your Zephyr's Boon (Auras grant fury and swiftness when applied). Fire Shield is up for 3 seconds, however you are granted Fury and Swiftness for 5 seconds.
  • If you activate Signet of Earth, drop all your fire skills, then switch to Water and activate Frost Aura you'll be granted 12 seconds of Fury and Swiftness in a very short time, keep swapping attunements and add in your Healing Signet as needed and you'll see that you have Fury and Swiftness up most of the time.
  • This helps you be more mobile as well as making sure your skills crit at the cost of not sacrificing your survivability.
Now onto the Cantrip part of this build.
  • I went 30 into Water instead of Earth because if you go 30 into Earth you can get be granted with 3 seconds of protection from Elemental Shielding when you activate an Aura and this is good for Auramentalist builds but you're not a pure Auramentalist. You already get some protection for swapping into Earth with 10 in Arcane. You need some condition cleansing to help you stay in the fights longer. Written in Stone (Maintain the passive of your signets when you activate them.) is also good too but you only really use two Signets in this build it's not worth it.
  • Soothing Disruption (Cantrips grant you regneration and vigor.) will grant you what it says for 9 seconds when you activate any of the two Cantrips you have. By activating either Lightning Flash or Mist Form (Cantrips) you also proc Spell Singer (Cantrips grant you 3 stacks of might when used) which gives you 3 stacks of might for 16 seconds.
  • Activating one Cantrip grants you damage, as well as regeneration, as well as more dodges. That is plus, plus, plus, and conjunction very well with the Aura part stated above.
  • Cantrips Mastery (Cantrip recharge 20% faster) will lower the cool down of Lightning Flash to 36 seconds, and Mist Form to 60 seconds, this is huge because if you can use those as much as possible your survivability will go up from the regeneration, the dodging as well as doing more damage making sure your enemy is dead and not you.
  • The minor Trait, Bountiful Power (Deal 2% more damage for each boon on you.) works really well with this build because you'll have anywhere from 3 to 6 boons on you at any given time, more damage, the better.
  • And finally Cleansing Water (Remove a condition when granting regeneration to yourself or an ally.) this trait made me go 30 into Water instead of Earth. By activating Lightning Flash or Mist Form you proc regeneration from Soothing Disruption, so this will automatically remove up to 2 conditions. Attuning to Water also procs this because of Elemental Attunement (When attuning to an element, you and all nearby allies gain: Fire - might, Water: regeneration, Air: Swiftness, Earth: protection) gives regeneration as well. That's 3 condition removal in a matter of seconds! Say good by to those bleeds and poison and cripples and stuns because Cantrip break stuns.
I found this build allows me to solo anywhere up to 3 to 4 people in WvW because of the amount of boon and have and then those boon conjunction into damage and survivablity makes you make Heartseeker thieves and other classes wonder as to how you're doing the damage you're doing and still surviving.

Thoughts, opinions, constructive criticism at my build is encourage, please let me know what you think. I was once a frustrated glass cannon Ele in full Berserker, now I am a happy camper, and won't re-roll. Because I am sure the majority would agree that we have to put in the extra effort and do more than hitting two buttons if we want to be on par with other classes.

My only advice if I can give to new Ele's is that attunement swapping is needed to be good at this class. It's not like other classes (maybe the exception of Engi's) where you can totally ignore your class mechanic and still do fine. No, you must be one with ALL the elements, don't stay in fire because it does damage, don't stay in water and try to play support, don't go lightning and expect crit, don't go earth and expect not to die. We are called Elementalist for a reason because we need to master all 4 to be the ultimate master!

EDIT: Fix some spelling, I know I didn't get them all but I am tired. Will fix and add more later.

Evasive Arcana

23 October 2012 - 05:39 PM

Something is wrong with this trait.

At the end of your dodge, while in combat it does a skill base on your attunement.

Fire: Flame Burst - Burn the target (working as intended)
Water: Cleansing Wave - Heal and cleanse condition (working as intended)
Air: Blinding Flash - Blind the target (working as intended)
Earth: Churning Earth - broken...

For Earth, instead of it doing Churning Earth (it has the animation of C.E.) it does Shockwave instead.

Churning Earth (at level 80) - Over 2K damage, cripple for 1.25 seconds, and 6 stacks of bleed for over 3K damage over time

Shockwave (at level 80) - 300 damage, snare for 2 seconds, and 1 stack of bleeding for 1K damage over time

So it has the animation of Churning Earth, but the damage of Shockwave (300), and no effect of either two... This is huge, considering Evasive Arcana is a pretty popular trait.

Do dungeons reset at 5 like daily achievements?

30 September 2012 - 12:05 AM

Anyone know the official reset time for dungeons? Meaning that you'll get the 40+ bonus token for a the path you did and what time does that reset?