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In Topic: W/N vs Thirsty River

08 August 2016 - 11:55 PM

Olias is available as soon as you enter Nightfall, so there's no reason not to grab him - minions will make life so much easier (and it's only two or three skills to have a functional MM build!).

I would normally avoid melee heroes as much as possible, but since you're in Prophecies Normal Mode, everything should largely go ok.
If you're willing, you can do the first mission for Eye of the North (it's completely risk-free) and you'll get given Vekk, another Elementalist hero - they're quite a bit more versatile than hero Dervs and Warriors.

Hammer as a weapon choice is pretty good once you have the elite skill Earthshaker - without that, I don't think it achieves anything over the other options - I highly recommend you obtain it (it's in the Southern Shiverpeaks, so it should be within your reach now).
The Crystal Desert also has the elite skill Warrior's Endurnace. I think that should work quite well with an Axe build (take Power Attack, Cyclone Axe and maybe Penetrating Chop) - it's not a cookie-cutter build, but it's got consistent damage that should let you power through if you ever feel you're struggling to kill.

I also *highly* recommend that you capture the Monk skill Word of Healing, if your heroes do not already have access to it. It will require you unlocking the Monk secondary (there's a quest to unlock the Monk secondary - you can then switch between secondaries at will), but it's simply the best single target heal in the game.

View PostCakeordeath, on 06 August 2016 - 09:57 PM, said:

Me W/N
I know this has been said already, and I know you really want to do it, but using Necro skills on a Warrior is a bad idea.
I know it seems cool to use the Necro skills in melee, but it just kills your damage output - most of your damage as a Warrior will come from you hitting stuff with your weapon, spells take a *really* long time to cast in comparison and just don't do as much damage as your attack skills (and won't build adrenaline).
The only Necro skill I think can be justified is Plague Touch, but even that's stretching it - much better to have a Monk use cheap a condition removal spell on you instead.
(Your attribute spread should almost definitely be 12 Strength, 12 Weapon Mastery.)

View PostCakeordeath, on 13 July 2016 - 11:10 AM, said:

6 Blood, 4 Curse, 11 Str, 12 Hammer
As a rule, most builds will have attribute distributions that look like the following (before Runes):

1 - 12, 12, 3
12 "Main" attribute, 12 Profession-Primary attribute, 3 in a junk attribute
(For example, a Hammer Warrior would usually run 12 Hammer Mastery, 12 Strength, 3 whatever, Fire Eles would run 12 Fire, 12 E-Storage).

2 - 12, 9, 9
12 Main, 9 Primary, 9 Secondary
(Word of Healing hybrid build usually runs 12 Healing, 9 Protection, and 9 Divine Favor).

Minor deviations exist, but are seldom too different.

In particular, whatever Curses and Blood skills you're taking just aren't going to pack any power at such low investment. If you really must invest in Necro skills and are commited to W/N (beyond just running Plague Touch for utility), then pick just one of Blood or Curses and invest into it (along the 12, 9, 9 split most likely, where 12 is your weapon attribute).

View PostCakeordeath, on 23 July 2016 - 10:37 PM, said:

I know Enduring is flawed and those hp won't last, the skill has already proved itself a few times to keep me alive. Giving my henchies a little more armor isnt worth swapping it out for imo. Bonetti, yeh maybe if it isn't casters kicking my butt. Like I said it's just a stopgap till I get Lion's Comfort.
I don't run any healing skills on my Warrior - your job isn't keeping yourself healed, you have Monks and such for that, your job is to kill stuff as fast as possible. :)
But sure, Endure Pain seems useful for keeping yourself alive. But as you improve, and your understanding of skills and how builds work grow, you'll realise that it's skills like Frenzy that are where it's at - a dead enemy cannot hurt you, so the faster you kill, the less damage you take.

But I won't prescribe builds yet, keep enjoying the experience of experimenting, and have fun.

In Topic: Billiard and Ensign

17 May 2014 - 09:26 AM

If you feel like stalking, you creepy people.

In Topic: Necromancer vs fractals?

23 August 2013 - 05:10 PM

This is just a matter of ability really; the Necro has a ton of health and that makes it easier to survive initially.
In the long run, the Guardian is better and more useful to teams, especially in the higher fractal levels.

In Topic: Combat mode not working

20 August 2013 - 08:07 PM

No, it works fine for me.

In Topic: [Build] Necromancer Hybrid with Double Bleed Duration

08 April 2013 - 06:20 PM

My suggestion in a nutshell is to go 10 Spite and 30 SR; I don't see how that's "muddled". The rest was just ramblings.
But the point on 100% Bleed duration is taken.

So you get an extra pip from the Bleed on crit by going 15 Spite, which you lose dropping it to 10.
You'll also lose a pip from other sources of bleeding; the Scepter auto-attacks (including Poison, you drop one pip every attack) and Grasping Dead.
Crude approximation; you lose 100 damage (more if you're fully decked out) on each of these attacks and with a Sigil of Earth and the Curses trait, you lose another 100 damage on approximately every other crit.

So I guess the question I should ask myself is: how much do I gain from 100% fury uptime vs 50% fury uptime and how much easier is it to survive with the shorter DS cooldown?
I don't have an answer right now.