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Computer Upgrades

11 August 2012 - 02:33 PM

So I've received my latest paycheque and what with August not being an expensive month for me, I figure now is a decent time to replace my aging machine.
Unfortunately, I'm not as up to date as I once was with components and with name conventions being what they are now, it's hard for me to quickly filter out and compare products at a glance.

I don't need to replace everything, although a fair amount needs changing.
I need a new Motherboard and CPU: my Core 2 Duo 2.66 doesn't exactly cut it and I can only clock it to 2.9 before I hit stability issues.
Currently I'm at 4GB of RAM; I'd prefer a motherboard that can take 8.
I also need recommendations on a HDD: what are good benchmarks I should be aiming for?

I shouldn't be needing to replace my PSU (520W Antec) and I won't be replacing my video card (GTX 550 Ti) for a few more months.

I'm willing to spend around the £400-500 mark since I don't want to be upgrading again for a while.
I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Depending on the cost of the above, I may or may not look into replacing my case.

Recommendations? I'm particularly bad at selecting motherboards.