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[Blog: Illustrated Stories] Tyrian Wayfarers

06 June 2012 - 04:32 PM

Hello everyone, I want to introduce my blog Tyrian Wayfarers to you!
The blog focuses on the adventures my characters experience during their travels in Tyria, telling of their stories and featuring illustrations to go along with these.

I recommend reading the introduction first, where I talk about what I'm aiming for with this blog. Next up, there's a list of characters who will be featured eventually and, for as long as we're still in beta, another list with my beta characters.
For now, I will tell the stories of my heroes from the Beta Weekend Events, as I will not create any of the other figures before the game launches (I want to keep their stories "fresh").

And now, as an appetizer: A short excerpt from the first chapter of featuring Fujiko, a human thief of Canthan descend.


Of all the districts that made up Divinity's Reach, the Eastern Commons certainly was the one Fujiko despised the most. She was pressed however, not wanting to waste any time since she had finally decided to venture outside the protective city walls she had grown so accustomed to.
“How can this abomination of an orchestra still exist?”, the young woman cursed while plucking some stray confetti out of her ashen brown hair, “That junk mountain just had to start blaring when people mentioned Shaemoor.”
The latest tune played by one of the Eastern Commons' greatest attractions, Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra, just finished. Fujiko had already left it several streets behind her, and yet it still managed to block out most of the city's usual sounds while it ran. And sadly, a bright someone had decided to have it do just that non-stop. The little scraps of conversation she had been able to pick up earlier made her glad however to have chosen the shortest route, no matter the inconveniences. Confetti stuck in her hair and clothing, the obnoxious music... they all seemed like petty troubles now that Fujiko had heard mention of centaurs besieging Shaemoor.

The full first chapter can be found here.

I would be very glad about feedback and comments, either here or on the blog!
I hope you will enjoy Tyrian Wayfarers! :)

New Magdaer skin?

26 March 2012 - 02:38 PM


As you can see in this photo shown in a recent GW2 review by German gaming site GameStar, someone at ANet's is working on a mighty impressive two-hander skin.
Now, look at the left screen: In my opinion the NPC holding the sword is King Adelbern.
To support this assumption:
1. His armor is clearly Ascalonian and is also worn by the ghostly King Adelbern we encounter in the Ascalon Catacombs.
2. It looks like he's integrated into a cutscene, which would support him being an important NPC.
3. I can't believe ANet would troll us so hard to put King Adelbern's garment on a PC (even if it may be an available armor set) and then give him an epic sword following the dragon theme the original Magdaer had going. :D

So what do you think? While on the left side, the hilt looks more to be made of bird wings, on the right screen we can clearly see that it's a draconic sword.

Personally, I'm absolutely amazed by this new skin, although it feels a bit iffy compared to GW1's Magdaer... but well, I guess they had to differentiate them from the Dragon Swords we could get via the HoM ;) I wonder if we'll also see a new Sohothin then...

ArenaNet: Chuck Jackman on Updated Cinematic Conversations

11 November 2011 - 02:05 PM

Chuck Jackman gives his insights on the new state of the cinematic conversations!

Click here to read the post on the ArenaNet blog!


Until now, you have only seen our placeholder versions of the conversations. This is because, here at ArenaNet, we have a very iterative development process, which allows us to layer in content at various levels of completion. This lets us see how everything is jibing and then tweak and refine as we go. We took advantage of this approach with the cinematic conversations so that our writers and designers could still get a feel for the pacing of the story and events while we worked on identifying what we wanted to get across visually. This also allowed us to refine the tools and process.


We knew that we had more life in Guild Wars 2’s cinematic conversations than we had in the original Guild Wars, but we also wanted more life than we had in the temporary versions already in place. These placeholders were basically two people standing there playing minimal, seemingly random, animations. They featured some very basic lip-synch that resembled more of a duck’s bill than a human’s mouth. This was because these temporary assets consisted of nothing but an automated mouth-flap animation and a very limited pool of basic idle and talk animations. This, of course, did not allow the characters to portray the emotion we wanted in a realistic or believable manner. It also made it impossible to have characters gesture during ideal moments of dialogue because these were fully “canned” animations.