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In Topic: What have you not attempted yet?

28 December 2012 - 07:16 PM

i haven't done any :

no fractals [other than the 1st one]
100% map completion [due to the forced wvw/pvp] i dont like or want to pvp, didnt in gw1 , why would i here ?
identified any dyes i have received
no warrior/guardian or thief
no story's

In Topic: Am I the only one sick of the addition of more and more tonics?

19 December 2012 - 05:04 PM

tonics are a waste, if they become un-account bound, then they now have a use. i destroy all i receive.

In Topic: 3 months in and now hate paying for armor repair/travel.

24 November 2012 - 04:03 PM

i dont like the WP costs one bit. the big issue is the high cost as your level increases, its not static. so when a LOW level guildie/friend asks for help in queensdale, and i go, way point travel for [level 80] is grossly more expensive than my friend/guildie [low level]. this is the problem i have. it becomes prohibitive on partying up and being socially active with other players. i dont mind paying for waypoints, but come on, make them reasonable. there is no reason, while i am in queensdale at level 80 it should cost over 1 silver to travel. this is making this game a SOLO game [btw , which, unfortunately , i am playing, alot to do with the unfair taxation on players].

    i dont know what the solution is or should be, maybe abolishing them may be the best idea. unless an algorithym can be made up that is fair for ALL. be it a distance/level/area one or not.

   armor repairs are a bother as well, but i have been ok with it so far, its just a pain at times to find an armor repair person. or maybe i just stop dying [ :-P ] ................................what a stupid statement............................

    but i am in total agreement with e OP and yes, i read every post, the OP has a valid arguement and Anet should look at this feature, as , IMHO , it is harming the game.

In Topic: Rate GW2!

05 November 2012 - 04:31 PM

i rated it a 6/10

here are some :

1.  way point costs are very restrictive on travel. another formula needs to be made.
2.  the rinse and repeat of every map i explore [POI's,Hearts,Vistas,Etc.] , gets really boring fast [IMHO]
3.  re-spawn rates are nuts. no sooner do i loot a beast, i am getting attacked. not fun.
4.  mandatory jumping puzzles to complete a map....... i have no issue with jumping puzzles, i have issue with them forcing me to do them to complete a map, thusly taking away from my enjoyment .
5.  no guild halls, really needed.
6.  a better party system
7.  better and more end game content, also Orr needs to be re-looked, not a fun place to explore.
8.  the feeling that Anet is about grabbing money to open chests................black lion keys just dont drop and i am not inclined nor able to afford to purchase them with RL money.
9.  weapon and armor skins, just too bland and non-spectacular.
10. loot drops or map completion rewards not for my profession line...................grrr, nothing worse than finally completing a map to get 2 pieces of armor for a different profession ........WTF
11.  the first levels are the most fun, after level 30, bah...............

thank you .

In Topic: How would you improve Guild Wars 2?

12 October 2012 - 01:11 PM

1. eliminate or greatly reduce way point costs.
2. re-spawn rate [looking at you Orr -risen areas]
3. remove vistas with jumping puzzles or requirement for map completion.there are some the take away all FUN from the game, and because of deaths from falls, becomes costly with the excessive way point costs.
4. split pve from pvp for 100% map completion, i dont want to pvp and shouldnt be forced too .
5. the camera angles are awful, please fix them.
6. better party system, i have soloed 4 toons so far.
7. guild halls ...................ALL guild chat, regardless of how many i am in and representing or not.
   thats what is on my top list, but i am sure there are more and YMMV :)