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In Topic: Voice acting criticisms

17 September 2011 - 01:59 AM

Yeah know, when I sit around out in a public area to listen to people talk (it's a writing practice thing not a creeper thing I swear! D8 ) , they aren't always super epic sounding and well acted.

Anyways though, I have no issues with the voices that I have heard so far. Most of the ones we have heard are mainly background people, and I thought it was pretty realistic on the slight awkward levels when you ease drop. I am pretty terrible at accents though, and I didn't even realize that the Sylvari had one since I was able to understand them very clearly. Clarity on what characters are saying are often the only things I care about, but I suppose if it's bad for some people it's going to be breaking. But thanks to the power of subtitles and the mute button, it can easily be avoided.

All in all, I think the voices are just fine. Good ones are there, of course bad ones as well, but nothing that makes me want to go "OHHHH GOOD GWAD WHY" and want them to rerecord everything. That'd just be unrealistic to want. Or have it at the same level as a single player game, because an MMO demands a -large- range of voices, and very good voice actors aren't as easy to find. I think GW2 has a good even quality, and some powerful key voice actors as well playing more important NPCs (good old sexy Steve Blum. Nothing can rival your super sexy voice acting skills)

In Topic: What is your favourite race? Part 2!

16 September 2011 - 09:01 PM

I personally still really like the Sylvari, but at the same time I like all of the races in different levels XD

I loooove the fact they're so colorful and they have natural gradients on them, their thinner bodys as I really like the slim male look, and I found myself really enjoying the lore the most. I'm a sucker for colors the most and the redesign, while at first I didn't like until I really watched some videos on it, really grew on me. Oh gwad I just pun'd D8

Then the rest go down a list to the Humans, Norn, Charr, then Asura. More then likely I'll have a bunch of Sylvari, humans and norn characters.

In Topic: What do you NOT like about GW2?

15 September 2011 - 11:10 AM

Hmmm I think so far the only issues I really have with the game that I have seen is, the game isn't out yet, and also that the story appears to be centered a bit around EoD crew as your hero npcs. I don't like them even a little bit, being that I disliked heavily EoD book and their all around characters. I want to avoid them like the plague but from what I have seen it's impossible to dodge them. I suppose though I cannot wait to be a total jerk to Logan if I get the option hehe.

Oh! I also don't like how you can't have an eye color changing option in the character creator. It doesn't make sense to me that the option isn't there (I don't recall if it was only the demo, or it was confirmed that we cannot change the eye color. I only remember someone officially posting about that we arn't able to do that.)

In Topic: Will you avoid the wiki?

12 September 2011 - 03:02 PM

I will only use it if I get really stuck and frustrated, like if I can't locate a certain place to turn in a quest or having to find a location of a monster (though I understand that will prolly not happen thanks to the way the events and quests go about. Thankfully)

But I will try and avoid it the best I can, and go in blind. But until then, I'm living on the Wiki reading up on lore and skills as I decide how I want to go about going in blind <_>

In Topic: Ghosts Of Ascalon: How did you like it?

12 September 2011 - 02:58 PM

I really enjoyed it! Infact I enjoyed it so much I cannot wait to go into game and go looking for the survivors of that book when the game is open. I loved all the characters with the exception of Rinoa (and I'm super glad what happened to her at the end) and I couldn't find myself able to put the book down until the end. I really liked Dougal, he was a character I could really get behind and the following his perspective kinda throughout the book really gave it a strong focus for me. Sure I don't know anything about writing styles and if it was poorly written or not, but I do know that I really liked it and wished there was more to the ending.

I didn't get lost in it at all, which is the total other way around with EoD (I haaate that one, the jumping around between characters and the constant fighting is so grating and annoying it makes me not want to go see any of the characters from the book. Other then Logan. Who I want to stab.) The characters where really strong for me in GoA, each one of them got a good amount of development time, and rather then having to jump into their heads every ten seconds like in EoD, I thought it did a great job describing how they looked or spoke in the situation.

The ending made me really wish there was an epilogue or even more to it, but hey, maybe we can have some story in the game with them! That would be awesome.

I totally want to go see what they look like, screw the EoD team all they did was talk like a bunch of teens, I want some snarky Dougal time D8