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Reconciling "Edge of Destiny" with the Personal Story in GW2 (SPOILERS)

09 October 2012 - 01:09 PM

WARNING:  To clarify, this thread contains spoilers for both "Edge of Destiny", the book, and Guild Wars 2.


Looking for advice on sigil for a hammer

27 September 2012 - 04:29 PM

Given the slow speed of the swings on the hammer, I'm leery of using any of the on-hit or on-crit sigils with it.  What would a good sigil for the hammer be, assuming level 80 PvE and WvW?

Or are those on-hit and on-crit sigils still good due to the AoE nature of the hammer?  I'm not clear on whether the sigils have their chance to proc per-swing or per-hit.

EDIT: To give some more input, the Sigil of Superior Water and Sigil of Superior Blood interest me, but I'm concerned about the attack speed of the hammer in combination with their on-hit/on-swing triggering.  If it is on-hit, my concerns are gone, but if it is on-swing, I may prefer something that builds up power or precision per kill.

Leg Specialist + Opportunist + Hammer Shock... Is it worth the investment?

07 September 2012 - 03:14 PM

I recently decided that I want to use a hammer for my warrior (already level 43, but I just decided on my favorite weapon), so I was seeing what might be possible using the skill calculator on GW2DB.com when I came across this combination.

From what I can see, this should allow for a single hammer warrior to immobilize everyone in a 600 cone for 1 second (gaining 2 seconds of fury for each one), and following up with an Earthshaker would add 1-2 seconds of daze on top of that.

For a crowd-control party support build, is it worth it to put in the 20 points just for the Opportunist's fury boost, or would it be better to spend them in Discipline for Inspiring Shouts and Mobile Strikes?

There is also the issue that if I take Leg Specialist, I have to leave behind either the banners' improved recharge and area, or the shouts' improved recharge.

For reference, here are the two builds I'm currently considering:
Using the immobilize/fury combo: http://www.gw2db.com...|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
Not using the immobilize/fury combo: http://www.gw2db.com...|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|

Turning off right-click target selection

12 August 2012 - 02:41 PM

I use the right-mouse button to turn, and I often click and release with small movements when in the middle of battle.  If I happen to do a short click-and-release with a different target under the pointer, though, my target gets changed to that one.

I would like the option for right-click to NOT select a target.  I can select my targets with left-click and shortcut keys just fine, and the right-click target selection messes me up.  This was most apparent in larger WvW engagements and large PvE events.

Is anyone else getting an invisible client?

18 July 2012 - 11:20 PM

I have had no trouble playing BWE1, the first stress test, and BWE2.  I was also able to download the big updates over the weekend.  Now, however, when I run the client, it comes up for a moment, and then disappears.  It's still running, though.  The icon is visible on my toolbar (Windows 7), and it is running when I check the Task Manager, but I can't get it to actually show me anything.

Am I the only one with this problem?

EDIT:  I changed the name of the GW2.dat so that it would start downloading from the beginning.  The exe did the same thing, but the new GW2.dat began to download as normal.  =/