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In Topic: Read these comments on Massively, P2P vs F2P

10 May 2013 - 12:11 AM

Here are my thoughts(it could get large-BEWARE!)

Why make an MMO out of otherwise awesome game? Man I don't know! Greed perhaps? Be what it may-it does not work! The days when you could make it Rain cats n dogs only with Green $$$ marked bills instead of rain is behind us(or so I feel). That's one of the things that always gets me when I think of Tor(it should've been Kotor 3), Neverwinter(lol wai no NWN 3???), ES:O(if you must dillute TES-rather make sth akin to the battlespire or Redguard, NOT an MMO!), TSW(now that would be one heck of a singleplayer game!)...

Now, all of those games, I feel, had MMO elements forced onto them in order to maximise revenue. If you look at TSW-it's even crafted as a coop game and not like an MMO! And when it was p2p, it was only because Funcom wanted to doubledip(profit from both the Cash shop and the subs) and although I Like TSW-I am SO glad that it blew right into their faces! Because that ought to happen when one becomes to waffling greedy. And now give me one good reason why is it an MMO? I could ask you the same on Neverwinter-NWN 3 pairing(who in their right mind would want the former??? O.0).

And as long as these..."MMOs" keep blowing right into dev faces, it's all good. Because it's sending one message to the devs around the globe, a message that warms my heart: If they keep forcing MMO mechanics on otherwise great games, they'll keep ruining those great games. Therefore, the only sane thing is to produce non-MMOs. Really, if you don't know how to craft an MMO/can't Sustain it-why in the nine blazes would you do it??? Greed, of course.

Now, all this is Void if the game is designed to be an MMO. Think of UO or AC or WoW or EQ or Vanguard. But those five MMORPGs are whole another galaxy(WoW pre WoTLK btw) compared to today's MMOs. The Worlds where you want to group, where classes are truly different from eachother and where you can just craft all day long if you feel like it. In other words: a world in which you can LIVE. I waffling LOVE such games(true MMORPGs), while I loathe modern take on that genre(I call them just "MMOs").

TLDR: Classic MMORPGs were made for you to LIVE in them. Today's MMOs are made for you to PLAY them. Pick your poison ;)!

In Topic: Survey: Guild Wars 2, the revolutionary MMO?

05 April 2013 - 08:56 PM

I don't understand you who say that you LOVED GW 1. I'll explain why:

Why waste time on a Sequel that is a Sequel in name only(I as an avid GW 1 fan loathe GW 2-it is as if Tzeentch's touched GW if you get my meaning) when you have GW 1 evolved into a Real mmo(TSW). This truth is beyond me. It is even b2p.

Meh whatever.

Until ANet(IF ANet) allows us to customize our skill bar more, I'll refrain from buying anything ANet oriented. How can they deviate from THEIR game model so much is beyond me.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: This post is oriented towards all those among you who loved GW 1. And only toward you.

Edit edit:

This part of the post is oriented towards the questions.

Dodge system-I love the addition of active dodging instead of a simple mathematical chance. HOWEVER, I don't Like GW 2's dodge system AT ALL. I just feel Like they used it for simple cop-out. Instead of allowing us to edit our skill bars how WE see it fit, they tried to bridge that with an overpass known as dodge. Pure designer lazyness(imo). Dodges should be sporadic(unless You're wearing Leather Armour) and I feel that they break my immersion-ESPECIALLY when I am playing Heavy Armour users. I'd give it 1,5 and round it up I guess. 2.
Strict PvP/PvE split-fantastic. Although Open world PvP sounds as an awesome idea, most often it is nothing but frustrated max lvls lashing out on lowbies. Nothing wrong here.
Lack of direct trade-I don't Like it. It does cut the rate of swindles/scams, but I feel as if it allows for far greater "holier than thou" approach by ANet. And I don't Like that. It also allows market players to dictate(directly) what is the price of a particular item on marketplace. Bad.
Living story-fantastic, tho I'd Like if they were even more grand. Meh. Nothing wrong here.
Multiple Guild system-I feel Like it downvalues the meaning of Guild membership. The perfect system(imo) is GW 1's. Just let Guild membership be account wide instead of character based and implement Guild alliances back. Simple.
Laurels-no idea. I was gone when they were implemented. Tho I don't really Like dailies so...
Jumping puzzles-Neutral. I just don't do them seeing how they don't give enough rewards and I don't really Like platformers. In WvW they are simply and downright stoopid.
GvG-it should be in. Period.
I prefer traditional quests seeing how I feel they have more power. Tho this applies only and only if they are done correctly. See GW 1, TSW and, perhaps, TOR for the proper applications. So GW 1/TSW quests>>>DEs>>>typical quests. I feel as if quests still pull through and win. I also feel as if DEs need more meat to them and then and only then will they defeat quests. What they need is for them to respawn at longer intervals of time between them. In other words: I don't want them to (almost) instantly respawn. I feel that is what makes them seem inconsenquential. I gave them 2 anyhow. They have Great promise tho-that much I can't deny.
GW 1 vs GW 2-I think you can guess what I said/chose.
Lack of trinity is...bad. They should have let us to design our own skillbars and they also should have made classes lean towards one of the three concepts(Control/Support/DPS). For example: Guardians should have 40/40/20. Engineer would have been 33/33/33(keep the 1% ;) ). Every class would have different distributions. Imo, they totally failed on this promise because of a) developer lazyness(they don't want to worry about OP/UP stuff and want to be in absolute control) and B) Izzy's inability to balance(beyond the Dartboard balancing of course!). Well deserved 1. They should have just copied GW 1 instead of this...mess.

Overall, there was an Omen about the true successor of GW 1. The mere fact that more than 50% of GW 2's trailer did more to promote TSW than GW 2 is more than symbolic. And that Omen came true(sadly). I feel as if GW 2 is just another MMO, while I deeply enjoy TSW. GW 2 could be my worst MMO purchase(90 bucks for what? Maybe 25 hours of play? LOL!). I extracted more fun/value even from WAR(played it for ~4 months) and from Age of Conan(got it for Like 15 bucks! Even 10 hours are much then{I spent Like 50 hours in AoC}). Shame. Such a missed opportunity! But they still have the opportunity to turn it around and that solution is rather easy. LET. US. CUSTOMIZE. OUR. SKILLBARS. Then I could have two awesome MMOs at the same time B)!

Those are my thoughts about GW 2.

In Topic: The Top 10 Things Guild Wars 2 Needs to Improve

31 March 2013 - 10:38 PM

View PostKaaboose, on 31 March 2013 - 09:57 PM, said:

I haven't palyed the secret world (In fact I did a video with it apoligising for being overzealous on my channel) so I'm unable to comment on that aspect.
As for the first 6 skills being locked to the wepons and heals, I like the idea, but the problem is a lot of the utility skills, traits and elites don't mesh very well with these. Keeping the major heal as a requirement, and a a limitation makes sense to me, If the heals on offer can be synergised with other aspects of a build.
I'll have some build videos out soon showcasing some good ability synergy. But that does not excuse the fact that there are plenty of abilities (particularly on the wepons) that do not synergise well with anything.
I belive the skills were designed this way for balance, but seeing as the balance in GW2 is all over the damn place it's not really working atm.
I don't believe alowing mutiple heals on a bar or full custimisation of the 1-6 bars will fix these balance problems, If anything it'd make them worse.
So in conclusion it falls under point no. 1 :D

It doesn't hurt. Plus it's the trademark of Guild Wars.

That's Like leaving Messi on bench on purpose. It. Does. Not. Make. Bloody. Sense.

Meh it seems that the ad for GW 2 was right. 75% of that ad actually advertises TSW(lol)->Omen. An Omen to the Real heir to GW 1. Nothing is incindental. Everything's done on purpose. Or is it?

I'll leave you with that pearl of wisdom and with an advice for you. Try TSW. It is really an outstanding game. I'll be the first to admit that I doubted Funcom. I was wrong. We all do mistakes. We are proud, boastful. We do worse.


In Topic: The Top 10 Things Guild Wars 2 Needs to Improve

31 March 2013 - 09:05 PM

Kaaboose-what do you think of my req? Is it inconsenquential or not?

Cuz, as I said, I feel Like TSW continued from where GW 1 stopped and GW 2 is just a distant relative of theirs.

Any thoughts on that?

In Topic: The Top 10 Things Guild Wars 2 Needs to Improve

31 March 2013 - 11:41 AM

If they want me back from TSW:

Allow me to CHOOSE my first five skills. Also allow me to design Utilities how I see them fit(let me take four heals or no heals at all ffs!).

That is my one and only wish for GW 2.

Until ANet remembers because of what they are famous in MMOverse(B2P+freedom of choice in builds) and because of what they became famous in MMOverse(same), I'll stay in TSW. If there's a sequel to GW it is TSW, NOT GW 2(sadly).

Everything and anything other than that is just an icing on a cake.