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Game recommendation

03 March 2013 - 09:48 PM

Well I need one. And make it be either MMO, RPG or some kind of strategy(I love all kinds of strategies, but what I love the most are Real Time Tactics{think DoW2}).

The thing is I need a gift for birthday and I don't know what to buy. I Like good story, variety of gameplay(think GW 1-you can play whatever, whenever with whomever) and, if possible, existing IP(think LoTR, Warhammer, etc...).

What it comes down is:

Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile(I Like D3 more because of true Hardcore mode-and I LOVE HC!)
The Old Republic vs The Secret World vs Vanguard(first has story, second GW1 elements and Third is just a...gem)
I don't know any good RTSs currently, the same applies to RPGs as well. Should I just stay with Heroes VI and Skyrim? Oh, and also DoW 2 plus CoH on RTS front. In other words, is there anything interesting on the RPG/Strategy radar? I played most of the games from 2007-present on those fronts Save Starcraft 2. So it comes down to:

Starcraft 2 vs Dawn of War 2.

Thank you for your help! Keep in mind your recommendations since I can buy just one, MAAAYBE two of those(f2ps excluded). I already have my Blood of Aenarion(Hardcover) on the way, as well as, at least, three LoL champs!

Oh, I almost forgot! Any good Warhammer Fantasy games out there, Save for that deserted MMO? Last good game would be Dark Omen imo(LOL!!!)...

Care to help?

04 February 2013 - 05:40 PM

Right. Seeing how I trust you and how I have a problem that concerns GW 2(and all MMOs for that matter), here is the problem:

Well, in MMOs and in them only when MY character dies(actually the resurrection is the problem) I get stressed out and I lose all the will to play that character. What comes out of that? Deleted character and playing from the beggining. This is voided if the character has actually reached max level(then I stop caring). What are the roots of this? Well to be honest, most likely candidates are the Survivor sytem(original one) in GW 1 and Hardcore Mode in Diablo(not to mention Diablo 1). This is a MAJOR problem that prevents me from actually playing MMOs.

This phenomena is strictly tied to MMOs because they don't have Save/Load system AND they allow you to personalise your character. If I am playing Super Mario or Tryndamere or Master Chief this is non existant. I guess that I don't like to see my creations die. This could be a well known writter's problem actually.

And don't bother saying nonsense like "Go see a Psychiatrist/Psychollogist". Because if he hasn't bothered thinking about writting and character creation and games, he'll just be O.O(like most of you).

So, any advices on how to overcome this? Speak for MMOs in general, not only GW 2.

Thank You!

An idea

27 December 2012 - 07:02 PM

Let's take combat and general mechanics of GW 2(dodges, self heals, ...) and something to it. I think, and I can see that is general consensus, that GW 2 is too bland. Meh prototype, what can you do...

Anyhow, let's add trinity Back. But not in the Sense-YOU ARE HEALER/YOU CAN'T DPS or TANK. No, no and no. Keep innovations of GW 2 and let's expand upon them. We have three factors: Damage(D), Armour(A) and Support(S). Let's take some classes-typical ones. Warrior, Ranger, Priest, Mage and Thief.


That could be also further improved on sight. A highly flexible system if you will in which you could design any class easily.

I just created this because I feel that GW2's favouring of DMG DMG DMG is a little bit assinine. So what do you think?

Also, I forgot that not all classes will be able to dodge as efficiently as in GW2. Light Armours will rely on CCs and buffs and pure dmg in order to persevere. Medium Armours will rely on dodges-sth like an Acrobatics focused Thief. You get more dodges and faster Stamina regen. Heavy Armours get increased Defense(raw), but can't dodge as easily. Halved number of dodges AND Stamina regen. Use that Armour Soldier :D!

T3h Wammo build(invincible)

26 December 2012 - 01:24 PM

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your foes foolishly tickle you?

How about withstanding blows from Champion mobs and the like?

How about rushing into mob in WvW ans surviving for a FULL MINUTE?

If most of the answers are yes-then this build is just for you. It is above and beyond any real sense:


Enjoy taking senseless punishment!

question: in strength is it better to take Restorative burst(cleanse Weakness+Cripple+Chill+Immobilise on using healing skill) or Great Fortidute?
Also: Is it better to take Shield Deflection(reflect projectiles back while blocking) or Turtle's Stance?

edit:fixed link. Also, this can be used anywhere really, not only in PvE...

Happy Wintersday/Merry Christmas and message from me

24 December 2012 - 11:45 PM

Merry Christmas to all good folk out there. Enjoy yourself :)!

Also, I wanted to say that I am enjoying GW 2 immensely. Love my Norn Ranger, Ele and War(<3 <3 <3). Can't believe I almost dismissed this game as another WoW clone(forgive me). It is pure art. Pure enjoyment! Me love(I haven't felt so in online game ever since GW 1 or WAR)!

Onto the new year(by then you'll have another present from me :))! All good wishes :D!