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Help me understand gear in this game!

20 December 2013 - 02:44 AM

I've had the game since pre-launch and just hit 80 the other day (yes, I'm super casual).  Gear has never been a concern of mine since the only dungeons I ran were the storymode ones and I rarely did WvWvW.

Now I am thinking of getting geared up for Fractals and WvWvW and I don't even know where to begin.


1) Do I purchase this armor or do I earn it in dungeons?

2)  Depending on the answer to #1, where do I obtain the best gear?

3) I have a ton of karma, is there good karma gear I can buy for either dungeons and/or WvW

4) What is the best way to go about enhancing my gear with runes, etc.?

They make this very simple for PvP but I feel like a fish out of water trying to get geared up to be viable in PvE dungeons and WvWvW raids.

Thanks for any and all input!  P.S. I've done some basic google searching and looked at some of the Wiki pages and now I feel even more lost (hence this post)

Thinking of returning -- what's changed?

02 April 2013 - 02:46 PM

I haven't played since December (I'm a teacher so I tend to play on breaks).

Aside from what I've read in the most recent patch.  What has changed about this game since December?  Specifically, what has changed for engineers?  And even more specifically, what about engineers in PvP?

Questions I'm thinking about include:  

What specs are considered "good" these days?  (I know it's how you play them, but this is helpful to know).  When I left I ran Elixirs with double pistols, condition damage, and a bomb kit (for those pesky thieves and mesmers).

What professions give us the most trouble now?

How is PvP/WvW different?

Good build for learning ranger?

02 January 2013 - 04:45 PM

My main is an engineer and while I love it, I find myself drifting into a supporting role in WvWvW and I want to make a class for more ranged dps (grenades just don't do it for me).

Is there a build that is good for learning the ropes of the ranger?  Particularly one that I can pop into sPvP with right away.

I must admit, I don't typically like pet classes so I'm looking for a build that doesn't rely too heavily on pet attacks.  I understand the ranger is designed to rely on pets but what I mean is I'd like a build that isn't dependent on pet skills to make the kill but rather the pet is a bit more passive.

What do you guys think?  Is this plausible or should I try a different class?

Elixir Gun + Conditions Hot-Join Build

25 October 2012 - 04:12 PM

Strategy: You will stay in elixir gun most of the time, swapping back out to pistol when your cooldowns are ready and swapping to flamethrower when you need pushback/blind.

Use Incedeniary Ammo to add burning to your pistol or elixir gun shots.  However, it's a lot more fun to use Elixir B or U instead of flamethrower (I just love the control from FT).

There are obviously tons of different variations but the strategy remains the same.  Load up with conditions and if you must auto attack, use the Elixir gun to stack bleed and weakness (plus it does more damage than pistol).  Use constant swapping of kits to keep up swiftness and elixirs for cleanse.  You can keep regen up quite a bit as well with this build (Healing Mist + Super Elixir + random boon from Elixir H) but I'll admit I'd like more....which you can trait for that.

This is a hot-join build; I have not tested it in tourneys yet (but if I did, I'd want shield off-hand)

Overall, you're a bit squishy (so you can play around with runes/amulets if you'd like) but you do a ton of condition damage and you get a free rez with Elixir R which means a lot of times you go down but pop back up to finish them off.

This build is best used as a roamer/support...not defense or assault (though 1v1 you are very powerful)


Looking for casual sPvP guild - does such a thing exist?

03 October 2012 - 02:26 PM

My friend and I are not hardcore gamers (actually, we're recovering from that lifestyle), but we are serious about pvp.  However, finding a pvp guild that has legit, smart, players AND is not hardcore seems an impossible feat right now.

Basically, we don't have the time to commit to playing this game more than a handful of hours each week.  At the same time, most "casual" pvp guilds feature players that don't follow orders, don't focus fire, don't stomp or revive, heck...some of them don't even evade.

If you are a recruiter for such a guild please post your information below and I will check out your website.  Either of us can play any class needed.