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In Topic: Please Help Me Understand Healing Spring in PvE

08 November 2012 - 09:11 PM

Honestly, HS is beastly - arguably the best heal in the game outside of some really niche situations.  I have a hard time justifying not taking HS, regardless of whether I'm playing PvE, PvP, or WvW.  You get better utility and up time than with TU (HS = Heal + 18s regen  + 15 condition removal pulses every 30s, not to mention it's AoE and allows for combo effects.  TU = 10 healing pulses every 25s), and if you are traited to gain vigor on heals, there is no better choice since that vigor will keep on popping up on every single pulse.

Also, as shiko described, your pet doesn't need to be anywhere near you for it to be healed, and you can easily kite in circles so that you can continuously dip your toes back into the spring periodically. There is absolutely no need to stay in one spot.  To top it off, it's a 15s water field, so any projectiles/leaps/slams spread healing effects around to allies (including your pet).  So really, the only reason that anyone needs to be in the field is for combos and condition removal.

It's not even that TU or HaO are bad healing skills - they're actually really good.  It's just that HS is like the Swiss Army knife of heals - if that knife also has a Cadillac attached.  The question should never be why are you bringing it.  It should be why aren't you.

In Topic: Surviving WvW and bagging Badges of Honor

08 November 2012 - 08:35 PM

It's hard to answer questions like "what's the best gear/traits for x situation" simply because it depends pretty heavily on your play style.  I like using a blend of berserker's and knight's because I'm already built to avoid a lot of damage and spam conditions, so I stack extra direct damage...plus some toughness for things that you don't see coming - like thieves.

As far as what most rangers use in WvW...  The trapping build that iCon is describing is one of the few tested and established directions that you can choose.  LB is a popular weapon choice as well since it allows you to hit from a longer distance than other weapons which makes it a good choice for defending.

I personally roam solo a lot, and therefore prefer adaptability over any other one thing, so I tend to use CC heavy weapons like SB/GS with traps to supplement.  As a general rule I also recommend using Healing Spring, and traiting to gain vigor on heals.  You will be able to dodge all day long, and conditions become nearly a non-issue.  Plus your allies will thank you (silently...).  :)

Try builds in the PvP lobby to figure out what works for you.  The gear isn't exactly the same as PvE/WvW gear, but you can get a good idea of the direction that you want to build toward, and translate that to your gear purchases.  The bottom line is to build to what you know, tweak your build a lot until it responds the way you want it to, and don't get too frustrated.  You will get your ass handed to you plenty until you learn how to deal with different situations.

And finally, the best way to accumulate tokens is to man siege weapons.  It's pretty common for me to rack up 10 tokens or so in a couple of minutes just lobbing a few rocks into a crowd.  It won't be a steady source necessarily, but it is quick and easy when you get the chance to use them.  Barring that, traps and LB are great for tagging multiple people in a zerg which helps you gain rewards as well.

In Topic: Fort Aspenwood vs. Yaks Bend vs. Eredon Terrace

05 November 2012 - 03:06 PM

View PostBronxbob, on 05 November 2012 - 02:42 PM, said:

Yaks got transfers. :)

ET lost players to transfers. Sorry ET this has to be frustrating.

FA still needs an Oceanic presence.

Honestly for WvW there are too many servers, the population cannot fill up WvW as it stands right now.

Only the top tier and bottom tier have competitive matches week over week.

WvW is crazy fun, and I'll continue to play for a long long time, but its inherently broken. Orbs made it worse, but the population issues are just as bad.
Honestly, it's not as bad on ET as it looks based on the score.  We simply don't have the active WvW population that we had in the past, and it shows.  We seldom have enough on any given map to do more than hit and run.  However, the quality of the people remaining is quite high, and the low numbers make it easier to coordinate.

We won't be winning any matches any time soon with the palty numbers that remain, but we'll still be a thorn in everyone's side as much as we can be.

Anyway, thanks for the fun fights you guys.  I'll be in there beating my face into your superior numbers with the hopes that I break at least one of your fists.  :)

In Topic: The right MMO

23 October 2012 - 07:39 PM

Well, it's hard to gauge what you are looking for since all we really know is that you don't like GW2 very much.

If you like the combat, Tera is apparently somewhat similar.  Like the DEs?  Rift has open world events.  Planetside 2 seems to be a popular game that folks mention when they say they are leaving GW2, but that's more of a MMOFPS from what I have seen.  I play some Firefall on the side, and I think they are accepting more people for their beta.  Again though, it's an MMOFPS with some RPG elements.  Allods Online is a fairly polished Russian MMO that is almost identical to WoW, but VERY F2P cash shop heavy (this one is as pay to win as they come).

Other than Firefall and Allods, I haven't played any of the MMOs I mentioned, but those are some that I have heard are better than most.  Good luck in your search.  :)

In Topic: LF Server!

18 October 2012 - 09:18 PM

View PostAnzuri, on 18 October 2012 - 10:23 AM, said:

ET is dead atm but we are rebuilding so you could join us :).
Seconded.  We just lost a few of our large WvW oriented guilds, so we could really use a few more good people to slow the onslaught.  Also, every single one of us left on ET are simply wonderful people.  Just amazing folks...really.  Awesome.  The lot of us...

I think our new slogan should be "Come check out the NEW ET.  Same great look.  Now [RUIN] free!"

p.s. - I have absolutely nothing against [RUIN] or any of its members.  You guys were nothing but impressive when I fought along side you, and got dealt a lot of crap for what seemed like no reason at all.