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#2178153 Ranger Rumors vs. Reality?

Posted Daisy Rogers on 12 March 2013 - 02:34 PM

I will say this. Well, actually i have always said this, Typically when rangers lose their pets it is because the ranger screwed up.

In any build I suggest at least 15 points, those 15 points make a huge difference not only in the survivability and dps of your pet, but it also benefits the ranger to gain quickness whenever you swap pets. Rangers are the one class who can spam it the most. If you fight in melee with sword or GS your pet will also gain a huge burst out of it as well.

Now for DPS. I've branched out away from ranger recently in a desire for more challenge and different play style. My 0/0/30/10/30 ranger made a joke out of all this games content and solo'd pretty much every champ it came across except two. I wanted challenge again. So I rolled mesmer for its different play style, instead of managing pets I am managing clones. Here is what I discovered about the ranger and DPS. Its sustained damage is far superior to the mesmers sustained damage. My pet alone was doing greater sustained damage then my mesmer, not adding in my rangers damage. Oh, and that is without using the cats. That is wolves and drakes. The only thing that the mesmer can achieve is slightly greater burst when I go for my shatter bomb.

Pet survivability, I still hold the position that when you lose the pet by in large it is do to ranger error. The ranger is given a great many traits to mitigate damage for the pet, if you choose not to take them, then I feel no pity for you. The only times my pet went down was when every single other player went down in the same AoE. I don't expect my pet to survive, it would be absurd if my pet could tank through the massive boss spikes. I could troll all day if my pet could do that. WvW would be even more of a joke then it is. Just be happy your pet did the job and you are free to continue pew pewing while everybody else is scrambling with the #4 key.

As I said, I had great success with my ranger. I got bored of my ranger because it was too successful with what it did. The key to the ranger is accepting the fact that it is a pet class. The more you utilize and partner with your pet, the  greater success will be had.

The only complaint i reserve is fractals, and devs have said they are looking at it. So even that in the end I am hoping, I will be content with.

Rangers are awesome and God Mode when you play them properly.

#2039514 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted XPhiler on 24 October 2012 - 11:29 AM

honestly people a lot of comments here are unbelievable! totally unbelievable!

some have said gw1 did holiday events so much better! well guess what all of the gw1 holiday event is replicated perfectly in gw2. you got the costumes you can buy and you get the free hat without event having to do any work to get it! further more the mini games and events are there too and I am sure there will be final event which will also give a reward but so far thats speculation on my part.

Now in GW2 they're offering a bit more then they did in gw1! GW2 is built for different playstyles. So one thing they added is the Craftable stuff. If you're really casual and dont play much you can just  farm a little candy corn, get the temporary skins, enjoy them in the holidays and be done with it. If you're more hardcore you have the big expensive permanent versions you can craft. It will involve a lot of effort but you'll have them for ever. If you want a more permanent souveneer but dont want to invest the 100s of hours required to get the permanent weapon there is the chests that work like a lottery. Like any lottery chances are you're not going to win but it doesnt hurt to try (try responsabily of course which is the problem here!) Like any other lottery in the world a lottery isnt a shop! you cant go in there with the mindset I am going to buy the prize on offer no matter what cause its not something thats simply for sale, its as simple as that!

If you're lucky you get it with no effort at all! (remember others to get this equivalment reward need to work for 100s of hours in game! do the math of how much thats equivalent in money if you want! but its definitely more then the price a few keys! (assuming you're gambling responsabily which everyone should!)) And not just that you might get it by simply opening a chest with a free key you got in game!

But anyhow Arenanet seems to have understimated their players greed that if something exists in game they must have it even if it means hurting themselves by buying more keys then they could afford. So Arenanet being total not as evil as these players make them out to be blaming them for what they themselves did! saw that some players over did it and were unhappy for getting nothing out of a lot of money they shouldnt have spent in the first place and decided to help them out: https://forum-en.gui...-unique/page/21

A proper response to that would be:  well look they're reasonable and trying to help us out so lets thank them, instead people attack them anyway saying thats an admittion that they were wrong in the first place! Unbelievable!

A lottery is a lottery! I have no clue why people are so angry at arenanet cause they decided to threat it as a shop instead of a lottery! Arenanet didnt mess the game up just cause they decided to offer a lottery ! people who couldnt control themselves or who felt they should get the lottery skin no matter what did!

#2038681 ANet's handling of Halloween has been nothing but disappointment

Posted Al Shamari on 24 October 2012 - 12:10 AM

View PostBabelFish, on 24 October 2012 - 12:06 AM, said:

Smart of Anet to manipulate the economy indirectly, unwise because if you piss the peasants off they tend to rebuke you...I wouldn't be suprised if they don't do this type of thing again, however I don't find this that obsurd. I've gotten 4 keys and this is my 1st playthrough on a lvl 44 thief with 1-2 comming from the story quests.
I wouldn't be surprised if they do, the people making the most noise complaining are some of the same people who dished out cash in order to open hundreds of chests, getting nothing in return. But guess what, they still forked over money...

If people want to change anything, they need to stop opening their wallets as wide as they open their mouths.

#2040704 ArenaNet the next Blizzard?

Posted Runkleford on 24 October 2012 - 08:40 PM

The forums need a serious housecleaning because there are nothing but hyperbolic whine threads now. There's no real discussion because the topics themselves are provoking but not in the thought provoking kind of way. All we'll see are back and forth arguments leading to nowhere.

#2029622 Halloween Skins from lottery / casino style grab bags

Posted Sans on 19 October 2012 - 02:59 PM

They could possibly have a 50% drop rate.
You can make a new character, play the game until halloween starts, and save a few keys.
Black Lion Chest sometimes drop a key themselves.

But don't let me stop you from finding some way to hate ANet.

#1992433 Cutting to the chase.

Posted Relidar on 04 October 2012 - 03:39 PM

Having played most of the MMO's that are and was on the market for over 12 years now, I'm starting to get tired of the same cycle. Maybe I'm just getting older and less patient though, who really knows.

Some people will probably tell me to just stop reading forums. And you're right, why even bother with complainers?

So what's my point here?

For once, i would like an MMO to either completely skip phase "One month after release where are my flying mounts and expansions" or at least decrease the overwhelming pile of blockage on our forums that it has become the last few years.

It would be unwise of me to create a thread where i cry about people crying, however.

Let me try to point you in the right direction instead!

Games are games

First of all, you all need to learn that games are made to be enjoyed as a hobby or activity outside of your daily life. (Unless you're a pro gamer)

Not all MMO's will have exactly everything that your previous MMO had. This is truth. You cannot escape this. You cannot force developers to create a game customized for you. You can give constructive feedback on how the game could improve or point out the flaws that you think they need to focus more on.

Appreciate individuality

Games represent the developers vision. There are different MMO's for all kind of play styles on the market. The main issue is that people are focusing to much on "should, could, would" instead of enjoying what already is.

Guild Wars 2 is a PvP game. It does have a lot of PvE content for being a PvP game, but it is still mainly focused on PvP. There are no raids or bosses to repeatedly kill on a daily or weekly basis.

Now i agree with some of you, (t/s)PvP and WvW has a lot of work to be done to improve still. But they're not terrible. WvW for example has a lot more depth than many realize still. Me and my friends log in on a daily basis just to do WvW! Your server may not always be winning, but that's war for you, there are ups and downs and you need to constantly stay one step ahead of your enemies to gain advantages.

On top of all of this, the game is FREE. You have no monthly fees to pay and no time requirement to put in. If you're bored you can take a break and play other games and come back later to check out what's going on in the world of Guild Wars 2.

I know i sound like a fan boy. I am, to some degree. I've been waiting for over 7 years for WvW, a siege based 3 world battlefield. But I'm also terribly bored of the repeated threads of people who are bored and feel the need to plague those who are not with their emotional rollercoaster.

If you want help or feedback on what you can do in this game or maybe improve your experience, feel free to ask here and i will try to answer as best as i can. I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone to enjoy in this game to some extent.

As final advice, be patient guys. No game has launched and been absolutely flawless. (Although some have come close) Give ArenaNet time to sort out their bugs and lose ends, I'm sure they have big plans ahead for us. Remember, you're not paying a subscription fee, so patience is free.

Edit: I realize that i was being overly general when i said that this game wasn't a PvE game and mainly PvP. There is a lot to do in PvE as well, there's no doubt about that. And the PvE content is very enjoyable. I was mainly aiming at people who expected PvE to be a tier based progressive content. You won't find raid dungeons to repeatedly clear on a daily or weekly basis here. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy PvE though!

Also, please stop reading into things guys. I'm not telling you what to do here. I'm trying to tell you that you have a choice to do exactly whatever you want to do. If you decide that this game is boring then you don't have to stay and play it. I just think that if you're sticking to a game despite not liking it, the least you can do is not bother the people who actually enjoy it. If you have constructive ways of improving the game then reach out to the developers and let them know.

#1904412 My Apologies topic regarding Grind. There is no true Grind.

Posted Knuckledust13 on 09 September 2012 - 01:23 AM

Hello guys.

So I've been complaining alot lately about the grind on endgame etc, and I have been receiving lots of messages regarding Grind being optional and the easily accessible crafted Exotics.

Turns out all of this was true and I'm here to apologize to the community as a whole and to ask people to stop complaining about grind. I took the time to spend 4-5 hours today doing DEs around Orr with some CHEAP (2s each piece) magic find gear. Turns out I raised about 6 gold and could be even more if I had magic find food. I also raised about 30k karma, which almost buys one piece of fugly Orr exotic.

I am now, 12 hours after I started my intensive play test, decked in full level 80 Exotics in Dolyak Runes, and sporting also a level 80 exotic Greatsword with Accuracy Sigil. All of those were my desided stats and my just true complaint is the fugly skins. But I transmuted my HoM skins into that and solved this for now.

Posted Image

I only need the Trinkets set now but that is a non issue, since the +% magic find greens are still good to make some quick buck.

The grind IS THERE, I do not back off on my statement, but I do agree now that it is entirely optional. Dungeon gear is not needed, but since Dungeons are great to make Gold as well, I think the grind is lessened.

So, there it is my conclusion:

There is grind? YES.
Is it obligatory? NO.
The game kicks ass? YES
Was I stupid for complaining more than actually playing? DEFINITELY.

There, you can all bash on me now.

Have fun and regards,

#1884926 So, you hit 80 and you have to 'grind for gear'?

Posted Proseidon1 on 05 September 2012 - 03:32 PM

Hi. I'm Proseidon. I've been playing MMORPGs since I was 12, starting with Maple Story. I've played the original Guild Wars, WoW (and all expansions), Age of Conan, WAR, SWTOR, and multiple free korean grind fest games.

I'm your average player. I have a girlfriend and a full-time job, but I still love to play games all day. Even when I can't, I love to read the forums and learn about everything. This isn't what I'm here to talk to you about, however. I'm here to bring you a message. A message that is very important to me, and that I think you need to hear.

Are you ready? "Shut up."

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Seriously. Let me address some of the most mind-bogglingly stupid things I've read on this forum.

You don't know what grind is. If you use this phrase to describe Guild Wars 2, you are so very, very wrong. Do you want to know what a grind is? A grind is playing Maple Story, where to progress to the next level (out of 250+ levels), you have to spend one or more entire days only killing one type of monster over and over again. THAT is a grind. Doing quests is not a grind. Playing PVP is not a grind. Daily events are not a grind. Hearts are the closest thing to a grind in this game, and they aren't grinds, either.

Horizontal Progression.
Here's one I've been seeing recently.
"Proseidon, I hit level 80 and I don't have max gear! I'm supposed to have max gear now because it's horizontal progression, just like guild wars!"
Okay. Let me lay some logic down on your neurons. Guild Wars 2 is the very definition of Horizontal Progression. Once you get max gear, you never upgrade again. Ever. Across any new dungeons, new pvp, new expansions, etc. Not once. That's horizontal.

And you bring up Guild Wars? Are your rose tinted glasses messing with your eyes? Let me run down the list of what you had to do in Guild Wars after hitting 20.
  • Get Droknar's Forge gear (the first gear that had max stats). 5k, not even including mats.

  • Get a 9 req max stat weapon. Sorry, did you forget how expensive these were? 5k+.

  • Get the appropriate max-stat upgrades for your weapon. The best ones were expensive. I'll be generous and say it was only 5k.

  • Get a full set of the best runes for your armor. Depending on your class popularity. Still about 10k.

  • Get all of the appropriate skills (and elites) necessary for your build. At least a day or two worth of playing.
So we're looking at LEAST (and I do mean least) 25k, the time spent farming that, and the time spent farming skills, all just to be equal to a PvP character. And you have the audacity to say that Arena Net has "fallen" or "changed" because you have to do some work after hitting max level? You barely have to do as much as the original game! I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!

So, to wrap this all up. For the Love. Of. God. Stop whining. Stop making up stories. This game is very simple. You play it and enjoy it or you don't. No subscriptions, no worry, no hassles. If you have legit criticisms, by all means, say them, but sometimes this feels like I walked into a kindergarten class and one kid said "There's too many vegetables, we wanna eat cookies for every meal!" And of course all the other kids love cookies too so they're like "YEAH $^@$ HEALTH LETS GET SOME COOKIES!" And logic and reason flies out the window and an angry mob of 5 year olds destroy an entire town.


#1885047 So, you hit 80 and you have to 'grind for gear'?

Posted Craptrain on 05 September 2012 - 03:52 PM

I don't get this whole 'grind' nonsense.  I've been simply playing the game (I am 80, by the way) and as a result I'm getting the mats and money I need to get my exotics.  Currently have all yellow gear equipped and 3 exotics.  This is with maybe 7 maps 100% completed and the only dungeon run being AC story.

I really don't understand people saying it's a 'grind' for full exotics.

#1812588 Twas the Night before Head Start

Posted Linfang on 25 August 2012 - 03:01 AM

'Twas the night before Head Start, when all through the forum
Not a decent thread posted, to cure us of boredom
We open the Client with no time spare
In hopes character creation soon would be there
The clicking was endless, there was not a shame
As we wait to reserve our character names.
The Fanbois were nestled all snug in their seats
Sipping their Red Bull and eating good treats

When outside the window arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the computer to see what’s the matter.
When, what to my monitor hazed eyes should appear,
But a miniature Rytlock, and eight Asuran Engineers!

Along came his Heros, so lively and quick
Was Arenanet trolling me so soon with a trick?
Outrunning a Centaur as fast that they came
And Rytlock whistled, and roared, and called them by name;

Now, Eir! Now, Logan! Now, Zojja ! Now, Caithe!
Zaitan is upon us, there’s no time to waste!
The Airships depart, have haste and be quick!
Adventure Is upon us, and Dragon asses to kick!

As fast as my money went in the Gemshop
The Heros sprang away with no time to stop.
But I heard them exclaim, as they vanished out of sight,

#1791518 Looting is not a fun experience

Posted Massive Jawbone on 23 August 2012 - 12:03 AM

edit: I give my 2c from a game design standpoint. I don't dislike the game but I question the design of this particular process. ANet is adamant that playing GW2 should be fun and I want to ask them why they failed here because:

Looting in GW2 is not fun in my opinion.
I had this feeling since the first BWE and it stayed with me through all iterations of the Beta/Stress events so far. The experience and actual action of looting in the game feels like an afterthought, even though it's traditionally one of the pillars of the RPG experience.

For those who didn't play the game yet or didn't pay attention:

Looting starts by seeing inconspicuous white sparkles rising from some killed mobs.
After having been able to actually see the white sparkles on for instance snowy ground you need to move to the corpse until a pop-up tells you to press F to loot. Then you spam F, especially if you got more than one corpse to loot.
Depending on if you dis- or enabled Autoloot you will either get a pop-up window or a vertical column of the looted items on the right border of the screen.

There is no sensation of surprise or a visually appealing animation of a new item landing on the ground like in GW1. There is no sound effect when you pick up loot, like a clothy sound of stuffing something into a bag. It's very concealed and it feels inconsequential like it didn't actually happen were it not for the pop-ups telling you that it did.
All in all looting is not an enjoyable experience and it's nothing I am looking forward to after a fight. I'm actually always afraid I didn't loot a corpse properly because the sparkles only disappear a second after you hit F, giving you an ambiguous signal. In fact I have seen countless people in YouTube videos running past sparkling corpses, either because they didn't care or didn't notice it.

I wish lootable corpses were marked better, with a golden aura instead or another visually more obvious effect. There could also be a chime-y sound to give an audible clue.
Hitting F could make a "stuff away" sound to signalise that loot had indeed been picked up. Finally the animated marking effect needs to disappear immediately when F was hit to avoid confusion.

Thoughts, ideas?

View PostIsarien, on 23 August 2012 - 06:57 AM, said:

I agree that adding some audio feedback would enhance looting, at the very least let me know that I did, in fact, loot something. The devs did mention something about a "Sense of hitting" when working on combat audio, I feel like there ought to be a "Sense of getting" for looting.