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Games Master UK magazine, front page, posters! and 8 page feature.

18 August 2012 - 03:15 AM

Just thought I would post this as I can't see it in search.

Pretty high profile UK multi-format magazine. A really, really positive impressions feature, inluding passing mention of Ebonhawke, which I haven't seen mentioned before. No horrible errors, brief interviews with art team and design team, lots of nice screens and best of all........ a double sided poster Logan B&W/ Eir full colour!!! :o

The last paragraph is great:

'...When you consider that all of this genre-busting goodness comes in an attractive one-hit price point, with no need for subscriptions and no hook, line and sinker free-to-play cynicism.... it truly looks like Guild Wars 2 is the revolution MMO fans and naysayers alike have been waiting for. If you only play one MMO this decade, make it this one....'

So glad I never got around to cancelling my sub in the last 3 years! :D

NCsoft And ArenaNet Focus On The Fans With Guild Wars 2 - Forbes

18 June 2012 - 03:41 PM

This just out it seems.


“We strive hard to make a great game,” said O’Brien. “NCsoft is a great company to be partnered with because they’re a game development-driven company. The feedback the head of the company gives us is good feedback, but he leaves it to us because we want to take online worlds to places they haven’t been before. We want to offer players a truly dynamic online experience they haven’t seen before.”

Interesting Read on first quick read through, will have to read again and check videos when I have time later.