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#2210963 I miss the Gear Treadmill

Posted Gileas898 on 12 June 2013 - 06:11 PM

View PostRelentless Raven, on 12 June 2013 - 06:08 PM, said:

Part of the reason I started playing Guild Wars 2 is that it was much more accessible. There was no end-game gear grind, there was a unique event and non-quest questing system, but then you hit 80 and after a while everything gets repeatitive. A plateau is hit where there's no room for advancement. Perhaps that's by design but, for me anyway, it gets rather stale. There's nothing to aspire to aside from what cool weapon and armor skins you can collect. Even in the Fractals you get margainally better gear that has the main added bonuses of allowing you to progress further into that particular "dungeon". Adding ranks in WvW is a step in the right direction but by and large Guild Wars 2 has become fantasy combat themed dress-up and I've grown bored of it.

Am I wrong?

The reason why cosmetic progression is not working for Arena Net is because there is none in the first place.

#2204431 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Perm Shadow Form on 21 May 2013 - 11:09 AM

So true about GW2Guru.


#2204416 Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

Posted Kaaboose on 21 May 2013 - 10:39 AM

I'm probably going to get shot down for sharing this but:

The guy is more direct then I'd ever be in my videos but it really makes me feel better knowing there's somone out there genuinly invested in GW2 and is not afraid to show his rage at being let down by the promises that were made to us prior to this games release.
Just to set the record straight I don't agree on the endgame grind mentality of other MMO's as he does.
However I agree hand down there NEEDS to be some challening content put into this game.

#2198669 Is the concept of a living story a good or bad thing for Guild Wars 2?

Posted El Duderino on 05 May 2013 - 11:27 AM

View PostCraywulf, on 05 May 2013 - 12:01 AM, said:

Lets get one thing straight, the gem shop is the key aspect to the Living Story. No developer  is going to continually add content for free. The gem store helps fund the Living Story, you can look at it as a necessary evil for the willing customer. Developers need to get paid for their work, regardless of whether the content is good or not. Those that liked F&F will reward the developers in kind. This motivates ArenaNet to improve their Living Story.

There seems to be a total lack of foresight if posters here are expecting ArenaNet to deliver a Living Story without adding to the gem shop. If it isn't shortsightedness then it's just plain entitlement issues.

So, we should be subjected to lazily developed content simply becuase the developers chose a financial model that is probably even worse for consumers than the sub model?

I'd gladly pay monthly for good content and decent developing. Not the garbage ANet has turned into.

Let's get something else straight: everything they have been doing has been about stuffing their pockets with customer cash. Their attempts at adding "expansion sized update" have fallen short in both size and expectations. This game is nothing but a giant cash shop and ANet it seems has lost their will to make a good game for the sake of making a good game. Greed and false promises are now their only goal. I wonder when you will realize you've been had?

#2198709 Colin Johanson on the Living World

Posted Desild on 05 May 2013 - 04:56 PM

View PostEl Duderino, on 05 May 2013 - 04:37 PM, said:

So basically, it's ok for people to tell me I'm wrong, but not for me to tell others they're wrong. I should just sit and take whatever made up arguments people say as fact without trying to counter them?

Sounds like the normal apologist mindset.

Just give it up El Duderino. They are so hanged up trying to prove that achievement points don't mean anything, that they circled the fact that:

1) This Living Story deal is sub-par;

2) That Colin Johanson is full of it and is unaware of the game's issues;

3) That those 3 million accounts, while ensuring the game has payed for itself and still be considered a astonishing success, don't expiate the fact that the game's direction has gone sour and most of those accounts might not even be playing actively, as you tried to prove in this thread time and time again, using the leader-boards as factual evidence;

4) That this game has been driven towards the Cash Shop revenue, as opposed of selling us additional content in increments like the original game, and that has decreased the overall quality of the game as they don't feel compelled to make good content anymore;

5) That I'm having more fun doing the Eye of the North campaign today that I ever did doing the Personal/Living Story;

Our inputs are clearly undervalued here El Duderino. But I for one will have the last laugh, when their eyes have finally opened and I have moved on a long time ago to greener pastures. Maybe ArenaNet will caught up with this before they pull a Cataclysm. I can only hope so, because I am really trying to like this game.

In the mean time, I get to practice my lovely prose. Probably wrote this in two minutes.

#2198708 Colin Johanson on the Living World

Posted El Duderino on 05 May 2013 - 04:37 PM

View PostArfuriz, on 05 May 2013 - 02:20 PM, said:

But that's my point, why do you have to prove to others who enjoy the game that you think that they're wrong? You're not just saying I don't like it or I'm disappointed with the game because of A or B, you're going to great lenghts to try and prove that you're not in a minority and that the ones enjoying playing are some sort of blind fanboys that need to be converted to your truth.

Can you just accept that:

1) There's no way to tell if the majority of people who bought GW2 are still playing or if not will still return or even that have stopped playing for other reasons other than "the game sucks".

2) There are a lot of people who like and enjoy playing GW2 no matter what your perception is or how many others have stated the opposite.

3) The game is not for everyone, it's ok if don't like it, that is your opinion. You're free to post your opinion but trying to prove it as fact using none and making a huge effort to make the point that X game is a failure is just sad.

4) The game isn't bad, it's just not for you, time to move on.

So basically, it's ok for people to tell me I'm wrong, but not for me to tell others they're wrong. I should just sit and take whatever made up arguments people say as fact without trying to counter them?

Sounds like the normal apologist mindset.

#2198352 Is the concept of a living story a good or bad thing for Guild Wars 2?

Posted Sandpit on 04 May 2013 - 11:28 AM

I feel the living story is just a promo event for the gem store. It's very badly written, in fact very boring content and to end with just a temporary dungeon is very poor return on developer time.

What GW2 needs is an expansion of the world. I always used to wonder what was in the zones you could not see in GW1, I wanted to explore there, they finally added more in GW:EN but there was still vast amounts of the visible world you could not go to. Now GW2 is here and there is even less of the world you can go to than GW1. I think the priority needs to be all about adding level 80 content, unveiling the visible lands on the map. It's obvious that this is ( or at least was) their intent, but pushing a year in and they give us pointless junk like the living story when they could have given us a new zone.

If they want to have a living world, they should retire some of the old events (Lord Beetlstone must be getting sick of scale eggs by now) and replace with some new ones. Better communication around the zone meta events too, I would quite happily spend a lot of tine doing the meta events if I knew they were happening, especially in those abandoned zones, and with the right rewards they would be well attended.


No to living story
Yes to new zones (level 80 only)
Yes to better use of what they already have

#2198406 Colin Johanson on the Living World

Posted El Duderino on 04 May 2013 - 02:57 PM

View PostDesild, on 04 May 2013 - 02:46 PM, said:

This is the biggest blasphemy I've read in all my life. And I've meet people that handled me fliers saying the Spaghetti Monster was real, so yeah.

Guild Wars 1, out of the box, provided you with not only a solid PvP experience, a fully detailed 60-hour campaign, countless areas and zones to be explored, countless of skills to be combined AND collected, several weapon skins that weren't tied down to a specific collector, regular and prestige versions of armor each crafted to a high detail and specifically to each class and gender and a robust gameplay years ahead of it's time. All this in a detailed and instanced world with a great deal of depth.

And that's before the Sorrow's Embrace patch. Which Guild Wars 2 has yet to provide something in similar magnitude. And this Living Story travesty is not it.

I'm pretty sure this isn't nostalgia talking here, as people keep complaining about Guild Wars 2 lacking core mechanics we took for granted in GW1.

Right? I really don't get the GW1 had less content at launch. IMO it had probably the same amount of content - and it was way better and more repeatable than anything GW2 has to offer. Plus, it didn't have tokens and 15 different currencies tied to grinding for gear. You played because it was fun - and every now and then (way more than in GW2) something awesome dropped. Sure, it may not have been perfect 15^50, but you still got fun rewards as "treasures" not for doing content 20 days in a row so you can get 1500 tokens.

#2198296 Colin Johanson on the Living World

Posted MazingerZ on 04 May 2013 - 05:14 AM

Enjoying how the entire point that WoW, with only EQ and DAoC as any sort of reference to draw upon, managed to create more content in its first 8 months than GW2 (a sequel by a company that had already had a previous MMO under its belt).  That by this point, WoW had already attempted to address its LFG issues with meeting stones.  That they had added two rather large dungeons.  Say what you will about either Dire Maul or Mauradon, but they were beautiful.  Plus Blackwing Lair.  Battlegrounds, and an attempt at a PvP reward system.  Christmas, Children's Week and the Darkmoon Faire.

Fun is subjective.  These are fairly quantifiable accomplishments in terms of software and content development.  WoW was more productive.

#2089198 Crystin Cox and the Gem Store

Posted Burk on 20 November 2012 - 12:52 PM

I'm sick of it.

Why not just put skins on the cash shop directly + the chests.

Anet are missing out on using the cash shop to bolster their profits. Look at league of legends. Give people skins they can apply to their COMBAT gear and I bet they will start making a killing. More options = Happier players = More profit.

#2076880 Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear

Posted Coren on 13 November 2012 - 04:09 PM

View PostAstalnar, on 13 November 2012 - 04:03 PM, said:

Just so, I can finally say I told you so, here is the next quote:

You remember all those times approximately a year ago when some of you, you know who you are, were so vehemently and ardently defending Arenanet and their jibber-jabber about end game starting at level one.

Not ashamed to say it, I was one of them. I took ANet's word at face value. I may be pleasantly surprised by the new ascended stuff, if the lack of runes balances them with exotic.

Two lessons I'll bring back with me: 1) wait and see. 2) don't believe talk from game developer's until it's been physically backed up by deeds.

#1940820 Dungeon Finder - Yes or No?

Posted Beazy on 17 September 2012 - 04:57 PM

View PostKichwas, on 17 September 2012 - 04:34 PM, said:

Much as I want easier dungeoning, I have to agree.


- Cause it needs that extra agreeing...

This seriously ruined EVERYTHING about the old WoW community.

Its a distant past now, but there was a time, in a long ago era called 2005-8, when WoW was a very friendly sociable game...

Now its buried beneath the radioactive fallout and ruins of the dungeon finder, over which mohawk sporting gnomes and werewolves in leather ride by on scavanged mounts looking to lay waste to the last pockets of civilized dialog, in a land where there is no Mel Gibson to ride in on his black car and save the day from Tina Turner...

- Its a horrid wasteland...

And you can trace it to the dungeon finder bringing cross-server grouping and the lack of accountability.

We need better grouping tools - but they need to think very carefully about how they do it. I would look to City of Heroes for guidance.
- All it had was simply an ability to search for everyone who's in the local server and has set a flag to 'looking for group' - and you could put a line of text next to your status to say what you wanted to do.

We kind of have that tool already, just the searching on it doesn't work.

GW1 also had a good tool. But maybe we don't want the line of text - since GW1 shows us that gets taken by tradespam...

But a random cross server dungeon finder is exactly what ruined WoW's community.

People saying this are *ing retarded. I played WoW since Closed Beta Phase two to current, and the community had ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME. There was NEVER a magical change in LK that all the sudden turned the blizzard community to dip shits. . . . they were dip shits before WoW was ever even in development.

Come up with your OWN blizzard hating quotes, because when you say that DFinder ruined the community, you show just how *ing stupid and ignorant you are.

#1910653 Who else would want to play a Skritt?

Posted Chaos on 10 September 2012 - 11:58 AM

View PostAstalnar, on 10 September 2012 - 11:51 AM, said:

They have a hive mind.
WvW won by skritt zerg ftw

#1881513 Request to change Slyvari dance to Gangnam style

Posted Sky427 on 05 September 2012 - 01:21 AM

Dear Arena Net and Guild Wars 2 Guru users it has come to my attention that the slyvari dance is not that interesting and is rather odd and has some parts that simply go too fast.

I would like to suggest an alternative that would be much more memorable to everyone in the community

The Gangnam Style Dance


If this change comes to the game I can guarantee sales will improve by 413% and user satisfaction will be so high the customer support team will spend most of their time dancing as slyvari in The Grove with the rest of the player base.

Thank you for listening, Dance on Guild Wars.

#1866498 Disappointed with the change to dungeon armor

Posted Shiren on 02 September 2012 - 02:08 PM

View PostGilles VI, on 02 September 2012 - 11:51 AM, said:

No forced grind. Nobody forces you to grind these armors because only then you would have acces to a new dungeon or w/e..

If you want everything for free you shouldn't be playing online games. :)

For starters, don't say people in this thread are asking for stuff for free, it's inflmatory, a blatant lie and undermines the integrity of your argument. What you and everyone else who uses this garbage argument don't understand is a grind is a grind regardless of why you are doing it. Does it matter that it's optional when it's the content you want most (more than levelling) and thus end up doing it anyway? When it's the content they've designed to be your end game? The destination (grind town) is the same regardless of how or why you are there. They removed the grind from the levelling process but they deffinitely hard core committed to it with the gearing process. You don't need to pray for that armour piece to drop, you know you will be in this dungeon 11 more times just to get it, regardless of how lucky you are.  I was in a group which failed hard at Twilight Harbour story mode on the poison spider summoning boss (we eventually beat him when I circle straffed him while other res ran). Some of the content is so difficult and punishing it's going to be out of reach and ignored by the majority. I want the game to have a healthy population for a long time and decisions like this one make that so much less likely.

Honestly, dungeon sets below max level were pointless - no-one was going to bother to get them and even if they did they would outlevel them in the process. Their only use was going to be for individual pieces and transmutation at end game. Now we are all intended to jump on the grind treadmill for end game if we want the dungeon rewards. Let me be clear, with transmutation and how aggressively you level up in this game I expected them to do something like this so as not to undermine the value of a level 80 armour set but I didn't expect each piece to cost so many runs, honestly I prefer the random chance aspect, currently dungeons are very grindy and unrewarding.

As far as max stat armour being easy to find end game, HAH! Please, show me that NPC because I haven't heard of them. It's not our fault ArenaNet made transmutation stones when they wanted skins to be their end game, yet we are paying the price.

Honestly I'm not surprised they pulled stuff like this, I've always been saying ArenaNet love grind more than WoW and they've pulled it off again. It's just unfortunate it's so out of sync with how they promoted their game. Honestly I've been very negative about the game on these forums since launch and it hasn't been an accurate view of how I feelt. A big part of the negativity is because so much of the game is so good and done so well, it's sad and dissapointing to see them spoil it with stuff like this.

Another thing which baffles me is how they've made reaching max level quickly so important. There's really no reason to stick around at low levels, none of the gear you gather is worthwhile, there's not point running the dungeons because you won't be suiting up until 80 anyway (you can start saving for it, but they won't be used until 80 so even with a full set the level 80 goal is more important), the gear treadmill only matters at level 80, until then everything is irrelevant in 10 short levels and thus not worth a lot of work. The sooner you get to 80 the sooner the real end game begins, and that's the really confusing part.