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Gandara, Blood Knights of the Argent Vow recruiting

13 November 2012 - 08:21 PM

Blood Knights of the Argent Vow, shortly known under BKAV tag are looking for new members to bolster our lines. We are currently located on realm of Gandara (EU) which we do not have any plans of changing. Language in guild is decided on English, so everybody can follow the ongoing guild discussions.

We are open to all kinds of players, preferably the active ones who seek a way to get involved in the guild at least to some degree. Some degree of maturity is required as well, since I am too lazy to deal with any kind of drama on daily basis. (Maturity is meant as opposite to destructive and/or childish behaviour.) It is better to be honest now, than sorry later as they say.
At the moment we are more a social guild than anything else, and we are content with where we stand.

We do have fifty slot bank vault, rocking guild emblem and longer name than it is healthy for any enemy to set eyes upon. Our main goal is to have fun (together if possible) and help each other (if in our limits).

If anyone is interested, feel free to send a mail in game to Astalnar Bellumars or Mordomir for a guild invitation.