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In Topic: Not 80 yet, but started playing from the start?

28 October 2012 - 04:09 PM

Headstarter here, still not level 80...

I only have one character, and elementalist, and I think he's level 49... But like you sPvP has sucked me in and I just can't get into the PvE side of the game. I think it was because I felt let down by it. I followed the games development for about a year or so and DE's were pitched to be major world changing things with no more quest hubs etc...

Then we got the hearts which feel like quest hubs to me, especially if you want the story (Like I do) you end up talking to an NPC to get the info and background before you start doing the tasks they want you to do... DE's were fun, but they weren't world changing. They said a single decision could change an area, and it does for about 5 minutes...until it resets again... I actually prefer WoW's phasing system, that to me feels like you have more of a wordly impact.

I'm told it improves at 80, but I just cant motivate myself... instead I sPvP daily, which I absolutely adore! <3

In Topic: Staff Ele Cantrip high power build

30 September 2012 - 01:08 PM

I use a very similar build:

Cantrip Staff Build

I rune with soliders amulet and runes of the forge (power/increased burn duration/protection boon at 50% for 10 seconds)

Like you I have found Cantrips to play very well with the staff play style  I use Armour of Earth for both the protection and stability when channelling some of the more "important" staff skills you don't want interrupted (meteor shower/Healing Rain), and also find it useful for secure stomps. I chose lightning flash for a quick stun breaker and "escape ability". Sometimes I'll use it aggressively rather than defensively and I love it's ability to get to higher levels (such as henge ridges) for both escape and gap closing enemies who you can subsequently knock down with staff 3 to your team mates...

I played around with my last utility skill. I used Mist form for a while but found I didn't like the wasted time you have on your boons, it seemed rather silly to grant yourself might and vigor whilst invulnerable, and I opted for cleansing flames instead. You'll see from my traits the utilities all grant regeneration and regeneration also cleanses a condition, so I've gone a bit OTT on condition cleansing....

Yet I've found it an invaluable asset in both sPvP and tPvP.

You'll find yourself constantly jumped on by silly specs such as pistol whip thieves, cross fire rangers, hundred blade warriors. Bursty specs seem to do well (especially with haste) in tpvp when their team mates help with immobilise  The communication from good teams seems to direct their burst straight to an elly as they know it's a free stomp if you get them down, and if an initial immobilise fails they'll slap another one on you. I've found the OTT cleansing I have from all three cantrips, combined with the kiting abilities from staff and my teleport (to higher ledges) make me one of the most slippery characters on a map and people often don't know how to deal with you... (And that's not even including the cleansing I have from Healing Rain/Glph in water)

Being the assumed "easy target" for an enemy team and turning out to be one of the hardest targets to catch wastes invaluable time for your own team, and when the enemy team gives up on you you can switch to damage (from the high power) which they also don't expect from a staff elly these days, not to mention you've still got the support.

Unlike you I feel the eruption (Earth 2) is enough blast finishing for my play style. More would be nice, but as you can see from my above post I'm not there for the support aspect (although I do give it, and often, whenever I can)... My favourite is the 3 cantrips and then eruption in lava font for a whole stack of might. I also find frozen ground and eruption to be very helpful... I have found with 20 in arcane and the cooldowns of the abilities (such as frozen ground) the one blast finisher can work...

I tend to summon Earth elemental too, the protection boon seems to have a larger range than the healing splash from the water elly, but that could just be my imagination... either way, who needs to heal with 33% damage reduction? :D

Nice to see another power cantrip staff build anyway!

In Topic: Mist form in Pvp

27 September 2012 - 11:49 AM

I use Cleansing Flames, Armor of Earth AND lightning flash....

Have +3 might on cantrip
20% Cooldown reduction for Cantrip
Regen and Vigor on Cantrip
And clear condition on regen

Armor of Earth is great for the stomping and 33% damage reduction (plus condition removal). Cleansing flames now removes 4 conditions, and lightning flash allows for a shorter cooldown stunbreaker (and condition removal). All whilst giving me might, vigor and regeneration boons. I tried mistform in place of one of these three... but the cooldown was to long, and it seemed like such a passive move compared to the others, it almost completley blocked my playstyle, stopping me from fighting, just seemed wrong! o.0

I find lightning flash far more useful in the current maps too (since that's the one mist form get's compared to most of all). There are so many ledges you can port up to in either an agressive move or a defensive move... Bounding around the henge in mistform casting other utilities is all well and good, but I much prefer teleporting up the side and raining down revenge and hate instantly...

In Topic: Glyph of Renewal

10 September 2012 - 09:49 AM

View PostAetherMcLoud, on 09 September 2012 - 11:21 PM, said:

IMHO all the glyphs besides the pet-summoning ones are completely useless. And even then the minor pet is really bad. :(

I don't know, I kind of like Glyph of Storms. AoE chill in water, and constant re-applied AoE Blind in Earth...

In Topic: 40k Armor Sets (karma)

10 September 2012 - 09:44 AM

View PostTyrant, on 09 September 2012 - 10:22 PM, said:

Hes talking about World V World, please read the post before replying.

I did read the post! I just happened to miss the WvW, in fact I missed it the second time after reading your post which I'm putting down to the fact it is set out D/D WvW which is very easy to glaze over if you know about reading and visualization! And I was only trying to be helpful anway :P