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PvP Achievement

10 September 2012 - 11:32 PM


· Max Glory cap per PvP match is set to 350. You now receive an achievement for reaching this cap in a given match. This closes an exploit that was letting players farm hundreds of glory per match by trading wins.


Can anyone point out were this achievement is located? I can't see it in the achievement tab? I managed to get it in Khylo with 410 points (which involved running round neutralising every base for points but not capping it so the match would last longer, whislt killing people incase you're wondering).

I got a little pop up saying I'd got mx rank point bonus,sort of like top objective defender/skirmisher etc that pop up at the end of the match. But I can't see the achievement in the achievement tab anywhere...

Tournament Chests

05 September 2012 - 07:23 PM


I spoke with the NPC and they said the best 4 teams get chests... Does this include free tourneys or just paid for? And who are the best 4 teams? I only ask because I haven't been getting chests from the free tourneys. And we also just lost the kyhlo match (round 3) and no chest their either...

Basically, confused as to when you get chests! :P

Hot Join overrun with theives?

05 September 2012 - 09:54 AM

Maybe I am just unlucky, but nearly every game I enter has 3+ theives on either side... Today the match up's got to a ridiculous point where nearly all the thieves were on the same side:


Not only that, but they are all running the same builds. Heartseekers. Now I know there has been discussion on HS before (especially in the theif forums) but you always get the same responses. Telling us to dodge, break stuns etc. But it is simply not that easy when you have 5 of them on you!

I would also like to share these images:


As you can clearly see, I'm not running with low toughness. The first image comes whilst I am dead, with death log and Hero pannel open for stats. I noticed the stats were lower whilst dead (things such as signet of earth must have not been applied).. So I took another shot of my stats about a minute later. You'll notice in the first image the match was almost over, so I decided to take a second image of the next match immediatly after showing my stats whilst I was alive... For confirmation I'm running the same spec etc you can see my power/precision have not altered between the images as they have no traits/utilities that will affect them.

Not only are theives overunning Hot Join PvP, they are able to put out 7k damage in 2 or so hits against people who have toughness between 1.5k - 2k... Do we not find this situation a bit ridiculous? :(

Static Field

04 September 2012 - 08:39 PM

Is it me, or is static field not always dazing people?

I think most of the time the daze does take effect, but I've noticed a few times it doesn't:

- Dodge rolling through fails to daze about 25% of opponents.
- Dodge rolling through one side and people aren't being dazed. Yet they can hit the other side and the daze will take effect.
- Or sometimes the opposite: someone ran into a static field, was dazed, and then dodge rolled through the other side with no daze taking effect.

I swear there was someone else who got the daze condition picture on their character, but in fact no daze took effect. But that was probably just a lag issue my end. Anyone else noticing problems with static field?

Mist Form / Tornado Bug

30 August 2012 - 06:27 PM

Has anyone else noticed that if you cast Tornado in mist form, as soon as the mist form duration was "supposed" to end, tornado get's wiped and you end up back in your original form with tornado on cooldown?