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GW2: Dance of Lead (Fanfic)

06 February 2012 - 05:49 AM

Hello y'all, this is my first shot at a Guild Wars 2 Fanfiction.  In this first chapter I wanted to explore the life of two groups of mostly forgotten aspects of charr society: Ranchers, and human slaves.  As per usual, the setting all belongs to Arenanet, I own nothing.  (PG-13 for violence and thematic elements ;))

Guild Wars: Dance of Lead

Episode 1: Seven

Chapter 1: Chains…
Chapter 2 ...around the heart.

So, opinions?  Suggestions?  I am going to try to keep as canon as humanly possible (I'm a lore fanatic).  Yes, Seven is a would-be player character had he not had a certain unfortunate accident.  And for those wondering, this takes place four years before the events of Guild Wars 2.

Episode 2: Orla

Chapter 3: Steps...

Character Bios

-Seven Steelwolf
Appearance: Silver, wolfish fur.  Pale blue eyes that are ancient and intellectual.  Slightly bearded around the muzzel.  When working on mechanisms he wears a mechanical eyepiece in his left eye.  He is left handed.  Wears a dark grey engineers jacket the coattails reach the back and sides of his knees.  On the shorter end of the Charr build.
Personality:  Charming, in a weird un-charr way.
Biography:  15 years old.  Member of the Iron Legion.  Sire was a treacherous shaman (he doesn't like to talk about him).
    Profession: Engineer

-Orla Ni Jen
    Appearance: Fair skin, mixed Canthan and Tyrian heritage.  Rusty hair which falls to the middle of her back.  Brown eyes.  Slightly taller than the average woman.
    Personality:  Dignified and spicy, but tenderhearted.
    Biography: 16 years old. Slave since she was very young.  Doesn't know her parents.  Was hexed by the charr Caelmurg when she was 13.
    Profession: Warrior