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In Topic: healing hypothetically redesigned

04 June 2013 - 04:42 PM

I would actually like to see the OP's idea put into use, i'm one who didn't like the old support system but this would definitely put more importance into carefully handling ur regen buff and dodges, even more so than currently and make the heal less of a insta better situation move and make it something u actually have to actively handle while in fights added another layer to combat which can be felt even in PvE, also would make PvP very interesting as keeping ur damage high enough without getting hit by too many hard hitting moves would really make more of a difference and condition builds would also have a more noticible and substancial effect, would definitely make burst showdowns faster and more intense.

Lol, as i wrote this comment i've found more reasons for arena net to consider this idea, also liking more as i think about it, hopefully it gets there attention.

Edit: Would really suggest u make a copy of this topic and post it on the official forums, if u haven't already.

In Topic: I am disappoint - what I don't like about GW2 PvP

28 September 2012 - 03:06 AM

I agree with the second part, especially the animations.

The first part of your post i understand but believe you are looking in the wrong direction, and its not dodge that's the blame but basically its more of the level of AI in the game isn't keeping up to what's possible by the characters so you don't get punish as much in PvE, in PvP not having dodge against some of the said "gimmicky" builds you mention below is a great enough punishment.

Your third point is pretty much preference as such things happening can be considered part of strategy.

Fourth point also equals preference as i much prefer this type of quicker combat instead of having to pound continuously on a small character even though you are constantly out striding their sustain for extent periods of time, this basically makes everything easier in PvP, especially to the defenders and drags out fights which would make them seem much less action based.

I'm on the fence on the fifth point as i can see where you are coming from but usually due to how unique skills sets are for each profession you usually find out after one hit (whether from you to them or them to you)

I don't really agree with the sixth point because although knowing other professions can be useful knowing your own better still determines what you can deal with and the fact that arena net has limited most setups to about 15 skills you can usually use those 15 skills to repel any enemy in most situations although to differing amounts of success as long as you have a good grasp on what your build can do.

As for the seventh, its true that most of those high burst 'gimmicky' builds can be do or die which leads them to being slightly hard to counter so as to keep them viable, (a do or die build which is easy to avoid is basically useless) but that in itself is a play style some people have and though some of these builds can use some tuning that is simply balance which is something that happens in all games.

What you are complaining about here last is basically evident in every game, things have counters and things they are strong/weak against that's just how things go which GW2 deals with pretty well IMO as long as the player makes a fairly self sufficient build due to easy utility skill swapping and weapon swapping you can easily switch your hand among the rock/papper/scissors choices, much more so than other MMOs where you pick sometimes a class and there are already classes which hard counter you.

In Topic: F2P is the new way of MMOs? Yeah right!

27 September 2012 - 03:50 AM

View PostWord Of Madness, on 27 September 2012 - 02:46 AM, said:

At $60US+ per account, there's a ton of difference between B2P and F2P.

Don't know why people dismiss that, maybe its because to anyone who usually plays a P2P and has to pay for the box, expansions, monthly payments and occasionally also for cash shop $60 means nothing... aka free.

Honestly anyone who has played both B2P and F2P would realise the difference, well as long as its a proper B2P where due to box sales the game itself is built differently (like GW2) as it doesn't absolutely need cash shop money from a lot of their players to survive, which IMO is not something that's dismissible.

In Topic: F2P is the new way of MMOs? Yeah right!

27 September 2012 - 01:18 AM

If we compare what you paid for GW1 and what you got with what most P2P games i think it proves that you aren't really paying for the content even when do get a fair amount of it, you're more paying to line the devs and publishers pockets.

Also Robsy said the good and bad is the same for P2P, example The Secret World, even though you pay a sub for that i can't see the money being worth it when they still pile on everything a B2P or F2P would have and then still release content that would only compete with GW1.

In Topic: Maybe make downleveling less harsh?

20 September 2012 - 03:43 AM

I actually would prefer they put you a level or 2 below the max level of the area so at least the higher mobs would be a challenge, also i would like for the gear to scale down a bit more, this game boasts of keeping all content relevant, which although it accomplishes its still not as challenging as i would like, so as for the OP i totally disagree.