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temple of grenth uncontested

17 February 2013 - 10:55 PM

any server where grenth is uncontested. really want to buy some gears :)

Swords Bleed Build

12 September 2012 - 12:40 AM

Here is my build: http://gw2skills.net...TumkNtqYUx2jpHA

I found that this build is both very fun to play with, as well as very powerful if played correctly.

I will start with the skills starting with weapons.
I choose to go for the sword/sword  - sword/sword weapons sets because of the runes. Every time you swap weapons you apply bleeds. The other sigil on there gives you a 60% chance to bleed on critical which is amazing because your 1 ability already applies a bleed, and this gives it a high chance to apply additional bleeds.

Next, moving on to the utility skill.
Healing surge: Although many like Mending more, I chose this one because it heals for much more and because I am already taking the trait Restorative Strength which removes many movment impairing effects, which I find to be enough, instead of removing conditions and movment impairing effects. Still this is an opinion thing to chose either or.

Signet of Stamina: Another reason I took healing surge instead of Mending is because I take this. This will already remove all conditions from me, which use has no bounds, and can save you all the time. I would suggest that if you chose to take Mending, you just take shake it off instead of this because it will give you condition removal on a faster cool down, all though it only removes one condition. Also if you either want to be move supportive, or facing a team with either too many stuns or you just can dodge their stuns then also take Shake it off.

Endure Pain/For Great Justice: I will take either or, depending on if I want to be more offensive or defensive. Both are great, but generally I prefer to take endure pain. Again if you want to be a bit more supportive of your team then go ahead and take FGJ.

Throw Bolas: This is my favorite utility skill combined with the f1 skill, it will melt faces. If you really don't like this skill/you want a bit more utility then go ahead and take Bull's Charge instead.

Signet of Rage: If find this very useful to use BEFORE entering combat, since it will give you a bunch of moment speed as well as some pretty nice damage boost. Make sure not to use it once you begin combat because most of the time, by the time you cast it, it wont be worth and you will have wasted to much for it.

Next, On to traits.

Restorative Strength: I already explained briefly why I took this above, but I really like this one because with this build, without this, you will find that you can be kited by certain classes often.

Dual Wielding: More damage = good

Deep Cuts: This is a bleed build, therefore 50% increase on bleed duration is a must

Blade Master: See dual wielding

Turtle Defense: As you will see with the item choices, the main secondary stat is toughness, and this will proc quite often and is very useful to make you a lot more tanky. Also it gives a decent damage boost due to the Runes

Last Stand: This is again to counter kiting.

Defy Pain: I especially like this one because I already have endure pain so basically i get it twice which is very nice and keeps you up much longer

Finally Items:

I took All runes of undead because they give you toughness = tankier and it increases you damage based on how much toughness you have which is very useful for this build because of how traits are placed.

As for the Amulet, I took the Rabid Amulet because it gives a ton of condition damage (obvious) Toughness (explained above) and Precision, which is great for the sigil of earth since will proc all those extra bleeds.

Well that is my bleed warrior build. I hope you like it, and I would very much appreciate any input/comments/criticism you have for me so I can improve on it.