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Evolution of the minion

25 May 2010 - 02:24 PM

In GW1, minions were of course fleshy creatures raised from the corpses of slain foes. Do you think they will return to GW2, and if so will we see some changes to the system?

I was thinking, since minions were pretty situational, especially in PvP with a lack of corpses, we could see something different. Say, as in Diablo where minions are simply created from nothing. And while not created in great numbers they are much more powerful.

They could also change the system so the actual minion composition depended on the corpse it was raised from. For example, a fleshy would still be raised from a warm blooded foe, but we could see a plant based minion from a plant, and an elemental based one on an element, and so on. That way, there would always be the option of creating one regardless of the enemy type, and it would provide a variety of minion types.