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#2319906 DPS Elementalist Build Guides for PvE - 04/15/2014

Posted DEKeyz on 24 April 2014 - 08:09 PM

Hi, I'm DEKeyz from [DnT]. This is an overview of the builds I commonly use in PvE. I have used all the weapon sets and think everything except D/D has its place in the current dungeoning meta.

Video Guides

Str Rune build (12,550 DPS, but more might): http://gw2skills.net...wBADP8wDnYA0D-e
Scholar Rune build (12,900 DPS, but less might): http://gw2skills.net...AgAAHA8bQQAjC-e


6/6/2/0/0 Build: http://gw2skills.net...AwBADP8wRUARE-e
5/4/0/5/0 Build: http://gw2skills.net...HAM8wDPciCIiA-e


6/4/2/0/2 with Assassin's armor and Scholar Runes: http://gw2skills.net...HAM8wDPcCCYUA-e
6/6/0/0/2 with Berserker's armor and Strength runes: http://gw2skills.net...wBADP8wDnYA0D-e

Text guide: http://tinyurl.com/km6y34s
Fractal guides: http://tinyurl.com/elefracs

#2300715 Screenshot Your Elementalist

Posted Defora on 25 February 2014 - 06:40 PM

^That flame armor seems to be really popular. Looks good. :) I specially remember one mesmer with it. She had some pink/purple colors with it that blended flames to look pinkish too.

I got the halo and wings today. Damask price was 11g so I just got last 4 pieces and will sell mine when price is up again.
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#2161303 You and your favourite Minipet

Posted Nabuko Darayon on 09 February 2013 - 03:00 PM

Festivooo on my Lady Asura :D (one of many combinations that I have with my character)
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The ever most cutest out there: Plushie Griffon :3
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#2156427 Mandatory Password Change is Coming

Posted Reverse Ghost on 02 February 2013 - 03:16 AM

View PostVolkon, on 01 February 2013 - 07:52 PM, said:

Use a common word, shake it up a bit, bang, strong password. One I've retired from the past was [email protected] for example. Easy to remember, complex to crack.Better yet is to stick two unrelated words together and do that. [email protected]@rk ([email protected] shark) is catchy and easier to remember than it looks.

The problem is, these brute-force algorithms take these things into account now because they're so common. It would not take too much longer to brute [email protected] than Halloween. All they have to do is let the program know some very common substitutions. @ or 4 = a or A, 0 = o or O, etc. These substitutions are almost always vowels. Basically, brute force programs know about 1337 speak and know how to get around it.

On another note, when a person is "forced" into using a number for their password, the vast majority choose 1. When "forced" to add a special character, the majority choose !. These statistics make it pretty easy for brute-force programs to effectively attack.

Anyway I didn't want to go off on a big thing here. Just trying to help :)

View PostEvans, on 01 February 2013 - 12:51 PM, said:

Hmm, as useful as that sounds, isn't such a program susceptible to hacking? I mean I expect the most assaults to my electronic information to come from the web. As such a little notebook with all your passwords, which you can still put aside in a discreet place, cannot be accessed by the usual suspects. How safe is a program like KeePass against those who have a real interest in getting your information?

It's true that storing all your passwords on paper leaves them available to friends or family, or whoever can reach them, but it isn't very hard to put them in a secure place and if you don't mention the existence of such a document, who would go through your private stuff looking for it. Furthermore, who would have the chance of doing so? I don't know who tries to access my pc from over the internet, but I do know who I let into my office room.

No, you're right. It's going to be different for people, depending on their situation. If you have really good control over your office room and never flash those papers near a window, you'll probably be perfectly safe. Unless you happen to get a keylogger on your computer. Then typing those passwords every time would be a risk.

Whereas, using a program like KeePass where the passwords are never typed out would be more secure against a keylogger but less secure against someone gaining access to your database file. But if you use a strong master password and enable a key file (which you might keep on a USB drive), you are pretty damn safe from that. Even if someone got access to your master password and your database file, they could still not open your database without that key file.

You can check out some tips and cool information here: http://www.geeksengi.../keepass-2.html

#2156214 Mandatory Password Change is Coming

Posted Volkon on 01 February 2013 - 07:52 PM

Use a common word, shake it up a bit, bang, strong password. One I've retired from the past was [email protected] for example. Easy to remember, complex to crack.Better yet is to stick two unrelated words together and do that. [email protected]@rk ([email protected] shark) is catchy and easier to remember than it looks.

#2155916 Mandatory Password Change is Coming

Posted Reverse Ghost on 01 February 2013 - 11:06 AM

The internet isn't in its infancy any more. People need to wise up. You can't go around trying to make your own passwords for everything.

It's not like back in the day when you only needed a few passwords and the hardware available at the time (as well as the software / algorithms) was not sufficient to brute-force most passwords.

Nowadays you have to be smart and protect yourself as well as you can. Yeah, sometimes databases get cracked (which is why it's important to have unique passwords), and you can't really do anything about that.

In the first page of this topic I posted a link to KeePass. Nobody has mentioned it since then, and most of you are still going on about how hard it is to remember multiple passwords. Yeah, it is hard. That's why I don't do it. I use a program that creates really complex passwords and lets me copy and paste them. I don't need to know those passwords. I don't want to know those passwords (for security reasons). You just need to know one single password to unlock all your other passwords. And by the way, you should change that password with some regularity. You should change all your passwords with some regularity.

Just because your accounts have never been compromised doesn't mean it's impossible. It just means it hasn't happened up to this point. That's not to say that it will eventually happen no matter what; you could go your whole life without getting your account compromised. But by the same token you could go your whole life without getting hit by a car. Doesn't mean it can't happen. Just means it didn't. You should still try to protect yourself by looking both ways before crossing. Taking a few password security measures is like looking both ways.

View PostEvans, on 01 February 2013 - 11:03 AM, said:

Well I just write down all my passwords and keep them at my desk.
Surely the chance of a burglary at my home for my passwords is far too small not to do so. And I can't remember new passwords for the life of me...

That's not a horrible system, but it does have its flaws beyond just a break-in. Your friends and your family could get those passwords. Now, I don't know anything about your friends or your family, but I'm just saying they now have the option to get your passwords if they were so inclined.

Plus something like KeePass would be easier for you to manage. Instead of having to ruffle through papers and type your passwords every time, just use KeePass to store them in a more organized and accessible system. Plus all you have to do is paste your username/passwords instead of having to type them.

#2155847 Ridiculous update content

Posted LavaSquid on 01 February 2013 - 08:12 AM

Anet is the most efficient team I have seen so far...seriously get over it.

#2155736 Ridiculous update content

Posted Falfyrel on 01 February 2013 - 02:47 AM

No bug fixes? Are you insane?

People here need to compare Arenanet's progress to other producers. The amount of bugfixes that Arenanet is putting out is pretty phenomenal compared to virtually every single other big MMO company out there.

Nevermind that bugfixing can be tough. I have frequent contact with someone actually in the programming industry - bugfixing can be pretty painstaking at times, it isn't nearly as simple as some people think it is.

#2155692 Mandatory Password Change is Coming

Posted jazzbrownie on 01 February 2013 - 01:14 AM

Fantastic.  I have a 16 character password (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters) that I only use for GW2, which is tied to an email address used only for GW2 (and requires an authenticated log in) . . . and they're telling me that my password made a blacklist?

I call bullshit.

I've ignored their insistence that I create a new password for a reason: my account is not in jeopardy.

I know this is a silly thing to get upset over, and I still generally feel that people complain about anet and the game way too much, but it's annoying that I'm going to have to learn yet another password after all of my precautions.

#2155278 Hottest character in GW2

Posted Knuckle Joe on 31 January 2013 - 03:00 PM

My ele of course :D
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#2155800 Mandatory Password Change is Coming

Posted Darkobra on 01 February 2013 - 05:07 AM

View PostEnchanted Krystal, on 01 February 2013 - 05:00 AM, said:

Don't get me wrong, it's changed.  I'm just not happy about being forced into it.

..and I time manage very well, just wish I could say the same about my memory. Not every GW player is unemployed/still in school/single you know. :)

I know. I'm one of them. Girlfriend, music degree, running my own business, aiming to start my own music school. I still know how to use a pen and paper and write down things I might forget.

#2130128 Community Spotlight: Gw2Lfg.com

Posted Neo Nugget on 28 December 2012 - 06:20 PM

Posted Image

Groups. They are the double-edged sword that we all need to push through the dungeons in Tyria, but sometimes finding a group can be harder than the dungeon itself. That is where gw2lfg comes into play. This handy little website allows you to set up a party listing that lets players on different servers know you would like to team up. You can either set up your own party listing, or focus the search parameters to a specific dungeon path. Listings are also sorted by the newest "lfg" posting, so you don't have to worry about mistaking day old posts for a current request. Remember that dungeons are cross-server, but region locked. North American servers cannot party with European servers.

Now here's where you all come into play. A website like this can only improve with visibility. Tell your friends, your guildies, tweet, retweet, even pass the word along to the next stranger you meet on the bus. Word of mouth is a powerful weapon. Show no mercy.

#2110612 Lost Shores rewards handed out

Posted Illein on 07 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

Congrats to everyone who got their rewards despite technical issues after all. Good on you all :)

#2096171 An Ode to Shortbows

Posted tempestbrewer on 26 November 2012 - 03:33 AM

Made this as a "present" for a certain longbow-loving guild member of mine. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share but please give me credit :). This is only from one ranger's perspective!

Shortbow, you are (in my opinion)
Best in killing Zhaitan's minions
Your volleys true and strikes amazing
Through the mobs, my arrows blazing

Stunning them with number five
Helps me keep my friends alive
Crippling shot to slow their speed
And let my pet add extra bleed

Quick shot aids me in retreat
And makes me nimble on my feet
Poison arrows hinder healing
And crossfire is damage dealing

So now it's time we all agree
To set in stone this bold decree
Longbows suck and you all know it
(Never said I was a poet)

#2089956 NCSoft Lost Shores Feedback Survey

Posted MazingerZ on 20 November 2012 - 10:01 PM

Ripped the URL from the forums:


Seems legit.  If not, sorry.