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WANTED ~ OS Gold Max Q7 13^50 & 14^50 FDS

28 May 2016 - 03:00 PM

WANTED ~ OS Gold Max Q7 13^50 & 14^50 FDS

If you have any information as to the current location of either of these two swords, please let me know via a PM.

I would be willing to pay handsomely to secure these swords for my collection.


Spam Filter = Fail?

11 February 2013 - 10:15 AM

So I was online last night & happened to be in the Blazeridge Steppes area when The Shatterer popped in to say "Hi".  I noticed that I was the only person in the area, so I posted "The Shatterer up, please come & help".  I waited about 1 min & then decided to start anyways, so I made my way to the hill.

Once there I asked for help again in /map & started to fight....another person showed up after about 5 mins, and this reminded me to use the map chat again, but I was told that I was "Spamming". After re-wording a little I managed to post "The Shatterer up" then I was blocked, "spamming" again :/

About 3 of us fought him for what seemed like eons, before other people realized/stumbled upon our plight & helped with the battle. We won after about 1 hour & 30 mins or so of fighting a boss that should have taken 10-15 mins max. The fact we could not get word out via map chat did not help one little bit.

So, did I fail to use the chat system correctly....or did the spam filter just plain FAIL?

Event Details: Happened about 9:30pm(UTC+10:00) 10/2/13 on Sorrows Furnace homewold.

So...where do you "Hang Out"?

30 November 2012 - 11:55 AM

I love the TP, & when i'm not out questing/killing I like to spend most of my time buying/selling/browsing. While i'm on the TP I like to just "hang out" in FireBreak Fort for the following reasons:

1./ The bank is right next to the TP :)

2./ The loading screen for Mount Maelstrom reminds me of my wonderfull Magmas Shields. (Old School!)

3./ It's never very crowded & the fire is very homely.

So I was wondering if anyone else has any "Hang Out" spots, and what it is that made you choose them?