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Dying Light

13 June 2013 - 09:16 PM

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E3 2013 Trailer

A zombie survival game with free running parkour and a day/night zombie mutation cycle
From the creators of Dead Island (Techland)


Dying Light will be available in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC


Between State of Decay, The Dead Linger, Dead Rising 3, The Last of Us (6/14/2013) and other upcoming titles, there is plenty of zombie/post-apocalyptic gaming goodness on the horizon.

Dragon's Prophet

18 May 2013 - 04:49 AM

Looking for a fantasy MMORPG with an in-depth taming system, action combat, and player housing? How about taming a variety of dragon species for use as mounts (air, land, water) as well as combat pets?

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Dragon's Prophet
Open Beta: May 30th, 2013
(no longer under NDA as of 5/21/2013)

Designer: Runewaker Entertainment
Publisher (NA): Sony Online Entertainment

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For dungeons and raids, players can assume the role of healers, supporters or tanks, depending on the dragons they select as their sworn fighting companions literally on the fly. Heroes can take up to six dragons with them on their adventurous journey to follow their destiny and become the Dragon’s Prophet.

Each dragon you tame has a random set of skills and abilities, some of these abilities (those called "Dragon Souls") are useable by the player upon taming their dragon.

Total Biscuit looks at Dragon’s Prophet

About Dragon's Prophet



The world is shaped by dragon-kind, with over 300 different dragons that roam the land in search of riders. Fight, capture, train and ride them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities.
  • Able to train and hold six dragons at once.
  • Dragons can fill a variety of roles including healing, and tanking.
  • Ability to ride your dragons either on land or in flight.
(store six dragons in your on-hand stable for immediate use, & six in your dragon lair for harvesting & training)




Large scale construction system that is a god send to guild leaders. Players will have the ability to build their ultimate kingdom. By empowering your citizens and constructing a power military, only the strongest of leaders will be able to create and sustain their very own empire.
  • Interactive guild system
  • Acquire your own plot of land and band together to build your own guild village.



In the beginning, dragons forged the world of Auratia. Morgath, the leader of the dragons created the earth, forests, oceans, and sky. His brethren Kronos and Lysaia then crafted the other races that would share the land with them.

Stardew Valley

27 March 2013 - 02:05 PM

For any Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Terraria fans.
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Stardew Valley is a country-life CO-OP RPG
Support Stardew Valley by voting for it on STEAM Greenlight

Stardew Valley is being published by Chucklefish, the same publisher behind Terraria's upcoming spiritual successor 'Starbound'


25 March 2013 - 07:52 PM


$19.99 for early access (alpha), which is a 50% discount off the price of StarForge at its official release

An FPS / TPS sandbox game

StarForge was inspired by Halo, Warcraft 3, Borderlands, Terraria, and Minecraft. It borrows elements from the RTS, FPS, RPG, Voxel Builder, Tower Defense, and Physics Sandbox genres. We are building a dark and serious universe and want the player to live out their own unique story on the procedural planet.

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*Note: Not all these features are in the current alpha release yet but are at various stages of development.

FEATURES / about:

summary of features for the lazy reader: Sandbox, procedural weapons, procedural infinite voxel terrain and space, procedural 3D tilesets for building, underground/surface/space gameplay, physics sandbox, physics movement, RPG elements (loot, level up and survive), customizeable characters (confirmed not in yet), dynamic RPG like world, resources and economy, vehicles (land and air), flight, turrets, furniture, fences etc., multiplayer & singleplayer, fort wards and fort defense/survival


Avantguard [AvtG] - Tarnished Coast [PvE] - (PST/CST)

06 March 2013 - 06:24 PM

Avantguard is a casual, fun, family-friendly (PG-13)  Guild Wars 2 guild

About Avantguard:

  • Server - Tarnished Coast
  • Voice Chat - Ventrilo
  • Content Focus - PvE (Dungeons, Fractals, Dragons etc.)
  • Timezone/Peak Playtime: PST (4:00pm - 12:00 am) CST (6:00pm - 2:00am)
The building blocks of Avantguard are really simple, Avantguard; is a guild of like-minded players (both casual and experienced) who are interested in an enjoyable gaming experience that is not over-demanding. We do not expect mandatory attendance to any events as we all have lives outside of the game, and some of us are responsible for families.

Although we aren't "HARD-CORE" we still keep our shape and engage in tougher content as we have plenty of experienced and helpful guild members and officers.

Jokes, fun and good times are welcome!


Contacts for Recruitment:
  • GW2guru (via private message) - Hika
  • In-game (via mail): Zeeroe, Salty Jim
Or register at our Guild Website: http://www.gw2avantguard.guildportal.com

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