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Building two computers! Need advice for MB/CPU/GPU config

03 December 2012 - 02:05 PM

Hey guys! As I'm sure you're used to, I have a question... Been awhile since I've shopped around PC stuff, so I could use some advice.

I have a cousin who wants to build a computer spending around $650, and a GF who wants to spend about $1000 on a computer... Most of the stuff is easy, but I'm generally uninformed when it comes to choosing a MB/GPU... I want the best bang for the buck for them. ;)

For my cousin's setup, I want it to be able to run 1920x1080 with the best resolution possible... But I only want to budget about ~$450 between MB/CPU/GPU.
--- I would like to get him the 3570K, but if it'll be impossible to budget the MB and GPU with the remaining $230, then it is what it is.

For the GF, I am for sure getting the 3570K, but besides that... what's necessary in a MB? What would be a good GPU pair? I'm hoping to spend around $600 between the 3, since this is a complete build.

Any help would be awesome!