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PvX: [EU] Motion Blur

02 March 2012 - 12:58 PM

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Website: http://motion-blur.enjin.com/

Created on the 29th February 2012 by 3 friends (Skanderbeg, Kneeater, Cicio), Motion Blur's aim will be the creation of a friendly gaming community both pve and pvp oriented; because of this, everyone will be free to do whatever he likes best, obviously without breaking any guild or common sense rule. For more info feel free to contact me.

At this moment, everyone is welcome in our guild. You don't have much time to play, but you still enjoy playing in a competitive guild? No problem, you will find your place here. We are working on guides for almost everything and we also like to help someone if he wants to; keep in mind that the main focus of the guild is to create a community, so you won't be judged based on your play time but we will base our considerations on respect, loyalty and trustworthiness. Also hardcore players will find their home here; we will organize teams for structured pvp, scheduled "training" matches and a rank system to stimulate improving your playstyle and your personal skill.

With that in mind we would like to achieve an important goal; a peaceful gaming ambient and social place, combined with the competitive aspect of the game. We want Motion Blur to become well known both for his strength and his kind community. Would you like to join us?