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In Topic: Fenice's Post 15.11.2012 Build

27 November 2012 - 06:23 PM

Quick question, are the 16 might stacks pre-nerf or something? How do you achieve this with the 'rotation' you are doing?

Guess I'm missing something here. Is 13 correct?

Got it, missed the churning earth blast finisher.

In Topic: The trailer creators were on some serious shrooms...............

12 September 2012 - 09:54 PM

I actually thought the trailer was pretty nice. Nothing ground breaking, but then again, live action footage can go so much more wrong.

Visually it was pretty nice and it stays true to the overall message of Gw2. Victory through unity.

And seriously, the shot of Orr is just epic.

In Topic: Level 80 needs to move beyond the Penitent Path

12 September 2012 - 12:59 PM

Terrible topic.

I hope this mentality switches over to other activities. Getting achievments for watching 7 talkshows in a row. A nifty progress bar for muscle training. My god the possibilities would be endless. After all, life itself is just another progress bar.

But where some individuals just sit there, watching their progress bar, some are enjoying every minute.

My advice, get a job, exceed there and don't compensate it with a damn video game.

In Topic: condition build boring...or am i just playing wrong?

11 September 2012 - 10:27 AM

That's a problem when you constrict yourself to just one weapon. What you can do with Scepter/Dagger and Staff is utilizing all the skills you have. Grasping Dead/Enfeeble with S/D are very good skills to get conditions going, some auto attacks, Feast of Corruption, Deathly Swarm. Then switch to Staff, use every skill and switch to Death Shroud.

If you play a little with this you get the flow of the cooldowns and you'll realize that you have (nearly) no downtime with this in terms of pressing buttons.

You can make it a veeeery slow class or you can play it really fast. It really depends on you.

Also, conditions scale oddly for new players. Where you can stack 4 bleeds barely in low levels you can stack more the more condition duration you get.

In Topic: The bleed cap is stupid

10 September 2012 - 09:33 AM

Taken from: http://wiki.guildwar...age_calculation


Condition stacking
An interesting thing : there is no stacking penalty and an unlimited cap, since there is no duration stacking, each stack will only last as long as initially setup or upon removal. And condition damage is always at one condition removal from crumbling to dust : since it will remove the whole condition (and all its stacks).

It starts to be a real problem on Champion+ mobs when you just see 1-2 stacks doing damage. There's absolutely no justification that there should be a cap. It's not the same as with Poison where it stacks in duration. (This is another problem but not as important) Bleeding will remove itself after a few seconds and it's part of the DPS from everyone who does bleeding.

Maybe it's a technical problem and their approach is too demanding on the servers. But there would always be the solution to have Poison/Bleeding batched for every single player to not calculate every single condition tick.

Just ignoring someone's damage is poor game design. I even read some posts where condition based builds get bronze on big events. That's not fair and should be fixed.

edit: It should be fixed for PvE. In WvW it would end up being too strong I guess.
edit2: Another thing, it's quite confusing to see every single stack tick. I mean it's funny to see when 10 numbers are coming out of the mob but honestly, I don't understand how much dmg I'm really doing. So why doesn't it REALLY stack? One stack does 25 per tick. 2 stacks do 50 per tick. Would be much easier on the eyes and not as confusing, especially in AE fights.