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Give Thief 2 separate Initiative bars

10 June 2012 - 11:58 PM

I love the thief class despite the issues but what really puts me off is that it really isn't encouraged nor really viable to play with heavy weapon swapping.

You dish out some damage and when your initiative is gone, which is usually really fast unless you have a build that's based on your auto attack you find yourself in the position that switching weapons isn't really bringing anything to the table unless you want to just auto attack again.

Thing is, other classes can do 'combos' with switching weapons. Why can't we?

What I'd like to see is 2 separate bars that regenerate independently. Make this our class thing. Steal is just a shadowstep on a longer cooldown anyway. :P

P.S.: The trait where you gain initiative on weapon swapping isn't really much. I think it's 4.