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Scepter focus with signet: worth trying?

27 February 2013 - 02:31 PM

I did try to find a way to use the little buff to fire aura and focus skills in general. For now i dont like it one bit but maybe it's because the playstyle is VERY different from the classic d/d with aurashare. Is it worth trying this or not? Basically it's based on fire aura with signets and condition damage (mainly burning with a bit of bleeding):


Help fighting mesmers

14 January 2013 - 07:08 PM

I've been told that as an ele i should eat mesmers for breakfast, but honestly this is one of the matchups i've troubles with so i'm asking here where do i fail. When i say mesmer i specifically speak about staff/sword pistol shatter mesmer. Please spare me the L2P cause that's exactly what i'm asking for: learning. I obviously do something wrong so please dont be jerks about that.

Let's start from my build:


I like 20 in air because of shocking aura and RtL, i could go 30 arcane instead of air IX for evasive arcana but not totally convinced about the change (what keeps me from that is mainly thieves). If the enemy is heavy condition i swap IX in water for V. Another possibility is switching armor of earth or lightning flash for cleansing flame. I strongly doubt any of this would give me a clear edge against mesmers.

As for rotation i try keep my cantrips for mesmers burst except armor of earth which is often an opening. Apart from that it's RtL, updraft, shock aura, burning speed, ring of fire, dragon breath, fire grab, but they often manage to get away from my burst. Ofc if they know what to do.

Any advice is welcome, i'm an average player with average reflexes so i know i'll lose anyway with above average mesmers but i'd like to win if my enemy is less good than me. Thanks in advance.

NA/EU qualification points

11 January 2013 - 10:08 AM

The charts that show qualification pts are a bit lacking in the sense i would like to know who plays what. For example i know Powerr playes ele/necro/thief but probably lately is more necro (again, probably, based on the videos release date which is not exactly a reliable way to see that), i know a few other players but i would like to know which is at least the most played profession for everyone and how they grp into teams and a buttload of other infos could be useful.

Definately not the most important feature to come but it would be nice to see more infos. In the meantime: can you tell me which teams are top right now and what's their composition? Just curious.

Patch notes 14th december

15 December 2012 - 09:52 AM

  • Fixed a bug where elementalists would not be attuned to any element, resulting in an empty skillbar.
  • Shocking Aura: This aura is no longer incorrectly considered a boon. The aura will no longer be affected by boon duration, but also cannot be ripped by boon removal skills.
  • Tidal Wave: This skill is now a leap finisher.
  • Ice Wall—Detonate: This skill is now a blast finisher.
  • Magma Orb: Damage is now split equally between the projectile and the explosion, instead of 2/3 explosion and 1/3 projectile. The total damage remains unchanged.
  • Boil: This skill is now a fire field.
  • Murky Water: This skill is now a smoke field.
  • Rock Blade: This skill is now a small projectile finisher. Bleeding duration has been increased from one to three seconds. Aftercast has been increased by 200 milliseconds.
  • Signet of Air: Increased the passive movement from 10% to 25%.
  • Soothing Wave: This trait has incorporated the benefits of the now-defunct Icy Mist.
  • Icy Mist: Replaced with Arcane Abatement. Take 50% less damage from falling. Create a spell when you take falling damage based on your attunement. Fire—Ring of Fire, water—Healing Wave, air—Static Field, and earth—Earthquake.
  • Arcane Resurrection: Applies auras for five seconds instead of 10. Now also increases revive speed by 10%.
  • Stone Splinters: Increased range from 300 to 600 units.
  • Bolt to the Heart: Increased health percent from 25 to 33.
  • Pyromancer’s Puissance: Increased might duration to 10 seconds.
  • Cantrip Mastery: This skill now works with Mist Form in PvE.
  • Trident: Rock Blade: This skill is no longer able to attack targets behind the player.
  • Mist Form: This skill now allows players to swap attunements while it is active, allowing glyphs to work in Mist Form.
  • Magnetic Grasp: This skill is now working as a leap finisher.
  • The Fireball tooltip has been updated to display the correct radius.
Signet of air and pyromancer puissance become slightly more attractive but still not enough for me. Decent change for soothing wave and magnetic grasp but all in all not great changes for us.

Let's speak meta... 5 topics in one!

05 December 2012 - 01:03 PM

I was thinking about what's the best composition for tourneys and I have a couple of questions for everybody:

1) often the discussion about professions is quite short-sighted because it revolves around 1v1 which is one of the possible scenarios in tournment but probably not the one you see more often. Is it really so appealing to have somebody that can 1v1 very well but it's not so useful in a teamfight? For example 1v1 builds often need surviving traits to work cause pure damage would be too fragile: in a teamfight the problem could be solved.

2) this leads me to the second point. Control abilities are often used for bunker builds but could be used in combination to let the dps builds dish up more damage and let them unequip their control/defensive abilities. I dont deny a bunker or maybe even 2 (depending how u wanna play your team) are necessary but couldnt we have 1 proper bunker and 1 high survivability controller? Or it's a waste in your opinion?

3) Support: 80-90% of cases discussions about support end up being discussions about healing. Support could be other things. While i dont deny the usefulness of defensive support and healing there are support builts that can grant many stacks of might or even permafury. Again: i'm silly to consider offensive support as useful as defensive one?

4) Condition vs power: this is not quite a question but more like an opinion. Isnt the game a bit biased towards condition builds? Except a few high burst builds direct damage seems to be falling behind in general. Or am i horribly wrong? This idea may actually be connected with point 3 since it forces at least one of the team to be condition cleanser (support necro or ele very often) therefore limiting possibilities.

5) After all this please give me your favourite composition for tourneys, being specific about who does what. I'm just curious about what people consider "best in slot" for a team.