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#1750592 Why Downed State is actually good for glass cannons

Posted Thaghor on 17 August 2012 - 05:02 AM

There are billions of complains about downed state. I don't mind. There are valid reasons against it. But there is one thing I have to read again and again, and no one ever corrects it:

"downed state makes playing glass-cannon impossible"

Let's start with 1on1. In 1on1 most bursts are pretty hard to land if the enemy knows what he's doing. That's why, to be viable, the burst, when it hits, has to be very strong and meaningfull. On a side note - I guess we can agree that in a 1on1 downed state doesn't matter(not considering "random" cross-map rallies, but that's another story).

Now the game doesn't only consist of 1on1s. In a teamfight, with some coordination, it's often very easy to land the burst, as enemies can't always save dodges and stunbreaks for you. Now if the burst is as strong as it has to be for 1on1, enemies die. Easily. Believe it or not, and I'm saying this as glass-cannon Ele, if you can easily kill stuff - that's not a good thing. It isn't balanced. Most people, though, like balance. So usually there would be 2 design choices:
Decrease the burst, so more people have to put up an effort to burst someone down, or make the burst harder to actually land, so even in a teamfight it's actually difficult to get your burst off.
Both solutions would most likely destroy glass-cannons in 1on1. But Downed State is another solution. Why? Downed State makes easy downs in Teamfights ok. The enemy team didn't just get forced into a 2v3/3v4 without being able to do much about it - they can still prevent the stomp and rez him. Downed State allows us to have strong and reliable bursts that aren't op. And in my humble opinion, those of us who actually play burst/glass-cannon because they enjoy the playstyle, not because they want to get quick and easy kills, actually want burst to be balanced.

In addition, Downed State allows glass-cannons to sometimes all-in in teamfights. You can actively decide to blow up an enemy and suicide for it - if you think, or better know, that your team has superior control/anti-control abilities up so he will get stomped and you will get rezzed.

P.S.: I actively ignored most of the strategic depth around the downed state and the arguments against it. With this thread I really just want to explain why I believe that a Downed State is great for glass cannons, unlike what so many believe.

Yes, Downed State means if you burst someone down, you haven't pretty much won the fight yet. But in turn, that fact allows the Devs to keep strong burst in.