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Confused much?

23 September 2012 - 10:00 PM

This is not a mesmer whine. Just sharing my experience :)

Today I ran into a mesmer. He had literally tons of clones, I kept tagging him but somehow he always appeared from a different direction and hit like a truck.
Usually I have a tiny chance against a good mesmer if he misses some moves but not this guy. No sirree. After dying a couple of times (13k damage from Spatial Surge) I started to think there has to be something to this. It was so unbelievable.

So I press B and there you go. 2 mesmers almost identical names and identical appearance. Those blokes were unkillable. With 8 same looking asuras running around and spamming spatial surge there was no way in hell to spot the right ones in time. In one second they did so much damage together that after I just ran away if I saw them.

So is this becoming the new trend now? Have you encountered such?

Im not sure where Im going with this post but I banged my head to the table, believing Im a totally horrible player and laughed so hard after realizing there were two of them :) Dont fall into the same trap :D

Managing CDs

20 August 2012 - 08:02 AM

If Im correct Anet isnt really fond of third party programs like custom able UIs and such? Right?
Which is sad, because I would almost give my right arm (if I wouldnt need it to play) to get a UI for the ele, and why not other classes too, where you could see all your skills at the same time. But I think ele would make the best of it.

That would really help in managing skills. How many times have you thought that your heal in water attunement has become off cooldown and then switch to water only to see its like 10 more seconds. And spam autoattack like a man possessed until that 10 secs has gone? :)

It punishes ele even more than other professions with two weapon sets, because that attunement you just came from is now on cooldown and if you switch to other attunement then you have to wait for that heal even longer. Seeing all the cooldowns on one glance would really help me plan my strategy ahead more easily. This would actually, at least for me, solve some problems ele currently has.

How do YOU manage your cooldowns? Am I just a bad, because I cant keep track of 20 skills?