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Magi exotic armor

14 August 2013 - 02:07 PM

Hi Guys,

OK, I'm a bit confused as to this, I haven't found a way to craft exotic magi stat set armor. I can't craft it but can only get a rare set with Pact or Priori armor, and cal also get a crest for it, but that's not what I'm interested in.

Can anyway help me out here please? Confused.

Thanks in advance

New Elementalist needs guidance

14 August 2013 - 05:56 AM

Hey guys,

Yep it's one of those threads. I need some guidance with the elementalist, which I hope you can provide. I'll make my own deductions and I'd like you to correct me if I'm wrong.

From what I can gather from gameplay and forum topics, the key to elementalists is attunement swapping depending on the situation, similar to engineers and kits, but with a higher CD. Eles seem to hit very weakly at the moment, except for dagger main hand, although you have to be real close. So far I'm liking the Dagger/focus combo because it has a nice mix between damage and defense, but I still feel like I'm missing something, and that's probably the traits.

Here's my main issue: How can you swap attunements effectively if you trait for two (like I often see) elements? Do you trait not for the traits themselves but the stat boosts only, in which case I guess air is a must for general PvE.

What kind of balanced stats should I take? My mesmer is a berserker, engineer a rabid/carrion, guardian knight with boon % runes, and my Orr farming warrior berserker too, but none of them have survival issues eles do.

Should I focus on a mix of knight and a random with vitality in it?

Thanks for your time :)

The Warhammer 40'000 discussion thread

08 June 2013 - 06:57 AM

Hello fellow dark grim far future lovers, since I haven't seen anything remotely like this anywhere here, I wanted to start a discussion thread on anything Warhammer 40'000 related. Can be lore, your preferred army on tabletop, what character you associate best, let us know :)

Let's just keep it civil, unless you wish to express your disdain for those Khorne worshipping Zealots, then go right ahead ;) basically I'd say *in character* taunting is encouraged ;) could be fun.l if the mods agree.

So to.start it off, I'm gonna go.right ahead and say that I love the Imperial Guard. The whole Russian army mentality, with the average human trained to fight the horrors of the cosmos is really appealing. A united cause reinforced by the guns of commissars, a valiant charge to.defend the imperium and all you believe in, suddenly.cut short by a passing, lucky shell hit, or the bile of a Great Uncean One. Give your all to defend your Emperor and your never to be seen again family, inspiring.

Love the Dark Angels too. First legion,  Noble knights living in the gray side of truth, covering up their secret hunt for their traitorous kinsmen.

Favorite Dark Angel: Ezekiel, grand master of.the librarians, carrying the names of the traitorous Fallen Angels.

those games everyone likes but you don't

23 May 2013 - 02:35 PM

Hey guys,

Ok, so first let's not turn this into a flame war ok? We all have different tastes so people won't agree with you.

My inquiry is based on pure curiosity, and I also love seeing people not following the trend just because it's cool.

With that, I'll start with Skyrim.

Yes, I'm probably part of that 1% of people.who simply do not like skyrim as much as, say, Morrowind (Elder Scrolls 3), which sits on my top 5 best games ever.

Why? Well simply because it's... Boring. Every single quest is the same as the other, you become so powerful nothing stops you, dragons are easy, not enough factions to join, bad pc port, you can't create your own spells, the shouts are a gimmick best left out. Story is incredibly thin too, more so than other elder scrolls, at least in Morrowind you were chosen to be sent off, not right place right time deal.

Played a pure mage Breton up to 29 and I was bored even before then. Tried playing skyrim again a few days ago... Went to play X Com on classic mode instead.

Music is beyond epic though :) (thank you Mr Soule).

Ok now please do the same for half life, bioshocks etc...

Client unable to gain access

16 May 2013 - 07:59 PM

Hey guys,

Anyone in EU just got kicked from the game saying your "trial account" has ran out?