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In Topic: What Happened to the Direction of ANet?

19 December 2013 - 05:49 AM

I used to defend the manifesto of this game to the teeth 3 betas and a month in it had promise. However to me it dropped the ball on the PVP aspect to me anyway. As soon as they got the first wave of subs they decided they were not really serious about Esports or WvW after all which begged the question why did they have that focus at all. The combat system is just horrible for WvW they basically give you a ping pong paddle in a tennis court. Too much emphasis on dps very little flexibility and I dont buy into them trying to get away from holy trinity when what it felt like was a bunch of classes with similar abilities but different dps tags. Some things were good especially the movement skills but they never fleshed out healing style skills nothing ever scaled with dps not even close. I have not played since maybe 6 months after release but you could pull off 30k dps from bleeds and flat damage before you could get off a few hundred healing point or vampirism ticks.

They seemed to have gotten so off track with grinding pve events the world itself is in slow motion, crafting is flat if they had been serious about that aspect their would be more focus on personal property, town building etc. All of those kind of things would have fed better into the WvW they were doing but because it is instanced and not a true RvR in real time none of that would have been relevant. You end up with a game cut into 3 pieces none of which effect the others almost like different games which in turn makes the other pieces less important. Which is why people are just doing things in this game casually but never thinking any thing they do matters.

Now I am watching people defend ESO the way I used to defend GW2 and its basically the same thing with less options, the best laid plans.

So I got bored and made an animal tamer in UO ah wonderful 2d a lot more entertaining than any of this crop of action combat crap. TERA and Neverwinter yeh those were "winners" to.

I was just curious what the actual people still playing were saying needless to say I am not surprised figured I would say dammit and shit and maybe get a mod to give me a negative mark again for old times sake. Naut can do it he was always a prick.

In Topic: why so much negativity

17 December 2012 - 02:16 AM

View PostRagnadaam, on 17 December 2012 - 12:16 AM, said:

The alternative would have been to have tons of skills, the results of which would have lead to this game being like every other mmo in history: many skills that are superfluous, redundant, outdated, useless, and when it comes to pvp, impossible to balance. Seeing as how they said they wanted this game to be e-sport material, it isn't hard to see why they did what they did. Of course one way or the other people will complain; either too few skills and not enough builds, or horrible, horrible balance, combined with many skills that just never get used, or are hardly used. I'd rather them start off on the lean side and through patches and expansions build on the system, as despite the amount of QQ about it, this game really is quite decently balanced for how new it is, and anyone that says otherwise is lying, has no pvp experience in other mmos, or is just overreacting.

Thats just it the problems with GW2 pvp have nothing really to do with the numbers game, people of the same skill level will have an equal footing against each other, the problem is lack of interest in wanting to do so, which seems to be an overall problem not just relegated to pvp. What it lacks is not balance but debth, and any interest what so ever. You do not need to have a free for all skill based system with 350 skills to bring class and spec diversity, however 5 skill groups crammed into 20 which you will realistically usually take 2 from one group in most cases to have trait synergy. Then those skills are all just that fast castables. Along with rigid weapon loadouts directed towards dps spam. To put this in Magic the Gathering terms Imagine that everyone is playing red burn 60 card decks.  Now sure its balanced, but after a while everyone is bored to death. There are examples from modern games of far more interesting systems that dont pigeonhole playstyle like this, you dont have to either be pure skill based or a wow skill tree clone, Secret world even though it has no pvp has a Fantastic skill system or what Skyrim did. GW2 also has a discernable lack of not only meaningful CC, healing, but also passives. The argument is that well that its supposed to be that way because so much damage is done so fast that 1 second of fear is actually a  lot, but I call BS and do not agree with that at all. PVP also feels like busy work since for the most part Most people are playing condition specs and the conditions which are in fact just shitty dots need to be constantly reapplied turns pvp into droll mindless busy work usually in the area the size of a large AOE template. It not onlly is not casual friendly by its nature its just not very fun.

And for the love of god don't turn this into a epeen rage topic, not liking GW2s pvp doesn't mean those players have a lack of skill, Jesus.

In Topic: why so much negativity

16 December 2012 - 11:44 PM

View PostXPhiler, on 16 December 2012 - 08:16 PM, said:

And thats the problem with the negativity. You're seeing a biased source and making your decision based on the opinion of a few people who complain about issues *they* dont like. Not that there is really any guarantee had you tried the game you'd like it of course maybe you're right and you did save yourself some money. But there are plenty of people who like the game.

For example Duskwolf thinks the gw2 combat system is bad. I find it to be the most flexible combat system I have ever experienced.

So is the combat system an issue or not?

The combat system itself, no, the diversity within that system, quite obviously yes. I dont find ten hot keys and learning combos all that challenging, thats not to say that that in itself is bad, but that lack of skill options within that system is, very few weapon options and few non dps options are also a problem.
While in my old age and vast experience GW2s combat SYSTEM is not that bad, its far from alien. It is not some great original thing, GW2 didn't invent skills or preset weapon attacks, as anyone who has played standard asian grinders can attest to . At core what GW2 did wrong was limit the amount of skills then bracketed them in to easy to control catagories so out of those 20 skills you realistically have 5 focus areas and the nature of the weapon system dictates a default dps playstyle along with short duration fast paced combat with little meaningful control or non dps activities that people need to keep pvp interesting.

Of course he can just watch pvp videos to determine this for himself and not throw his money away at rose tinted hype.

In Topic: why so much negativity

16 December 2012 - 07:21 AM

I doubt anyone who saw my posts a few months ago would have accused me of being a GW2 hater. However they have failed to add depth to PVP beyond dps spamming and its just a Zerg. They failed to capitalize on the very pve systems they put in place and have opted to trash all of that and do what they said they were not going to do. Now I see topics asking why they even have DEs when they are just going to make fractals for progression loot grinding later on. They promoted themselves as an Esport they cant even do RvR and make it interesting, how are they going to make a successful Esport. Not to mention on top of how utterly boring the pvp spec options are, dps or dps, hmm dps, the pvp mats are god awful. They have all these talented people and they manage to make pvp maps that feel ike 4X4 boxes. I played better maps on N64 playing Perfect Dark and you know I am right.

I mean I was optomistic and took up for the game but it seems to be built for a 2 month dead end. As soon as we all figured out how to spec and had all the combo fields, specs, other combos and synergies down, you quickly realize the so called hybrids are all heavy dps with accents, roaming, zerging and Bunker. I don't care what logic you come up with, pvp built around 95% depedendy on pure dps is a shoot out and I can just Play Halo if I want that.

Chances are by the time the next expansion is out Necromancers will still be broken, vampirism will still be utterly useless and Rangers still won't use shouts, they will ignore or just scrap the DEs they had in mind and do more fking fractals because everyone of course wants more phat lootz.

I love it when people say you are not playing GW2 right, like its their fault the game is boring as hell, ITS BORING. Its just that simple, the game is boring as hell. There is not a nice way of saying the game puts me to sleep. It doesnt have to be that way but GW2 has ignored all the interesting aspects of the game that are either broken, bugged or underpowered, etc. and just adds crap none of us wanted in the first place. Christ even the gear grinders who wanted 20 man raids a few months ago think its sucks, they dont know what the hell kind of game they want to be, and you can tell.

In Topic: Considering coming back

15 December 2012 - 02:07 AM

Combat system was still horrible when I left, doubt that has changed much.
I would wait until the next expansion and get feedback after they decide what kind of mmo they want to be, since apparently they still do not know.