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Anyone else feel like they fell for the old bait and switch?

23 October 2012 - 02:27 PM

I was a former WOW player, Guild Wars 2 wasn't the reason I quit but I thought of it as the next step of the evolution. I've gone through UO, Ascheron's Call, Everquest, WOW, and a little Diablo 2. Upon first seeing the concepts for GW2 I was amazed. No grind, no gear treadmill, cool character design, dynamic events... you name it they had it. Now it seems they are trying to force players as much as they can to use the store. They make the more in demand items hard as hell to get, requiring grinds (granted you don't need them) or you can spend real money and have it in days. I have stacks and stacks of chest with no keys. Seems the keys are rare unless you pay for them. I am saddened at how a game with so much potential is getting less and less appealing every time I play it. Arenanet has more competition coming soon and unless they make good on their promises and stop making a money grab I feel the game I had such big hopes for may die.