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[Answered] Guild bounties: requesting bottom line for REALLY small guilds.

10 March 2013 - 11:56 PM

Hello there.

My guild, within the next week, will be in a position to decide our next long term karma goal. We have been active since launch and have architecture 5 and our full sized guild vault, and will be looking at queueing guild weapons within the week. This brings us to our "guild features 1.0" state of "complete" in the realistic vision of the guild, since we don't maintain the karma income to justify wasting it on temporary buffs.

We are small. We are fine with being small. We meet once a week for fun times and roaming around pre-scheduled areas (unless we have someone too low to go there, then we switch it up), and get 3-7 people, with an average of 4-5 for these scheduled timeframes. We are not looking to recruit, and not looking to join other guilds just to experience guild missions, and would be perfectly happy spending forever on bounty tier 1 if need be.

The question is, before we commit MONTHS of Karma, is tier 1 bounty over our head? It won't hurt our feelings if this is so, we understand that most of this content isn't aimed at guilds our size, I'm simply asking because our karma income, slow and dear as it is, will soon be up for review as to its direction.

I've looked on the wiki ( http://wiki.guildwar...ki/Guild_Bounty ) and the only direct queries I have remaining are:

-The timer: This is the big one. How much time do we get? Is this a tight, stressful timeframe (not attractive) or a "don't take forever" timeframe, particularly in the context of our guild size?

-The difficulty: We're not total facerollers, but we generally prefer outer world content, and there's maybe one piece of dungeon gear between all of us, with some of us hissing and pointing crosses toward the GW2 dungeon model (I think it's fine for what it is, it's just not for me). We can take champions out in the wild, but are these standard champions or special "mini dragon fights" we're talking about?

Again, if it turns out that this content isn't for us, we'd rather know now than after we go from zero points in "art of war" to capping it out. We've considered sitting on all karma until guildhalls show up, so our options are realistically wide open.

Thank you in advance for any and all constructive replies :)

How many folks are paused in personal story at the 5-man part?

10 March 2013 - 04:07 AM

One of my few sources of total GW2 morale deflation comes from knowing that my personal story, all mine, and soloable for 99% of it, not my neighbor's problem, ends in a 5-man instance.

I respect the GW2 5-man ethic, just look at my post history. I'm the most adamant non-dungeon runner who thinks dungeons in THIS game should stay as they are, no trinity, no automatic dungeon finder.

And that same vehemence, which I maintain, locks me out of the end of my personal story. It feels like a mild betrayal that my stance is simultaneously "yay! Personal story for players to solo and enjoy on their own and not burden others with their learning-ness" and "yay challenging 5-mans, for established groups that will communicate to overcome challenges if they want to succeed!"

I was just wondering, how common is this "stuck at the dungeon" state? One of the few places where I don't support ArenaNet in their decisions is this mixing of solo and group-mandatory content.

I was reminded of this issue today when I saw a screenshot posted by a member of my guild (and before you say "run the instance with the guild"... most of us have the same "GW2 dungeons are respectfully not for me/us" stance as I do) where his personal story was in the corner of the screen and, sure enough, paused at the dungeon point... where it will probably stay for good, just like mine. It makes me not even bother running the story on my other characters, and subsequently not even log on as much.

Am I alone in this problem? No I'm not looking for help, trust me, you don't want to run a dungeon with me hehe.

PvE bounty missions to require WvW guild levels

22 February 2013 - 12:43 PM

Title and official post pretty much say it all


Each guild mission type becomes available through an upgrade that is researched in the guild tech tree. The first one is Guild Bounties, which does require Art of War level 5

*erects anti-rage bunker*

Straight up, this pretty much bones my guild, and I'm sure I'm not alone.


Self-Hair Style and Total Makeover Kits Now Available in the Gem Store!

27 November 2012 - 11:43 AM

Posted Image

ArenaNet has announced in Twitter that there are some new sale items on the BLTC Gem store! Self-style hair kits sell for 250 gems or 5 kits for 1000 gems and the total makeover kits sell for 350 gems or 5 kits for 1400 gems. They also went on to say that the makeover kit does NOT include a name change.

@GuildWars2: Now available on the Black Lion Trading Company, Style Hair and Total Makeover Kits, enjoy :) ^AT [Source]

Posted Image

So who's excited about these new kits? Who plans on changing their appearance anytime soon?

Anyone else starting to plan around never having guesting?

27 November 2012 - 10:41 AM

Now, I don't mean to be a doomsayer here, but because of the delayed implementation of guesting, I've started to dial back the "home server doesn't matter unless you're into WvW" pitch when recruiting new friends to the game.

It's starting to feel like the term without guesting will be longer and more formative to player perspective of servers and community than we ever thought it would be. Moving up to launch, my guild were very open with our friends about, due to guesting, not imposing a home server on people who wished to join us, but now I find we're helping friends co-ordinate getting on to what has solidly become a home and singular server. Just like every other game.

By the time guesting gets put in, will there really be a use for it?

It almost seems that they never were truly prepared to *do* guesting, as apparently the delays are rooted in not having answers to the exploits possible with rare material nodes. As I understand it, the WvW culture as well is almost adopting an entitlement to move where the winning is happening. At this point, it almost seems that the implementation of guesting will tick some people off, as they will have to *gasp* pick a side that might actually not win all the time.

Am I misreading this? Is the absence of guesting settling too strongly in the culture of the game, or are we still holding out and anticipating this feature, with plans for it?

Is "nevermind, we're better off without guesting" something we're willing to accept from ArenaNet at this point? I have to admit, it wouldn't impact me at all, but I'm not going to speak for everyone in that regard.