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In Topic: Can we talk seriously about the Lunar New Year event?

11 February 2015 - 08:13 PM

I really like the achievements.  I do agree though that there's very little to this event apart from Dragon Ball and everything tied to it.

In Topic: I’ve been playing GW2 wrong, and loving it.

27 January 2015 - 08:19 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 26 January 2015 - 09:24 PM, said:

What you do with the game has zero to due with what it was designed for.

Absolutely wrong.  Every step I make in GW2 is possible because ANet made it possible for me to run around on foot.  Every monster I kill in GW2 is possible because ANet gave me ways to interact with them and bring them to a death state.  Every reward that drops for me is possible because ANet put it in a loot table.  None of these could happen if ANet didn't make it possible for me to do them, so these actions have everything to do with how the game is designed.  Furthermore, there are incentives all over the place that ANet puts in to get players to behave in specific ways.  ANet rewards players with gold for doing specific things.  Players want this gold because they can use it to buy other things they want that ANet allows them to chase after.  How players do these things is also a matter of how ANet designs it.

But if players don't want those things, then they don't do things to get gold.  It is absolutely the responsibility of ANet that there are things that some people want and will play for and others don't care about.  It is absolutely their responsibility how many players are made to care about one thing and not care about another.  All the power to raise and lower incentives for doing anything in the game is in ANet's hands.  If they want people doing something, they'll make it easier to do or give people more rewards for doing it, and the opposite for things they don't want people to do.

If players determine that the best way to get more rewards is to kill things faster, players that want rewards will find out how to kill things the fastest to get the most rewards.  The rewards in place and the tools players use to get them were all designed by ANet, and they are thus entirely responsible for the feelings players have towards wanting the rewards and decisions players make on how to get them.  If players determine that pure damage is the most efficient manner to get rewards, that is because ANet designed it that way.  It doesn't matter how much ANet says about "we intended for players not to chase after rewards" when the systems in place that they designed encourage entirely different behavior.

If ANet didn't want players all doing the same thing, they wouldn't have designed their game to have their greatest rewards tied to a universal solution of "kill everything ASAP with this setup".  That's how they've made it and how they've left it and how players have responded, and it's all ANet's fault.  Their intentions are irrelevant.


Design is reflective of intent, not unforeseen player dickery.

Good design matches intent.  Bad design falls subject to unforeseen player dickery, which goes unforeseen because the designers don't think about the consequences and how players would or could react to different options and stimuli, because they're bad designers.


The fact that you choose to disregard such an obvious fact show just what kind of self-righteous over entitled spoiled brat you are. "This game should have been designed to cater to me even though what I want is the exact opposite of what the people who made the game want."

Not once have I said that the game should cater to any one thing, or even to me.  Put your projection aside.

What I have been saying from the start is that, as the facilitator of all players' interactions and behavior in their game, ANet is entirely responsible for shaping that behavior and those interactions.  The reason players put so much stress on doing as much damage as possible is because it completes the common universal objective of killing things in the most efficient manner, which leads to reaping the most rewards.  Everything to do with that is ANet's fault.  They made damage king and control and support not worthwhile.  They turned every important encounter into a "kill it (quickly)" scenario.  They put all the best and greatest rewards behind gate upon gate of this same objective.  The players are all merely along for the ride, doing whatever ANet asks of them to get their next carrot.  If ANet decided that they didn't want players doing what they're doing the way that they're doing it, they are the only ones in charge of the steering wheel to make a course change.

But I guess you couldn't gather than narrative from my posts because you're just as causal a reader and poster as you are a player.  Now, there's nothing wrong just with being a casual or doing things casually.  Where you've crossed the line is in saying that something is good because it can be experienced casually, which you explain you do because of a list of faults that ruin the game for you if you take it seriously, and then you blame the players that try to take the game seriously with its faults rather than the developers that built those faults right into the game and are the only reason why those faults exist.

We get it.  You don't care about the game.  You don't have any interest or investment in seeing the game improve.  You don't want to give the developers any credit for what they've accomplished.  You just want to tout your superior play style over everyone else that isn't like you or the rest of your circlejerk.  Now, piss off and read this, because I know you haven't yet if you can still bring that attitude of yours around here.

In Topic: I’ve been playing GW2 wrong, and loving it.

26 January 2015 - 08:57 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 26 January 2015 - 06:05 PM, said:

I blame the players for one primary reason; its their choice. Arena Net didn’t create the meta; the players did.

ANet is every bit responsible for the meta being what it is, considering how damage and wall hugging is what every basic encounter boils down to and has been that way since the very beginning because that's how ANet designed it to be.  ANet has had years to shift this to something else of their liking but haven't done so, either because they can't do it, don't know how to do it, or haven't recognized it as a problem.  In any case, it's their fault.  Nobody on the player's side can do anything about how any of the encounters are set up or the skills work, so the meta is as good as fixed once the most efficient means has been figured out from the player's perspective.  Player choice means jack shit after that, because whatever someone chooses to run is not going to change the meta.  That responsibility falls solely unto ANet.


The notion that there isn’t enough build verity is utter bullshit; I’ve played about a dozen distinct builds with the ranger alone before settling on my favored area-denial trap build. Players CHOOSE to ignore all their options and all the game’s depth just so they can squeeze a little bit more DPS out of their characters. And yeah, the game wasn’t designed for that. It was designed for players to all be doing something different, not all the same thing, and you can’t fault Arena Net for what YOU blatantly refuse to even consider as a viable alternative.

"What the game was designed for" to you seems to mean "what the devs wanted players to do".  What it means to me is "what players are actually doing".  If players on the whole have decided that the best way to clear content is to zerker zerg through it, who cares how the developers intended for players to do it?  What actually happened is that the devs made a game where the best way to clear content is to zerker zerg through it.  If that wasn't their vision of what they wanted players to do, and if they also would prefer that players do what they wanted them to do rather than what they are actually doing, then the devs did a bad job of making their game and should be held every bit responsible for the players' behavior they facilitated.


And there is a huge difference between making use of tools at your disposal and exploiting bugs. Guess what “stack on boss” is. Bugs are an unavoidable part of working with computers, but it is the players who choose to exploit them. And an exploit, by its very nature, robs the game of its depth and challenge. What the player base is doing right now is equivalent to turning on god mode and complaining that they can’t be killed. Of course you can’t be killed; you’re using a game breaking cheat.

Players are doing nothing with the game other than playing by the game's rules, all of which were written by ANet.  If ANet doesn't like the rules, or if players decide that the rules are terrible, the only way those rules are being changed is if ANet does something about them.  If stacking on a boss is an exploit or a bug or a problem and needs to be changed/removed, ANet is the only one who has any power to change it and thus has all the responsibility for it being the way it is and staying that way for as long as it has.  Excusing bad and lazy design by crying "it's a bug, it's unintentional, it just happens!" every time is a great way to rob ANet of any responsibility to fix or address it, and it somehow makes people think that no bug can have any impact on how anyone judges the quality of a game.  Getting into a fight with me where you only allow punching and then complaining later when I lay into you with brass knuckles isn't going to make me look like the idiot.


While I agree GW2 isn’t on par with GW1, Arena Net nevertheless gave us an MMO with a huge amount of depth and build diversity, and you have nobody but yourself to blame for refusing to think outside the trinity box. Just because you don't have tanks and healers DOESN’T MEAN you have to optimize for damage. Hell because the game isn’t designed for that it means you probably SHOULDN’T.

As long as the best way to beat a game is to just kill things faster, optimizing for damage will be the go-to strategy, trinity or not.  They had decades of video games and centuries of other games and real-world problems to look back on and realize that people will look for optimal solutions.  Things like "have to" or "should" are completely irrelevant.  If ANet didn't want maximizing damage to be the meta, they should have thought about that when they made their game and built it so that didn't happen.  They either didn't think that way or they didn't program that way, so it didn't happen, and it's all their fault.

In Topic: I’ve been playing GW2 wrong, and loving it.

26 January 2015 - 05:03 PM

View PostArkham Creed, on 26 January 2015 - 06:36 AM, said:

Here is the thing; the GW2 content/gameplay problem isn’t an issue of design or mechanics. One of these days I’m going to have to get my act together and start that youtube show “Blame the Fans” I’ve been dreaming up….anyway, the deal is we’re the problem. Or I should say you’re the problem, since I’m not doing these things. You see I am the head of a very small semi-casual guild. Not one of us has a single piece of Ascended gear, only one of us bothers with zerker stats, we rarely read the wiki or boss guides, and often don’t know what we’re doing in dungeons. Yeah; we’re bad. But you know what else? It’s a freaking blast.

This attitude is so quintessentially "I play-for-fun" that it makes my stomach turn.

You and your friends are so blinded by being entertained by shallow gameplay that you can't even see the contradictions in your own opening statement.  It somehow isn't the fault of the developers that people find problems in the game, and yet you admit to/claim that

"content is so zergy and everything can be DPSed down in seconds... a lack of challenging content or defined player roles... someone is going to find the right place to stack to EXPLOIT AI pathing or targeting bugs, everyone is going to repair their zerker gear, and the whole server is going to break the game and then complain that its broken."

...which is all entirely the fault of ANet because it's the way they chose to make their game.  ANet is (together with NCsoft) solely responsible for every decision they've made about how to build and present their game, and you somehow have the audacity to fault the playerbase when they call out ANet for having not designed the game in a manner which meets the studio's own touted goals and objectives.  If ANet wants players to behave a certain way, and players end up behaving differently, it's because ANet, as the one in charge of all of the interactive bits and systems and laying everything out to manipulate player behavior, did not design a game that makes players behave that way, and that is their fault.  Video games as a medium are all about shaping player interaction, and you are like someone who would blame clay for not turning itself into a vase rather than the potter that can't figure out how to work their wheel.


When you DON’T use an optimized zerker build, and when you DON’T stack in exploitive areas, and DON’T mindlessly zerg the game is great.

Again, there are all these things you point out that players have figured out and regularly do that demonstrate how poorly thought out and designed this game is, and if only players didn't do these things, they could see how great the game really is.  You would rather blame the player for playing too efficiently than the designer for designing poorly, because it's not as though the designer could possibly have made the game in some other way that didn't allow for or encourage that behavior.


Play the game wrong. You just might find that you like it.

If playing like shit is the way you get through the game, then something else is shit - the game or your standards, or both.  Bad games have bad solutions which are bad for any number of reasons (cheap, simple, lazy, easy, obvious, etc).  Not caring that those bad solutions exist or that the developer should do anything about them is a bad standard.

Go cram your casual guild in some corner of the world and keep playing terribly with your thoughts to yourself.  It's obvious that you don't care about the condition or quality of the game or about improving it, or you'd otherwise have some understanding about why and how the game is where it is and who to hold responsible.  Stand down and let other people challenge ANet for a better game.  You and your friends will find a way to gimp yourselves into finding it fun anyways.

In Topic: Need Help To Be Unbanned on the Official GW2 Forums

26 January 2015 - 03:29 PM

View PostInfiniteRetro, on 26 January 2015 - 12:43 PM, said:

I had no idea how bad it has been on there. No one should be perma banned for a sound opinion. I was on the gw1 guru forums this afternoon...one member questioned why the game is on sale for the massive percentage off and if indeed things are more dire than is let on.

What do you think?

Tinfoil hat time.

It's probably an attempt to draw in new players and get them sucked into the world long enough to buy the expansion.  ANet crunched the numbers and figured out how long their typical new player retention is and came up with a plan to release information and gameplay over time to keep those new players interested and hooked all the way to the release of the expansion.  This will pay off either by getting those new players to buy the expansion or getting them hooked into buying more gem store stuff that comes out around the same time.