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News on the Gw2 extension i'm working on

30 December 2012 - 05:35 PM

Hello everyone, a while back i created a discussion with what the community wants as a tool outside the game, so I started studying my guildwars 2 behavior inside/outside the game. I noticed alot of times I would get in GW2 just to check the TP and then log out, so I started developpment for the ultimate Google Chrome/ firefox addons for the traders out there.

While I'm currently studying the API's better and how I can make a full featured addon for the community. And possibly use this project as my university developpement project for software engineering :)

Here is the backbone of my current project, I started out with Chrome addon first, since developping for chrome is much easier than firefox.

This addon is very simple for the pros in coding, and while it's simple, i found it being very useful, in one simple click I have access to TP from my browser.

Thought I include Install directions for the less Tech Savvy:

-Go to your Extensions directory in Chrome

-Drag the Chrome Extension.CRX to your Extensions page.

-Click the GW2 TP Icon, and start using.
Posted Image

It is quite simple addon for now, but I'm currently working on adding :
-Favorites tab, and notifications for buy/sell orders.

For the firefox addon, i'm still working on it, so bear with me !

Please leave your feedback as well as ideas.

Possible Dungeon Finder app/ chrome extension

26 December 2012 - 04:52 AM

Hi guys, Im testing the waters to start developing a dungeon finder app, possibly for android/ios platforms if people use their phones while gaming nearby.

I also thought a Chrome/ firefox Extension would probably be a better idea ?

So I need your feedback if I should start developing such an app/extension, I'm thinking a kind of global LFG chat sections for different dungeons, that would require you to input a nickname, look for a group or look for more players for your group, then exchange In-game names to make party and play together.

Acquiring Dusk/Dawn of rage for less than 20g +MF80% required

25 September 2012 - 12:31 PM

Hi there, while I warn you this requires luck, like MOST things in an MMO...

Alright, here is my way or guide how I made 3 Dusks and 1 Dawn so far, I didn't try getting other Exotics since at the time I was only interested in these two.

1) Mystic forge method. Yield 2 Dusks 1 Dawn so far. 28 Exotics used, total price ~85g, Total Profit AS of today's pricing 340g-85g = 255g (120g ea Dusk 100g Dawn)

    -Alright so I scanned the market for the most available cheapest exotic Greatsword that has the same stats as these 2, My result for the most beneficial Exotic used was Berserker'
s Pearl broadsword
Which currently goes for 4x4g each 16g total.
   - Next while acquiring 4 Berserker's Pearl broadsword, you eat your MF buffs, at the time I had +100%MF.

   - Went ahead and clicked Forge, and Saw Dusk at the right part of the screen.

PS: So far the best item I found for getting Dusk/Dawn were the Berserker's Pearl broadsword.

2) Taking of temples, Event chests at the end. Yield 1 Dusk at Temple of Grenth with the zerg. Current MF89%

   - This one is pretty straightforward, while in Cursed Shore, in /map chat, get to see which of the 2 temples (Temple of Grenth, Temple of Melandru) people are doing.

   - Make sure to Always have MF% gear, since anyone who I spoke to, that got a Dusk/Dawn drop, had atleast 80%MF.

Heard Arah dungeon might drop at the chests, but I have no experience with that.

NOW you might say I just won the lottery or call BS on me, but there are 2 facts in the above listed,

1- I have the odds on my side, always go with MF% armors + food.
2- Pearl broadswords are the cheapest lvl80 exotics with the same stats, and yielded Mind Boggling results for me.

Please let me know what you think, leave a comment or a question, I will be happy to help.

Dragon armor, where is it ?

05 September 2012 - 08:04 PM

I want to know where it is, i want it ! Do you guys think there are a couple highend sets apart from the dungeon sets ?