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In Topic: GW2 caters more to the hardcore players than GW1 did

06 September 2013 - 12:56 PM

View PostDarkobra, on 06 September 2013 - 12:38 PM, said:

Well, first of all, you assume percentages even work in that manner. Second of all, you're comparing two COMPLETELY different games and two COMPLETELY different aspects. You can't compare one skill in the game that a warrior uses to an entire collection of armour in an entirely different game with entirely different mechanics.

This is why comparisons are bad. A lot of you just cannot make them accurately. I was honestly waiting for a World of Warcraft comparison to come next, since we're comparing entirely different games.

I don't mind discussing facts, but you've just given the equivalent of the price of milk in Canada to justify why you have to work so hard in Russia.

Right the comparison is only valid between gw1 and gw2 only on the negative side right? I mean its not like any of you guys never pointed out how gear was easy to acquire in Gw1 and how grindy it is to acquire in gw2.

In Topic: It's not grind

06 September 2013 - 12:43 PM

I think for the most part the problem is actually really simple if you remove all the fluff. The problem is in most cases rewards. If these LS events didnt provide any Achievement Points they wouldn't be nearly as stressful. Some like the queen gauntlet would still be a bit because the high difficulty makes it so you have to repeat it a few time and thus require quite a bit of time but for the rest finish the story elements and whatever flavor of content there is doesn't take that long. What makes them stressful is trying to get all the achievements done that requires quite a bit of effort.

Is all of this good or bad? honestly I dont know.

Remove achievement points and some players will feel the content is pointless.

Leave achievement points and some players will burn out trying to get them all release after release.

Now that they're moving towards more permanent content releases perhaps they can leave "demanding" achievements achievable for the longer term and have just a few achievements that dont take longer then completing all the content once temporary.

I think that might actually help this situation.

In Topic: GW2 caters more to the hardcore players than GW1 did

06 September 2013 - 12:25 PM

View PostDarkobra, on 06 September 2013 - 11:27 AM, said:

Uh... 300% is three times. 33% is 1/3rd.

yes exactly.

Ascended armor over Exotic armor in Gw2 gives you 10% advantage

Rank 6 of Save yourself over rank 5 in Gw1 gives you 33% advantage

Therefor the advantage you gain by going from rank 5 to rank 6 is in Gw1 is 3 times the advantage you gain by going to full ascended gear from exotic. Where exactly is my mistake?

I guess I need to learn some of you arent really interested in discussing anything objectively, you're only interested in trashing the game and those you try to support it as liking a post with factual mistakes clearly shows. For some the only reason necessary to like something negative is just to be negative, they dont even stop to read and understand what is being said.

So Sad. Anyway I am done, discussing with you people is pointless. Want to believe the world will end if you dont get all your ascended gear in the minimum amount of time theoretically possible. Be my guest you're the ones making your own lives hell. I and many many others are having a blast playing by our own pace.

In Topic: GW2 caters more to the hardcore players than GW1 did

06 September 2013 - 10:00 AM

@Miragee a lot of good points, nearly agree with everything you said. Except with what you call farm diversity in Gw2. That isnt true.
For specific dungeon skins yes you're tied to a dungeon so you would be right there, for anything else though thats not true.

Lets say I want to go for vision of the mists

The tricky part for that would be the 250 ectos and the 750 orchalcium ore.

Its not true the only option I have if open world zerg farming. If I choose to I can still do dungeon using the gold from that to buy the stuff and salvage rares for more ectos. I can gather the orchalcium directly. I can farm world bosses which generally always drop 2 rares at least. I can farm champions and there are multiple farms to choose from. Now there is the invasion. I can go with ascended crafting and sell the ascended refines. Hey if I am not in a super hurry I can just play as casually as I want, selling loot I get playing any part of the game and refining any rare +

I dont see how play variety to progress towards your goal is any worst then Gw1, personally I feel its actually better (but this is a subjective feeling dont expect everyone to agree me with)

In Topic: GW2 caters more to the hardcore players than GW1 did

06 September 2013 - 06:29 AM

View PostNash, on 06 September 2013 - 06:17 AM, said:

But that's the point- it was armor skins, not stats. And if you played EotN mission by mission you had the needed rank 5 on one fraction anyway. It's like the pact weapons in gw2 now. Play, finish, get your reward. Done.
And yes, there were rank based skills, giving players a slight advantage. But they were 100% PvE only and the scaling was really smooth.

I didnt say gw1 did it badly or was horrible or anything of the sort, I was just replying to Mhenlo who said in gw1 you could get anything playing how you wanted but not in gw2. Thats a false statement

though it wasnt just armor skins, you also had skills that required the same procedure and you couldnt get the necessary level by just playing the missions either. You had to go a bit out of your way. Not an amount that made it annoying dont get me wrong thats not what I am saying here. Just a little bit of side track. Compare that with Gw2, after a regular playing session you might need a few minutes to finish of the daily sure... is that a really bigger more annoying side track than you had in Gw1?