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Necro's selling point?

03 January 2013 - 12:39 AM


I (once again) started playing a Necromancer this week and got level 30 yesterday, so I did AC with my guild. It was fun, but I kind of missed a "I'm playing a Necro"-feeling.
I'm just starting to get used to Necro and in particular Death Shroud, but I spent quite some time thinking of endgame builds and fail to spot "special" abilities. I hope you get what I mean, I don't seem to find THE necro skill/trait combinations that allows him able to influence group play in a unique way.

What makes Necro a desirable group member? What is outstanding about his skillset? When do you think "wow, this only a necro can do"?

I have no doubt that necros have a bunch of options to contribute in group play but I'm just missing something special. Maybe Necro just doesn't suit my playstyle or it's a learn to play issue so I'm not sure if you can help me. However, I'd be grateful if you tried ;)

PvE gear attribute calculation spreadsheet

11 November 2012 - 06:19 PM

Hey, I made this because I wanted to have an overview over my final attributes before investing time in a new exotic set. It's nothing fancy, it just sums up the attribute bonuses of armor, weapon(s) and jewellery.
It should be self-explanatory, type in "1" or "2" in the first two charts for the equip you want to use. Of course, you shouldn't select 2 headgears or 4 weapons etc. at a time. Mind that health and armor base depends on your profession, you can just put a different value in it.
The numbers are those from level 80 exotic gear.


For reference I used the wiki, http://www.guildwars...nd-you-updated/, http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/ and the GW2DB.

I thought someone else might find it useful.

€: some corrections

Classical music recommendations?

16 October 2012 - 05:43 PM

Hey folks,

recently I've decided to have a listen to classical music. I'm usually more into folk/pagan/medieval metal so I don't really have an idea what masterpieces await me. I'm looking for strong and impressive tunes, so I would be thankful if you could name me some composer and/or give me links to their works.

sPvP Hybrid Warrior

11 August 2012 - 02:14 PM


May look crazy. It's a Warrior build made to play a versatile melee character, having access to decent direct and condition damage as well as some CC. The empty slots are purpose, since OH and the 3rd utility are matter of taste or rather should be chosen depending on the situation.

E.G. if your team lacks speed buffs, take warhorn. When the opposing team uses much CC, take balanced stance, otherwise more CC (Kick) or a gap closer (Bull's charge) etc.

Runes can be changed too. Imo Lyssa's should work fine with the (relative) low CD elite skill, but Thief's also do a good job (especially damage-wise) and Soldier's would provide better party condition remove. I played with Thief runes at the stress test.

I won't write a whole guide here, just some tips:
  • A level 1 Earthshaker is always a good AoE interrupt, giving enemies 3 stacks of 6sec confusion.
  • Use Hamstring and Hammer Shock to get some fury, the base crit chance of this build isn't that high so it increases your damage significantly. Not to mention that criple keeps enemies closer.
  • Close gaps with Savage Leap and ES.
  • Use shouts to boost your adrenaline in time of need or out of combat, so you can start a fight with F1.
  • Use OH Shield or Mace to execute long CC chains
  • Lock your enemies down so your team can focus them (ES, BB, Sword's F1)
  • Interrupt finishing moves on your teammates! (when not prevented by stability)
  • Res them.
  • Signet of Rage has many features: adrenaline generator, more firepower in battles, swiftness for getting to objectives and a "all condition remove"+short time steroids with Lyssa runes. Think before using it.
  • Longer lasting bleed stacks make it easier to keep track of mobile or stealthing enemies
  • Of course use your heal (which includes condition remove) and the stunbreaker accordingly.
  • Last but not least: hit your sh*t, dodge their sh*t.

Hope you like it,


Shortbow - condition or direct damage / overall purpose?

27 June 2012 - 11:17 PM

Hi folks, I played some Ranger today. Got him to level 16 last BWE and played some PvP matches, most of them with Axe/WH and GS.

When I tried to use Shortbow as my main weapon I noticed that it's basic attack does relative low damage, compared to longbow (even at short range) and axe, as a return it may inflict bleed.

To make it short: like the title says, I am not sure what to go for with shortbow. His direct damage seems to low to invest in it but it's condition damage is mostly... well, conditional, since you have to hit enemies in the side/back.
Skill 4 also inflicts bleeding, but indirectly and scales with pet attributes afaik.

I just don't get the theme of the Shortbow, it seems to be a kiting weapon, but as such the conditional bleed doesn't make sense to me, since your opponent will most likely look at you.

Any tips/experiences from SB Rangers?