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Mad King's Palace found!

19 October 2013 - 12:47 AM

I managed to get out of bounds in the Mad King's Labyrinth and happened across this, it appears to be a palace of sorts located underneath the Mad King's Clock Tower.

Normally you cant see underneath the tower due to the green goop, so here you go. :)

Here is one that is a bit clearer, featuring our favorite Mad Queen.

Also that structure floating at the top I believe is the Ascent to Madness dungeon.

The Wickerwind Carnival Artist Stall

08 January 2013 - 10:00 PM

Hello my lovelies!

I have caught some interest from a few artists regarding my huge event coming up in Guild Wars 2 and the internet, and I wondered if any of you fine people would like to muck in to!

This is for my University final year AND because I love this community something rotten.

The way I see it, anything is better than nothing.

I plan on holding a design a poster competition for the event, similar to the ARFMB competitions of the past on Guru1, but that will be a little bit later down the line.

If you are interested in contributing to this you would have your work shown, not only to a large audience but also it would be put into an academic light, within my work. ( Meaning if you have five minutes for an interview you could help shape the future of the digital events industry in some small part :P )

H'anyways here is the link, let me know if your interested!

The Snowman King, Daniel Frozenwind.


Hiring an Event Krewe for The Wickerwind Carnival!

27 September 2012 - 06:29 PM

My thanks to Khalija and Neo for allowing me to post here.
Posted Image
Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I am Daniel,

those who played the original Guild Wars may also recall the Legendary Snowman King and his famous community events.

Well I have some news for you, he isn't dormant for much longer.

To those of you who do not know of what I do, allow me to briefly explain.

I create and shape spectacular community events within the Guild Wars community

accepting anything from passers by to seasoned artists and enterprising guilds

to help build these monumental parties.

What you may then ask is why should I care? I respond WHY NOT?

What you will experience is not role-play, it never was.

It is about an idea, and that idea has three main goals.

  • To create extra content for the user to consume, to engage with no matter the interest.

  • To broaden and explore a players experience by simply entertaining.

  • I passionately love the Guild Wars 1 / 2 community, and if you do to then lets have some fun!

It strikes me as wondrous to strive to create content that simply did not exist in a virtual space when in reality that virtual space does not exist either.

I always poor my heart and soul into these events, but this time there is added incentive to make it special, my University has agreed to make this event part of my independent study for my final year, the title being "Constructing Digital Events".

You are all in for a treat and I really want you to be apart of it!

Now let's get to the point, what I'm hoping to do with this thread in community works is to put together an "Event Krewe",  so that I can draw from the community talented people I need to help build the event from the ground up, e.g artists to video makers and even musicians!

One thing I highly cherish is the opinions and suggestions from straight up gamers to improve the event while its building, be it from technical issues to cool places in-game.

The Wickerwind Carnival will be our premier community event in-game and even outside that perhaps, what it is about is still a secret but I want to be influenced heavily by your suggestions. You will not be disappointed I assure you.

I need your help to build this. Please give me as much feedback and questions as you can!

You can keep in the loop at these links:

Facebook Event Page
Twitter Page