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In Topic: Elitist vs. Objective

01 January 2013 - 03:33 AM

Some people are convinced that because they play casually, they are excused to play poorly. I am not convinced by this and would say that objectively a poorly equipped character is not as good as a well equipped character, and more convincingly a poorly played character is far weaker than a well played one. Those that disagree with my initial statement would surely say that I was being too elitist and should accept their performance no matter.

In Topic: soling group event bosses ?

21 October 2012 - 01:49 PM

Eye of zhiatan can be soloed using good dodging, blocks and line of sight. just takes ages and not worth it at all

In Topic: 3 Man Guild Run Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable

27 September 2012 - 05:49 PM

Well if you simplify what each profession is bring into roles then its easier to judge what is necessary and what is not.

In my (biased) opinion, Guardian is essential. The staff 4th and 5th abilites are vastly superior to anything any other profession can bring in terms of might and also the invaluable wall spell, that maintains such huge amounts of safety against melee mobs. If you can bring such huge defence from another profession (perhaps huge amounts of blind, or infinite chill) then and only then can the guardian be replaced.

The warrior represents DPS. He racks up huge numbers, using the passive and active guardian abilities to do it safely. Other elemnts that help are vulnerability, shouts, and interrupts. All of these can be performed by other professions, although perhaps not as well/ safely.

The mesmer is nowhere near as essential, bringing condition removal and quickness simply to reduce dangers in certain fights (for example killing a burrow more quickly will save on a breeder spawn). This role can be exchanged for any profession that can assist in damage and keeping everyone alive.

Specifically, a thief could easily replace the mesmer, although it might not be totally advised. It would probably seriously struggle to replace the roles of the guardian, but might perhaps fare well in the DPS role of the warrior.

I can get the warrior to post his traits, and for this run each of us were running exotic magic find armour. The mesmer is not even level 80 yet, and her gear is probably already replaced by something else.

In Topic: Post Your Official Character! (Post-Release Images Only)

22 September 2012 - 11:17 PM

Posted Image

My Guardian with new amour and weapon!

In Topic: Sorrows Embrace Exploration Discussion

19 September 2012 - 01:21 AM

I just finished the military path. Overall I would rate the experience as a 7/10, and would add that I enjoyed the dungeon a lot.

The aesthetic is fantastic; although optimisation is way off in some parts, like the entrance. It really fulfills the GW1 SF expectations I had.

Enemies felt a little too healthy, at times taking far too long to whittle them down. You know there is an issue when you can alt tab away on auto attack because a champion is simply no challenge, and merely a time sink. This was prominent throughout.

The first boss was great, although perhaps a little too easy. If players were paying attention they should never be downed.

The boss that had water fountains nearby was too easy, evidenced by the fact that I only noticed the water fountains afterwards and still had no issue with the difficulty of the fight. I felt I didnt need to dodge or do anything interesting.

The personnel carrier was cool, but mostly no challenge. I kited round the vehicle for 5 minutes auto attacking, having no severe trouble in any regard.

The final bosses were also really good, perhaps again a little too easy. The mole general didnt seem to do much alone, and the destroyer was a simple enemy to avoid damage. If he spawned more destroyers, or if those destroyers that he created empowered him, the fight would require more strategy than is currently required.

Conclusively I would say that it was very fun, but perhaps too easy overall to overcome the strategies required, and trash felt a little too healthy at times.