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In Topic: Another opinion thread

31 May 2013 - 04:27 AM

Personally, I wouldn't buy any tech that you plan on replacing in a week. Buy something that you can hold onto for as long as possible. It is expensive to buy the latest and greatest but it lasts the longest. In 2-3 years the current latest and greatest can still be useable. Garbage now is going to be unusable in a year.

While GPU is important I would say GW2 is much more CPU intensive. I would look more in the i5 range and if you can afford it an i7, For a reference http://www.cpubenchm...h_end_cpus.html If you do go with intel chips I would suggest Ivy Bridge(the 3rd gen) even though it was only considered a "Tick" in their release cycle. While SB was a "Tock", so you can save a little bit by going a really high end SB CPU and overclocking it and reaching same performance or greater then the IB(base clocked) stuff. If you aren't experienced with that I would not suggest it.

On a side note the link you posted is broken in OP, at least for me. I wasn't going to comment beyond this but here it goes.

Also, because of all the load screens in GW2 I would suggest an SSD around 60-120gb to put your OS and the games you play regularly and get a mid range HDD to put everything else on.

8g of RAM is overkill unless you are doing graphic design or media editing. I suggest 4-6g and get faster RAM. You don't list the speed so I am not sure what it is for that machine but I would suggest 2133 or higher.

Video card assuming I found the right one is just terrible in a benchmark(see: http://www.videocard...ce GT 610&id=33)

I believe Nivida is about to release or just released their 700 series but I would stick in the high end 600 series(670 or 680) but those cards are very pricey for most. I just checked newegg and it appears the 680 is just over $500. There are some cheaper ones in the 700 series so those could be worth consideration. I haven't read much on the 700 series so I can't comment on their performance/stability/quality/or anything else with them. I do love my 680 and when I get a bit more money plan to SLI two of them together and put a 700 series card in my other computer that has my other 680 card in it.

Also, on a second side note because I can't see your link to newegg I would highly recommend you get a MOBO and a case that has USB 3.0 ports on it. It is no longer a new tech that is being phased in and should be an expected tech on any new computers coming out. Don't buy something if you are stuck using slow USB 2.0.

What MOBO does the link you posted have? Look for at least as many SATA 6 ports as you have HDD/SDD as you will have. Then SATA 3 is fine for any CD/Blue-Ray(it is even okay for HDD because they run slow anyway but if you can put a HDD on SATA 6 might as well) players you plan to have. You need to have enough SATA ports as you will have hard drives and cd drives though.

Finally, because I can't see the case look for a high end case with good cooling and ventilation. I don't suggest liquid cooling because so much is being invested into reducing heat on things like CPU and GPU by companies that I believe you will see liquid cooling phased out as RISK processing takes over. I suggest Thermaltake, CoolerMaster, and Antec personally. Although I currently own a ThermalTake and case from In Win. The In Win case is better. They are a smaller off brand but most of their stuff is quality. I own the Dragon Rider model and yes I bought it because it had the word dragon and because I planned on playing GW2. Finally, quality SDD and RAM matter. Corsair puts out good RAM and SDD. I own a mushkin(spelling?) and a Corsair SDD. I own Corsair, Crucial, and G.SKILL memory. Although Kingston can be a cheaper brand and is usually pretty good quality as well.

Do some research into SDD if you plan to buy one on things such as to what the current expected speed for read/write should be. Also research SLC vs MLC. I know SLC is by far more expensive but is generally considered better. Usually it is only found in high end server farms if I remember correctly from back when I was current with my research into it.

I think that is everything so I am hitting post before I go back and add something else for the 5th time. Good luck

In Topic: BEWARE! Do not click "password reset" email links from Arenanet!

28 May 2013 - 05:47 AM

View PostKamatsu, on 28 May 2013 - 05:38 AM, said:

One handy trick to remember - most e-mail clients will let you see the actual proper link if you hover your mouse cursor over them. If your client does, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the link & look at the status bar (or wherever the client shows the actual link) and you will fast see if the link looks legit or not.

I just got one of these e-mails today on an e-mail account that I know has been compromised (I get wow phishing & other scam e-mails on it).. this e-mail address has never been used for online gaming, I use it as a dump e-mail to sign up for things if I need an e-mail address to try stuff out. It had the standard bad english grammar.. but the link it showed was the correct and actual link to log into the official GW2 forums/site. Hovering my mouse over the link revealed it to be completely something else - the domain was actually .lonin.com.veo-tu.asia - yeah right, as if that's the GW2's site/domain.

Biggest piece of advice I can give is... if you get a letter asking you to log in, never click the link provided. Always manually enter in the correct & proper link in your browser or go to that site via a trusted bookmark and then log in that way.

In the future if you need a throw away email keep mailinator.com in mind. Great tool, use it all the time.

Counted through my spam email of an email address I used to sign up for WoW like 10 years ago....I have 892 emails from various people claiming to be Blizzard, ArenaNet, a game called Aione...never heard of that...they must have meant Aion. and a few others. Best one to date: My Wildstar account got hacked. A game last I heard was in beta or about to be in beta. Either way it is a game I have yet to signup for.

In Topic: Dare to Criticize Guild Wars 2

21 May 2013 - 12:17 PM

This video is just so right. On a side note, Wildstar looks pretty cool and Hearthstone as well. Actually been looking for a new game and think I may try those either through beta invite or buying them once they are released.

In Topic: Current fastest way to gain karma?

04 March 2013 - 06:15 AM

Well you get karma for completing hearts now so that is an option all be it a slow one. I would just do dailies/monthly and dungeons then open my karma pots. Do it while under all various karma buffs including the 20% karma infusion and it nets you a considerable amount. Even though some of the buffs(like outmanned) are bugged and don't net more karma. You could also gamble with lost shore boxes and hope you average more karma then they cost...all though I wouldn't suggest it.

In Topic: [Guide] The Chaosmancer [Heavy Boon Support - Tank]

28 February 2013 - 04:11 PM

Ah ok well thanks for the info. I actually discussed this build with a friend of mine and going giver's would be extremely unfavorable for anything(class, build, whatever) according to him. He put it in terms of zerker gear that gives +crit damage and giver that gives +boon dur.  He said that the math was something along the lines of at most you are giving up 16 stat points for +1 crit damage while giving up closer to 50-70 stat points for +1 boon dur.  Now, I didn't do the math myself and I don't know if he was guestimating or not but that is a lot of stat points for boon dur. I don't know what armor set would go better with this build whether rampager, rabid or cleric's like in the build description but I definitely would say after talking with my friend giver's sucks...even if it weren't bugged.